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Nintendo 3DS: Virtual Boy Games Could Come To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Shigeru Miyamoto recently spoke to online gaming publication Gamespot about whether or not Nintendo 3DS owners will get the chance to play Virtual Boy games on the 3DS Virtual Console. Mr Miyamoto refused to state directly whether Virtual Boy games will arrive on the 3DS Virtual Console, but he didn’t entirely rule out the idea either. Does anyone desperately want to play Virtual Boy games on their Nintendo 3DS console?

Well, that’s not my exact plan, but something like that could happen. I can say that in my photo album on my Nintendo 3DS, there is a photo of a Virtual Boy. So that says that I do have a Virtual Boy at my disposal. [laughs]


25 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Virtual Boy Games Could Come To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console”

  1. This would actually be quite awesome. Sure the Virtual Boy itself sucked monkey nuts, but the games were decent. I’d buy them.

  2. Me personally…I fee as though the virtual boy was a failure. I had one friend who had it but never played. I was never interested in it. So to me it was a failure and would be a waste to put it on the eshop

  3. I was one of the few people that bought the Virtual Boy on opening day, along with most games for it, and really enjoyed it. I still have two of them (one was purchased used at a store) and blow the dust off every now and then to enjoy those classics. As far as seeing those games on 3DS, it would be neat for those who never experienced those games before to least try them out. As for me, I already have them and can play them in their native state, so I may only download one game or two just to see what it will be like to play them without engulfing myself in a Virtual Boy set.

  4. i dont think thats a good idea, I think that bringing old games to new consoles is wrong, because I always go changing something, and makes the game not the same.
    but I love the Wario Land game, I played a lot in the virtual boy.

    1. They’re talking about them coming out on the 3DS Virtual Console, so they wouldn’t change anything on those…

  5. Actually yes, there is at least one Virtual Boy game I want to play on my 3DS: The Virtual Boy Wario Land game.

  6. Now this would be interesting but we all know that the VB was one of the worst VG inventions of all time but that doesent mean KIA forever this could revive it but I have a bad feeling that it’s going to happen all over again but I have been wrong before and I hope I’m wrong this time…

  7. They would probably be overpriced like what’s on there now, but yeah, wouldn’t hurt to have more choice.

  8. No worries. At the current growth rate of the eShop, V-Boy games won’t be available until 2013. They will be 2D (because why put “3D” games on a 3D console? *sarcasm*), and priced at the super-low price of 7.99 each! *more sarcasm*

    Seriously, I never picked up a virtual boy. IF nintendo released some titles in 3-fuckingD, i would probably buy/download it just for the fun of it to say I tried them.

    Virtual Boy was an epic failure (by the $$), but at least Nintendo had the balls to push the limits on innovation. It was one of those milestones that led the way to the 3DS!!

  9. it would be awesome if they remaster thr games with colors and better looking graphics, but you can also choose to have black and red virtualboy graphics…

  10. I would like to play Wario Land, Mario Tennis, Mario Bros., and Red alert. Also I would like play some the Japanese titles that were never released in the States.

  11. I think if they made a really small version of the virtual boy, like sunglasses size, they could easily make alot more money

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