Nintendo Wii: Nintendo To Bundle Wii Remote With Wii Party

Nintendo have announced that they plan to bundle a Wii remote with every copy of the forthcoming Wii Party game. Wii Play also launched with the inclusion of a free Wii Remote and is to date one of the best selling titles on the system.



  1. Huh, that’s pretty cool. They probably realized that Wii Party is going to be a bust, and that more people will probably buy it this way.

  2. Gonna be a huge seller! This one is gonna be good, and I’m happy they include a wii remote, now I will have 4.

  3. The only reason why Wii Play sold so much was because of the Wii-mote. Otherwise, it would have been collecting dust on the shelf, never to make it to the bargain bin where it belongs because it’s a Nintendo published game.

    Side note, wonder if the package will include a Wii MotionPlus, or the option for a colour other than white?

  4. Wii remotes by themselves are sort of expensive, making this a rather good deal.
    I don’t think it’ll be worth buying the game just for the remote though. From what I’ve seen it’s Mario Party with Miis, and that screams “toned down on overly wacky stuff”.

  5. This makes sense to me. Nintendo probably knows the game might be a flop, just like Wii Party could’ve been.\. By packaging a Wii remote, they make the game’s price a lot more worth it.

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