Nintendo Wii: More Nintendo Wii Games Coming Says Nintendo Of America President

Reggie Fils-Aime has told online gaming publication IGN that the company still has a host of new Nintendo Wii games in development.

Speaking to IGN Reggie Fils-Aime stated that it’s been difficult for Nintendo to release more Wii games in the same month as Pokémon Black and White and the Nintendo 3DS launch but promises more first party Wii games are on there way.

“We’ve had to effectively prepare for the launch of 3DS as well as effectively prepare for the launch of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.”

“Candidly, we’ve pushed out some Wii launches so that we can focus on our handheld business. We’re already juggling two big balls. To add a third would be a little bit challenging.”

– Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime



  1. I’m willing to bet that one of them will be a pokemon game to tie in with Black and White. Like Battle Revolution.

  2. For me, and I’m only talking for myself (as one should do) I’m only a bit interested in Skywards Sword. But for the rest, I have lost my interest and only looking forward to the Wii2 — whatever that may be.

    1. I am also hoping for another Pikmin game. I just hope it’s actually better than the first two because I wasn’t crazy over Pikmin 2. Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoyed it, just not quite as much as the first one. I didn’t care much for all the caves in Pikmin 2, mostly because I love the games for the wonderful garden-like environments. Here’s hoping for an excellent, extremely fun, colorful Pikmin 3!

  3. New F-Zero please, make it happen Nintendo! Surprised they haven’t announced a new one yet…

  4. All I need: New F-Zero, New Star Fox, New Pikmin, New Pokémon, a Kirby game with powers like kirby 64, Revive Earthbound, Revive Kid Icarus (on the wii). Just waiting for a nice new console in 2012.

    1. Honestly, a new Smash Brothers has more reason to be on the 3DS than the Wii at this point.

  5. there’s already a new kirby game in the works. a REAL kirby game, that is. I, for one, really just want skyward sword, but a good kirby game would be cool and, also, when was the last time there was a wii game that actually NEEDED the motion sensing? they should change that, too

  6. I know Nintendo has Wii Games up their sleeves…just looking for a good opportunity to announce them.


    Plus, am I the only one who isn’t interested in Wii2/WiiHD or whatever you call it ?! I think the current Wii is more than AWESOME specially with games that you play using the Wiimote only <3 !!

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