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Nintendo 3DS: 3D Classic Excitebike Is Coming To North American 3DS eShop For Free

Nintendo of America has announced that the 3D classic Excitebike is going to be free for Nintendo 3DS owners to download via the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The game will be pretty much an enhanced port of the NES classic, but of course it’s going to be playable in 3D. The new addition to the game is the track editor which will allow players to save up to 32 tracks, something the NES version couldn’t offer due to a lack of battery backup.


– free for a limited time
– enhanced NES port
– features two racing modes
– race alone for the best time
– race rivals to get first place
– save up to 32 tracks made in the track editor
– view the action in 3D
– adjust 3D in-game or with slider
– length of time to download for free was not specified
– available at 3DS eShop launch


18 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: 3D Classic Excitebike Is Coming To North American 3DS eShop For Free”

  1. Sweet! I figured as much. I wonder how many of these “classics” will be free though I fear. Least I’ll have a reason to log into the shop after E3 :)

  2. What about Europe? Do we get it free too? When they announced it a few months back I just assumed it was everyone.

    1. Actually it was only Japan for the initial annoucement.

      At least you guys in the UK have a pre-order bonus for OOT, nothing for us in the USA :(, being among things I wish they would keep the same across the board.

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  4. danget… it is only for a limited time… thats BS
    btw i found out that with the 3ds… everything we do on it belongs to nintendo… credit cards, games, internet history… thats weird.

  5. Yes! I will download it on June 6th. My 3DS is waiting for the system update! :D Thanks for the news.

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