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Nintendo 3DS: Angry Birds Developer Calls Nintendo Games “$49 Pieces of Plastic”

Ouch! Rovio the developers behind the smash hit mobile game Angry Birds seem to have taken issue with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata’s choice words on cheap mobile games effectively destroying the video games industry.

“It’s interesting to see people like Nintendo saying smartphones are destroying the games industry. Of course, if I was trying to sell $49 pieces of plastic to people then yes, I’d be worried too.”

– Peter Vesterbacka, Rovio


74 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Angry Birds Developer Calls Nintendo Games “$49 Pieces of Plastic””

  1. Who cares what he says. Nintendo’s games will be 100x mor popular then AngryBirds. Oh what fun…. Pulling back a bard and watching it fly. That will keep most people entetained for a full 10 min!!! Gratz!!! Sure I would want the price a little cheaper. But hell… Peple still buy it and they still make money. They are doing somthing right.

    1. Yeah, anyone that sells cheap 5min games is soo cool. They fail. They wouldent know what a videogame was if it hit them with a hammer!

  2. Hey Rovio. Make more than one game and maybe you’d have a leg to stand on. Till then, you’re the Dexy’s Midnight Runners of game development.

  3. oh really? a $49 piece of plastic? well the ONE CRAPPY GAME rovio made is a $1 piece of digital spam.

    this rovio guy is asking for an ass whooping!

  4. Wow this is crazy lol its all a lie though, I don’t play mobile game and I don’t see the point when there is video consoles. Playing games on my phone will only drain the phone life plus ache my neck.

  5. Well, Angry Birds might be a fun game, but a shitload of iPod-games out there are just a big pile of dog poo. Nintendo ALWAYS makes at least decent games. Quality > quantity.

  6. Those People don’t know what they are saying. They think that stupid game is the “Next Model of Gaming”.. please.
    I would NEVER change a good Master Piece of Zelda, Pokemon, or Mario Games, for a CHEAP, BORING, SHORT mobile Game. NEVER.
    No matter if it’s 50 dlls. againts 1 dll or Free Mobile Game.

  7. I love Angry Birds, but really, all Rovio are doing is rehashing Angry Birds numerous times. They can’t really say much to Nintendo, who’s games are usually always quite original, when the best they can manage is 59p rehashes of their first game.

  8. Obviously never played a good nintendo game then

    I get the point he’s coming from but nintendo is one of the few who cares about making deep complex games. You can’t really call Angry Birds a game next to them

  9. Nintendo makes games.
    Nintendo makes consoles to play them on.
    You’re a third party dev, you’ve made one game of the same standard as a simple flash game, and you’re trying to milk it like a cash cow and rehash it. you now have three version of the same game, only one of which has a non-aesthetic difference. You have no other games, if you have, they’re nowhere near as successful.
    You can’t get one successful game and then think you’re the leader of gaming for the future. And think for one moment that you have a valid argument to make against someone that’s been in the industry for years, and made it was it is today

  10. Angry Birds isn’t really original, it’s like numerous flash games posted on websites for years with the same basic premise. I played Ghost Recon on my 3DS that I got on Sunday for more hours this week than any android or iOS game combined since getting those devices (I own an iPod Touch & Moto Droid).

  11. This comment coming from a representative of the company that displayed the biggest port failure in gaming history: bringing that cheap game, their only game, to android was a complete joke that started with a major delay and ended with a major egg in their faces when the app failed on most devices and came with ads that obstructed the view. Then they tried selling plush toys at such high prices it seemed like some kind of elaborate prank. Nintendo achieved more in 1987 than Rovio has yet to conceptualize. Angry Birds is for bored, disgruntled office workers. I’ll keep my $49 pieces of plastic, thank you very much.

  12. I tried the Pilot Wings Demo on the new 3DS at Best Buy today and I didn’t like the 3D effect. I preferred it when slid the slider to 2D only.

  13. This guy has a lot of nerve making that comment. He’ll regret saying that when word gets out about this and everyone decides to stop supporting Rovio. Phone games are a waste of time, money, jobs, and effort in my opinion.

