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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Developers Conference Taking Place To Discuss Firmware Updates Etc

A message posted on Nintendo development site Wario World states that Nintendo are holding a developers conference on 17th May in Hollywood, California.

The conference will include a plethora of producers, designers and descision makers who will discuss the forthcoming firmware update along with the console’s content and messaging distribution methods and its native capabilities.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo 3DS Developers Conference Taking Place To Discuss Firmware Updates Etc”

  1. I hope the messaging system works a bit like e-mails;
    that way you can just send a message to anyone on your 3DS friend list thingy.
    I’d love them so much if they did that…

    1. Macho Man Randy Savage

      I would hope so, but I doubt it.

      If the conference to tell developers about it isn’t even until the 17th, then they will probably wait awhile before they implement it.

      1. Oh yeeeeeah dig it!

        ..sorry, had to do it. Big Randy Savage fan.

        Anyway, it’ll most likely be after the 17th. I was hoping earlier though. I’m finishing up Samurai Warriors and would like something else to play/do with the 3DS. Chat, IM, or email-type communication would be great if it were released with this update. I’m thinking it’ll be more email if anything–although I wouldn’t count out IM-type. I just believe it’ll be something significant for it to not be updated until late May.

        …not that the Shop isn’t significant, but in regards to actually using the internet for something other than playing. I’m sure it wouldn’t just be “Oh, here’s your web browser.”

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