Nintendo 3DS: Famitsu Talks Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance And Future Kingdom Hearts

This week’s Famitsu magazine has an abundance of intriguing information about the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS. The game wasn’t shown off at this years E3 event which surprised many people. Anyway here’s some snippets of information regarding Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance along with some thoughts and musings about the future of the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Kingdom Hearts 3D

In case you’ve forgotten in the six months of silence, the three Ds in the 3DS Kingdom Hearts name stand for Dream Drop Distance. Development is currently 40 to 50% complete, Nomura told Famitsu this week. He also confirmed the inclusion of a secret movie.

Nomura dropped a bunch of vague hints about the game. Here’s the vaguest: “XXX and XXX in Traverse Town!” This is apparently supposed to be surprising, so see if you can fill in the XXXs with surprising elements.

The game’s story is enigmatic and quite puzzling, said Nomura The story will touch upon the hidden data in Sora.

Just one little gameplay bit: you’ll apparently be able to work your way up to the rooftops.

Future of Kingdom Hearts

Regarding the future of the Kingdom Hearts series, Nomura said that those who are anticipating Kingdom Hearts III will find some answers in KH3D.

The Xehanort part of the Kingdom Hearts saga will end with KHIII, he said. He currently has a framework of some form in place for the continuation of the series after that, and Sora will remain as main character.

Regarding possible HD remakes of past titles, Nomura would only say that, separate from whether or not they will release remakes, they’re looking into HD techology tests for past titles. (I’m not sure if this question and response is about Kingdom Hearts or just in general.)



  1. *long fangirl scream*
    I want! Hurry up and complete it!
    And a chance of MOAR after KH3?!? Sign me up!

  2. it would be sic if they made a second version kingdom heart with nintendo characters insted of disnet

  3. Yesssss, news on kh 3 finally. And since this kh is on 3ds I hope there’s some good new features as well as multiplayer

  4. And this is what you show anyone who’s answer to this game is “NO MORE SPINOFFS! KH3!!!” This is the first step into KH3. Of course then they’ll use the fact it’s on a handheld as a further reason to write it off. I’ll assume these are the same people who are still waiting for the “real Mega Man Legends 3.” Meanwhile, we’ll have fun playing awesome games like this on the 3DS.

  5. I’m getting tired from all of these “clues” and “hints” that are disguised as more games. I’m starting to lose interest… actually I already have since RE: Coded.
    I just want the series to continue with the main plots not creating twists and such with these “side games” It makes the series more and more confusing that I just give up and read spoilers instead.

    No offense, the story is great and all but forking over $30-$50 per game just to get even more confused is getting tedious.

  6. Hope they are able to port Kingdom Hearts 1,2 and Memories to HD for a Wii U release date. It would be one of several games I would buy for the new nintendo console.

  7. Im still waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for my ps3. Still waiting.
    Might go back and finish KH2 so I actually know what happens, then read CoM instead of playing it again, then get bored and finsih this post….

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