Nintendo Wii: The Conduit 2 Has Been Delayed Until Next Year

Disappointing news for Conduit fans as development studio High Voltage have announced that the game which was scheduled for release this year has slipped into early next year.

The reasoning behind this delay could be due to the number of blockbuster first person shooters gracing the Wii this fall. Whatever the reasoning, the development studio have also revealed that the game will now support the Classic Controller.



  1. I hate games where your character looks stupid and all the enemies look awesome…and this is one of those games.

  2. Umm so that awesome box art character ISN’T epic? And the ability to customize your character so he has cool armor and stuff means that YOU make Mr. Ford look bad. If you so wish.
    And why is EVERYTHING that I want coming out in 2011. 3DS, LoZSS, this, and obviously 3DS games. Only thing I want this year is CoD Black Ops.

  3. I agree…my wii is broken but now idc as much for wii just becuz the gamez take so long. Ill just get a 360 For christmas. The wii really dissapointed me game wise until just recently (redsteel 2, LoZ, conduit 2). i have to admit… COD And halo > conduit 2 (even though conduit 2 is best shooter game for wii)

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