Nintendo: Nintendo Welcomes Mario Party And Wii Party Developers

Nintendo have announced that they’ve purchased the ND Cube development studio and some key developers at Hudson. Both of these studios are the developers behind the successful Mario Party games and the forthcoming Wii Party title.



      1. aww man, I hope there is another Mario Party. I have good memories of that game :(

      2. Yeah me to what the hell is Nintendo thinking one day there probably going to say oh we dont like zelda anymore so were going to replace or they might do that with mario. =(

  1. Mario party 5 was the last best mario party game, the rest erm well yeah.. Not so good. Hopefully this will bring about the fun in future mario party titles!

      1. Haha! The best mini game was fish upon a star on party 5. Lol. I loved party 4 too! I might actually go buy it! I can’t believe I actually sold it. Don’t know what on earth I was thinking. >_>;

    1. Nah… Mario Party 6 blew 5 out of the water.
      This series had such potential for the Wii… MP8 was crap

      1. I have party 6, it was okay. But personally I feel it wasn’t as good as the 2 before it. I haven’t even played 7. >_>; they made a mistake bringing that one out to the gcn. And yeah party 8 was awful!

  2. Dats great I’m just watin 4 dem 2 put Mario Party,2,and 3 on VC in my opinon those were da best

  3. they’ve been slowing down the mario parties. I’m thinking we’ll get one (two if we’re lucky) more on Wii, and probably one for 3DS.

    It’s about time they got some people from Hudson. They make some of the best games.

  4. Does this mean Bomberman is now a first party franchise for Nintendo? Not that I care since most recent Bomberman games have been sub-par.

  5. I personally think that Mario Party 9 should overhaul the entire series. Reminisce the glory days of the first 5 games and revitalize them with the innovation that can be brought to the Wii and even a version for the 3DS. Gaming is constantly accelerating forwards with innovation, they should use it to better use, without stamping on it with dated gimmicks (the mic).

    Good luck to you Nintendo, I hope Mario Party 9 is on my shelf next to Mario Kart Wii for when I fancy an awesome Multiplayer…

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