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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo President Says 3DS Pre-Installed Games Could Be As Big As Wii Sports

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has high hopes for the pre-installed software on the Nintendo 3DS which he believes will be as popular as Wii Sports was on the Nintendo Wii.

“Although it may look as though Nintendo will be offering just one (first-party Nintendo 3DS) software title at its new hardware’s launch, we have pre-installed something that could establish such a background to some extent,” Iwata told investors.

“More specifically, as long as you have Nintendo 3DS hardware, even without purchasing any software, although we do want people to purchase additional software, you will be able to enjoy new experiences to some degree. We are hopeful that Nintendo 3DS users will communicate that new joy to people surrounding them.

“The inclusion of such preinstalled software, the attraction of which can be readily realised by those people even without prior interest in Nintendo 3DS, will hopefully be able to work in a similar way that the bundling of Wii Sports worked for Wii in the US and in Europe. This is the reason why we allocated our (development) resources in this fashion for this time.”

– Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata


8 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo President Says 3DS Pre-Installed Games Could Be As Big As Wii Sports”

  1. then they better bring up support on the Wii. its pretty unfair that the handhelds get all the attention when they’ve alreday won their battle. whereas the Wii is still in combat and the Xbox 360 is gaining due to Kinect. and even with the PS3 flatout COPYING the Wii its still in dead last.

    c’mon nintendo. enough with the handhelds. get back to the Wii.

  2. A pre-installed demo of Mario Kart would be great, but i’m guessing it could be some type of carnival game such as whack-a-mole or something like that.

    Can’t wait til 25th March.

  3. Smart move…it got software to showcase the potential (3d, gyroscope, augmented reality) build in. You show it off and people will understand and be impressed within seconds…just like wii sports. It won’t be a deep experience, but it works!

  4. They’re including AR games, which is the augmented reality game we saw in one of the commercials (with the cards). That alone is pretty exciting.

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