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Nintendo: Nintendo Highlights Security Due To The PlayStation Network Attack

Nintendo is asking Club Nintendo members permission to collect users personal data as part of its new privacy policy following the massive attack on the PlayStation Network and Sony Online. Those that don’t wish to comply with the new terms and conditions will have their membership cancelled according to trade publication MCV.

“At Nintendo we respect the privacy rights of our online visitors and we recognise the importance of protecting your personal details.”

“To allow us to implement additional features on our website, to improve our products and to adapt them to our users’ needs and preferences, we need your permission to gather information about your online activities on our website and with Nintendo products.”

“We look forward to seeing you again on our website soon, and hope you will enjoy the new generation in video gaming together with us.”

– Club Nintendo email


15 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Highlights Security Due To The PlayStation Network Attack”

  1. i don’t think nintendo has to worry about someone hacking their online service. it’d be like robbing a special kids school.

    1. ha – ha… sure you’re some of this trolling sonyfanboy right ? They haven’t do anything to Nintendo, because they have no reasons to do such as they have against suckny. Suckny deserve it, and their disgusting fanboys too.

  2. What? Hackers steal the personal data of millions of PSN users and now Nintendo wants to collect THEIR users personal data? FOR SAFETY? In what way does this make any sense? I don’t trust Nintendo with my personal information any more than I trust Sony, why would I give it to them?

    1. Did you read it idiot? They’re asking permission to keep your personal info so that if they do get attacked you gave them consent to keep the info.

  3. What personal info are they going to be able to steal? No credit card, telephone number, nothing. They can take my street address; what are they going to do, send me spam?

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  5. This is the most backwards, counterintuitive logic. Peoples’ info is being compromised and Nintendo responds by wanting our info? Glad I don’t bother with Club Nintendo anyways.

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