Nintendo DS: Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded Will Be Prominent At Tokyo Gameshow

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded producers Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitasei have announced via Twitter that Kingdom Hearts Re:coded will be making a special appearance at this years Tokyo Gameshow.

The developer says that the game is so highly praised internally that people refer to it as a “god game” (this is Japanese gamer slang for a game that’s really, really good).”



  1. I didn’t like the prior ds version. It really didn’t interest me as the ps2 versions did. It was way to mission based and that totally put me off. I hope this lives up to expectations but I’m not sure I’ll be getting it unless it is really as good as they are making out.

  2. they need to stop making ds versions of kingdom hearts! the ps2 versions were soooo great! they should just start making new ones on the ps3 and xbox 360 only! the ds versions are not even as close to good as the ps2 versions.

  3. lol a “god game”? this was a mobile game in japan. is it really suppose to be that good? haha ill have to find out

  4. If you ask me they should’ve used that effort to make it a 3DS game, as an entirely new title. Instead the 3DS gets a rehash of the first game.

    1. For the last time, the 3DS Kingdom Hearts game IS a new title, as is this one. Everyone keeps mistaking it for a first game remake.

  5. i wish they would keep the kingdom hearts games based for a ps2 instead of the ds and psp. i was so annoyed when i found out they werent going to realease birth by sleep on ps2, some of us dont have a psp n besides ps2 versions are the better quality so why not just stick to it??? its not cool. i hope they realease the next kingdom hearts game after re coded on ps2. i would be so grateful if they did :) 358/2 days had crap graphics compared to the ps2 kingdom hearts games, so i say why not just put in back on the ps2??

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