  14. A quote from an interview with Rovio’s CEO…

    “Is there another game you’re working on?

    At the beginning of this year, we were 12 people, 40 now. All of our manpower has gone to Angry Birds so far, but we’re working on new titles, that may or may not be Angry Birds related.”

    They really need 40 people working on Angry Birds? That is such a joke.


  15. I can imagine Nintendo in the best “Heavy Weapons Guy” voice:

    “What kind of sick person brings babies to fight me?”

  16. WOW…
    this guy is f***ing retarded (excuse my french) he thinks a 300-400 priced console that is being sold for $250 is worth $49 while his game that cost 1 penny and is being sold for $1 and noone is buying it.
    Also, how can he say that he is changing the game world? nintendo can, it’s 3d, has apps never before seen, and they had the wii, the ds with voice and touch playability, and they had the first 64bit graphics for the n64. The only thing they qualify for is, crap, touch, crap, crap, ripoff, rehashing, crap, and killing 2 minutes of time. Their geniuses. Nintendo games i’ll play for years, i’m still playing the original mario kart for the ds. i hope that guy burns in hell, he should repent for insulting nintendo, nintendo is a way of life.

    i rest my case.

      1. my point was that nintendo games least for years, while phone games last 1 month tops befor the owner deletes it or loses his phone.

  17. Fail. First of all they are $40 games, second of all there is a reason they are more expensive. It’s called content rovio. Make a game with it on a console Rovio then try to make a profit off of it in $1. You won’t and you will be out of business like that and we won’t have to hear about your idiotic statements.

  18. Come back when you have at least 10 Bestsellers spanning at least 5 Different Genres!
    Rehashes don’t count, you wad of something that is stinky!

  19. all I know is Angry Birds is far better than many nds games and it is far cheaper. Not all the nds games are shitty, but yeah

  20. Now that’s a lot of smack talk coming from someone who copied an idea that has present on various online gaming websites for years, such as the Crush the Castle series. And not to mention re-skinning said game over 3 times and claiming it as a new game. This is a guy who needs to realize just what kind of place he holds in the industry compared to true masters of the art.

  21. Like pulling back a 2 second drawn bird for 1 dollar can compete to a nintendo game. If nintendo games were 100 sollars they would be better than angry birds. Nintendo is the best selling consol and no one should redort to using mobile games. In the car use a nintendo ds 3ds or a psp but a mobile device dosnt add up

  22. Angry birds is a foooking piece of shit! Worst shit I’ve ever seen and you’ve got idiots going nuts for it! Such a rubbish game!

  23. *Reads the story* *Looks at the tiny scroll bar* Why does everyone post here on these specific ones? Because they like being jerks!

    Anyway, the problem here is that they will never agree because they think about themselves. Angry Birds guy says what he says because he makes a simpler, less intricate game, while Nintendo say what they say because they make many diverse games all the time, and have many more employees.

    Nintendo says that SmartPhone games ruin the market, but that’s only ruining it for NINTENDO. Angry Birds guy complains about Nintendo only because he ISN’T NINTENDO.

    You see, neither of them are wrong, but they just think about how things are for themselves and not others.

    1. Sorry, Zaazaa0 – it isn’t just a matter of perspective. Satoru IIwata’s comment:
      ““The majority of people here are creating games for social and mobile. I fear our business is dividing, and that threatens the employment for those of us who make games for a living,”

      Rovio’s Comment (through Peter Vesterbacka):
      “It’s interesting to see people like Nintendo saying smartphones are destroying the games industry. Of course, if I was trying to sell $49 pieces of plastic to people then yes, I’d be worried too.”

      Nintendo is an industry leader, and a company that’s been in business since the 19th century (they made card games back then). They’ve created some of the most beloved characters in video game history. Even Sony and Microsoft treat them with respect, despite the fact that Sony and Microsoft are bigger companies.

      Iwata’s comment voiced concern for an industry he loves and has worked for all his life.

