Nintendo Wii: Wii Sing Encore Review

If you’ve got a group of friends round for the evening then We Sing Encore provides perfect entertainment.

We Sing Encore is filled with 40 popular rock, pop and RnB tracks that will appeal to a wide audience. The artists on offer range from Lynrd Skynyrd to Lady Gaga so there’s bound to be something that’ll grab your attention.

The interface is slick, clean and crisp and navigating around the games menu’s is wonderfully intuitive, meaning anyone can pick this up and test out their vocal cords without struggling with a cumbersome menu.

There are plenty of well laid out options within the main game including party mode, karaoke, solo mode, jukebox and there’s also a handy singing lesson mode for those who just want to perfect their voice.

If you’re looking for the most complete karaoke game on the Wii that offers a great all-round experience for novices and professionals alike then I couldn’t recommend this game more.


Wii Sing Encore


  1. A logitech product for WII, I use every logitech for my rig and their products are one of the best in the market today. But is it a Logitech product? It’s not printed in the box.

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