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Nintendo Wii: Super Mario All-Stars Heading To Nintendo Wii

Nintendo have announced that they’re planning to bring the classic Super Mario All-Stars to the Nintendo Wii.

At this precise moment in time the critically acclaimed line-up of Mario titles has only been confirmed for release in Japan and is expected to make its début on the 21st October.

The game itself contains plenty of classic Mario gems including the legendary Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and  Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels.


25 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Super Mario All-Stars Heading To Nintendo Wii”

    1. I hope they don’t make one. Shooters are a dime a dozen, and they are all pretty much the same game now with minor differences.

      When was the last time you played a shooter not made by Valve where your health didn’t automatically regenerate?

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    3. I haven’t played this in ages. This really makes me want to dig it out and play it.

      @#3 I wonder what a NSMB WII version of this game (or games, depending on how you look at it.) would be like? I wouldn’t mind seeing that.

      1. Hey, I thought of that too. Why not NSMB Wii the classic games? We’re at the era now. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    4. @ Anonymous – Virtual Console. If there was a re-make, we’d have some images of it already, as it’s been released in Japan for quite some time now.

    5. What says retail? I haven’t found that word anywhere.

      In that link, however, a RETAILER, explains that it will be packaged with a soundtrack and booklet.

      “The “special pack” part of the name comes from the bonus item Nintendo will be including. The item, known as “Super Mario History 1985 – 2010,” includes a booklet recapping 25 years of Mario history and showing previously unseen development materials, and a soundtrack CD with music spanning Super Mario Bros. through Super Mario Galaxy 2.

      Super Mario Collection Special Pack is set for October 21 release at ¥2,500.”
      (side note: ¥2,500 ≈ $30 USD)
      So all in all, yes, I was wrong. It is indeed being sold in stores.

    6. That’s cool and all most definitely but… is it really necessary? I mean, we already have each of the games featured in the Mario Allstars collection on VC. I guess different versions are just as cherished huh?

    7. after buying all the NES mario games but growing up with the All Stars version i am torn about this, I do not want to have to rebuy all of the games again (again) but the SNES versions have far more nostalgia for me than the NES.

      I wish that having all of the parts allowed you to freely upgrade to this version but i know thats not how business works tbh this version should have been the only one on the VC in my eyes but what can you do.

      I have the same problem with all the “flavours” of Street Fighter 2 being available rather than just the most complete version (which came out a long time after the others on the VC and after i got Super Street Fighter)

    8. I wish it does get released for the PAL system. I’d like to see the differences between these and the original NES games.

    9. Getting released outside of Japan period would be nice Andalusio, but seeing as Nintendo only has love for Japan in regards to these collections this day and age, we may very well not see it released outside of Japan at all.

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