Nintendo Wii 2: Nintendo Wii 2 (Project Cafe) Being Released In Early 2012 According To Majesco

Zumba Fitness developer Majesco may have just unintentionally announced that Nintendo’s successor to the Wii will be released in early 2012.

Majesco, the developer behind the Zumba Fitness games, has stated on their most recent press release that Zumba Fitness 2 will launch on the Nintendo Wii this holiday season and another-to-be-announced platform in early 2012. That soon-to be-announced platform is undoubted Project Cafe which Nintendo will be debuting at E3 next month.

“Zumba® Fitness 2 will launch on Wii this holiday season and another-to-be announced platform in early 2012.”

– Majesco press release



  1. They really should have someone read over the prepared announcements to avoid revealing secrets…XD
    Of course we’re only in May. Things will undoubtedly change *sigh*

  2. They actually corrected themselves a little after that announcement and told that “the unannounced platform” is actually on the market already.

  3. I think you’re parsing their statement incorrectly. It seems like what they’re saying is “Majesco hasn’t announced which platform it will be on”, not “it’s going to be on a platform that hasn’t been announced by the platform developers.”

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