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Nintendo DS: Professor Layton And The Curious Village Review

I was really excited when I heard about Professor Layton. Being a fan of brainteasers and puzzles, I knew this would be a series for me.

The expansive amount of puzzles, as well as characters make this game just perfect. The story takes twists and turns, and even boasts some unlockable puzzles. On top of all this, there’s still more to this game. You can collect painting scraps, pieces of furniture, and pieces of a “machine”, all of which unlock even more puzzles. Furthermore, there’s a secret door which is unlocked with a password set using Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box with your specific DS system.

Some of the more recognizable aspects of the game were the voice acting and cutscenes. Voice acting adds so much more to a game, and it’s a shame we don’t see it more in DS games. As for the cutscenes, they were well animated and the art style was good, but the transition to a playable format for DS lowered the quality a bit both visually and audibly.

Some of the puzzles really step up the difficulty. If you’re not up to challenges, or have a short temper, this may get a bit annoying. The puzzles vary quite a bit too. Some puzzles focus heavily on logical reasoning, whereas others are based on the simplicity of wording.

If you’re a fan of puzzles and brainteasers, this is an absolute must.



Professor Layton and the Curious Village

2 thoughts on “Nintendo DS: Professor Layton And The Curious Village Review”

  1. I like puzzle games to a point. I’m not very patient, so after a while of being stuck on one of the puzzles I gave up. It’s still a great game with great cutscenes. The soundtrack is pretty nice too.

  2. Indeed. I too get annoyed after a while, but I think it’s better this way. At least I’m not complaining the puzzles are too easy XD Should’ve added that the hint coin system is pretty smart, but not all hints are helpful.

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