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Nintendo 3DS: View Pokémon In Full 3D On The Nintendo 3DS With Free Pokedex App For 3DS eShop

Fancy viewing Pokémon in full 3D? Well soon you’ll be able to do just that with the Pokedex 3D for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The application will be free for consumers to download and will provide plenty of information on the variety of Pokémon available. Players will initially get sixteen Pokemon to view with more being added through SpotPass (up to three a day), scanning QR codes or via trading Pokémon with friends (StreetPass).


18 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: View Pokémon In Full 3D On The Nintendo 3DS With Free Pokedex App For 3DS eShop”

  1. Ooooh so that’s why they booted all the other pokedex apps out of everywhere. Not a fan of the having to aquire new pokemon. Itz not the full dex?! Otherwise it looks cool though…

  2. Mm… I like it but I don’t like I have to collect them. I just want a fully functional Pokédex… without having to collect and stuff..

  3. The fact that you can now pause a 3DS in-game, and view this is sick. Or maybe just make this app the Pokédex in-game in the next Pokémon game. Or this may even show us what the next Pokémon game will look in-battle, or what a new Pokémon Snap could look like! The possibilities are endless!

  4. This is so cool. I mean if I hope via street pass mode it does what street fighter 3DS and pokemon battle too. ^___^ also getting new pokemon. And swapping them. This is like… Am too excited I hope it comes to be better than I expect FREE :-)


    Haha I don’t care that its not complete. That’s what makes it an authentic pokedex. When oak gave you your pokedex long ago, it was empty. Now you get to do it all over again in real life! Only…without actual pokemans… but their DATA! Besides, its FREE. How can anyone go wrong. So now….HURRY UP AND LET US UPDATE ALREADY NINTENDO!! DAMN!

  6. This is awesome. QR Codes- are these the magic square codes you get everywhere? I picked up a Portal 2 guide and if so it’s chock-full of those codes so loads of codes and stuff.

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  8. I need one. XDDD Mostly because I need drawing references. XDD Huge help. I hope it’s cheap, though. *shot*

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