      Rovio has made one damn game; they’ve milked it for all it’s worth (which, IMHO, isn’t much) by re-releasing it with changes that amount to changing a computer’s desktop theme.

      Peter’s comment was a cheap shot, and took almost supreme arrogance on his part just to think of it, let alone say it out loud. It isn’t just a matter of perspective; Rovio seems to be completely enchanted with its own brilliance in a way that would make the founders of Facebook bow their heads in shame.

      I could understand Peter being miffed about Iwata’s comments, but, dammit, Iwata was right – things like Farmville and Angry Birds are a serious threat to serious gamers everywhere.

      Don’t believe me? The creator of Ultima is working on casual social games for Facebook. I can’t think of a better testament to the danger these stupid, mindless, boring, repetitive games bose to serious gamers everywhere.

      1. no-ione could have said that any better, student_20 …Iwata shows concern for the gaming industry where developers bust their asses off (at least most-some of them) making quality games while a dude who made a ripped-off game wich is ”good” goes around calling their games ”49$ pieces of plastic” …we’re talking here about a company that’s been around in videogaming since the 80’s and, most importantly, if anyone recalls, saved the gaming industry VS. some stupid company who made ONE good game…same with 3rd party developers who try to create and evolve instead of doing the same again and again (angry birds and all of it iterations with no changes at all, apart from changing the design of it…)

  24. I love how this guy has made 1 overrated piece of shit that he calls a game, and thinks he’s better than a multi-billion dollar company. Oh wait, that’s right, he blatantly STOLE THE IDEA from the developers of the flash game “Crush the Castle”.

    1. There’s been castle crushing games before crush the castle but that’s the biggest one angry birds is completely annoying with the fact that there’s limited ammo

  25. You guys don’t get it. He’s saying that nintendo games are essentially worth a dollar for the software + $49 for the packaging and shipping. Is he a dick? Sure. But he’s basically saying mobile games are so successful because they have the same entertainment value without the extra $49 in plastic…. I think. ;o

    1. They don’t, though. Angry Birds doesn’t hold a candle to games like Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, or Super Mario Brother 3.

      At least, I don’t think so.

  26. I got bored playing Angry Birds after 5 minutes. My friend has it on his android and he showed it me, which I put down 5 minutes later. Angry Birds isn’t really new. Look in the past and see some games that have you knocking down stuff. Mobile gaming isn’t a threat to consoles and handhelds. Nintendo has a bigger install base than rovio. They’re going to kill Angry birds. I’ve heard of a movie, shirts, and a cartoon. They already made DLC which seems pointless. Angry birds is just a waste of a dollar. I rather pay $50 for a mario game than buy angry birds. When I look at my phone and my consoles, I ALWAYS choose consoles.

  27. Pretty harsh…but what I remember is the Nintendo games take up LOTS of gigs so placing them to mobile games probably won’t be good. Angry Birds is a good game but I doubt it’ll be any better than Nintendo.

  28. lol.. his game even doesn’t have more fun than plants vs zombie & worm series..
    by the way this is about game, not companies (other product) comparation, give some grace to this men :D

  29. Recipe for a successful indie dev:

    Ingredients: Stolen game idea, basic knowledge of an assembly language of choice, stroke of luck.

    Step 1: Change the game idea’s visuals so it doesn’t look like the original. Anything will do.
    Step 2: Whip up the game idea with the basic knowledge until stable.
    Step 3: Sell the stuff at low price, between 4 to 6 months. You will know it is ready when people start talking about it.
    Step 4: Gloat about your game, to taste.

    Yields only one serving, as indie game devs can’t make more than one genuinely successful game.

  30. Except those “$49 dollar pieces of plastic” are actually well-designed games, as opposed to the piece of crap known as Angry Birds.

    There are some fun games on the iOS devices, but Angry Birds is not one of them. And not even the best of them are not as good as a real gaming experience that, say, the DS has to offer.

    You were saying, Mr. Vesterbacka?

  31. Wow, nintendo is a big company, a company that will never deserve to be compared to a stupic company like Rovio, Nintendo does not deserve crap like this from those stupid people and their little baby games!!

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