Nintendo DS: Nintendo Slashes Prices For Nintendo DSi And DSi XL

Nintendo have announced today that they’re planning to cut the recommended retail prices for the Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo DSi XL on September 12th in the United States.

As of September 12th the Nintendo DSi will be reduced to $149 and the Nintendo DSi XL will be reduced to $169. Presumably the price cuts are a result of the Nintendo 3DS, which will hopefully launch later this year.



  1. ….maybe that means an October release for the 3DS?….well it at least may mean that the new console is sooner around the corner than we may think!!!…hopefully!!!

  2. I hope the 3DS will be at $200 max. I’ll still purchase it as as long as it’s below $240.

  3. Ninty said the 3DS will be more than a DSi. I’m assuming at launch it was $189 USD? That means 3DS will be above $200. I can’t see it being more than a Wii, which at launch was $249 USD.

  4. Don’t get your hopes up. These reductions aren’t that big when you look at them from afar. Remember, one month is all you have to wait so keep your expectations off for a little while longer.

  5. Awesome. This tells me that the 3DS is indeed coming this year, and that Ninty wants to sell a few more DSi/DSiXL’s before it hits the market.

  6. Gees just when 3DS is on the way and they drop the price. They should have done this earlier!

    But anyways can’t help my urge to buy one…

  7. Not cheap enough for me to go out and buy one… I’ll stick with my battle-scared DS lite. The screen doesn’t click when you open it so it opens and closes freely, thanks to the large piece of plastic that randomly broke off… to much Bangia-O :P

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