Nintendo: Michael Pachter Says Nintendo’s First-Party Titles Are “Vastly Superior” To Xbox 360

Earlier this week Microsoft’s Dennis Durkin rather boldly claimed that Xbox 360 has better first-party titles than those seen on Nintendo platforms. We all knew this wasn’t the case and thankfully famed analyst Michael Pachter has taken Nintendo’s side by stating that Nintendo’s first-party content is ‘vastly superior’ to first-party titles on Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

 “Dennis is a great guy, and is paid to be loyal to his Microsoft family. I think Nintendo’s first-party content is vastly superior to either other console manufacturer’s, and don’t think that either Sony or Microsoft would really dispute that.”

“As far as who is better, Sony or Microsoft, I’m not sure why anyone cares about my opinion. I have all three consoles, and love Sony first party titles like God of War, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, Little Big Planet and the upcoming Twisted Metal, and I love Microsoft first party titles like Halo, Forza, Fable, Alan Wake and Gears.

“I’m sure that there is a scientific way to determine who is better, but that’s like arguing about whether Ford is better than GM or whether Wal-Mart is better than Target. They’re both good, and people have different tastes.”







  1. That’s the first statement Pachter has ever made that didn’t make me want to throw babies into old people.

    1. Hahaha right!!! I’ve never heard him say anything remotely decent about the Big N.

    1. Yyyeee….. no. Halo is amazing, but that’s about it. GoWar > GoWar (You obviously know what I’m talking about now), and Microsoft’s out of good exclusives already. My personal taste of course; I don’t like real racing simulators like Forza or GT5, and Gears of War just isn’t my type of game. Uncharted is an amazing game, and so is Little Big Planet. So on, and so forth.

      P.S. The first GoW was God of War. ^_^

      And please, don’t base a company’s entire lineup of games on one title. That’s an extremely close-minded way of judging a company’s line-up. It’s like giving a person that hates platformers a Mario game to judge Nintendo’s games. Personally I like God of War AND Mario, so it’s a win-win.

  2. Finally, someone speaks the truth… Enough of this fanboy bull. It’s all personal preferences, and everyone should respect that. Not scream jibes and insults at one another because “OMFG U LEIK MARIO LOLALFLOEOLL FUR BABIEZ!! SONYSONYSONY!!11!!1!!111!”

    And no, not just with Sony. With all 3 leagues of fanboys.

    Yeah I like Microsoft and all, but I swear if they turn into Sony by saying they’re the best when they arn’t, I’ll be annoyed.

    1. Sorry Man but
      Saying Target is better than Wal-Mart is like saying red is better than blue or Microsoft games are better than Nintendo games. You can say it but popular opinion says otherwise.

  4. This is almost EXACTLY what I’ve been talking about for the past few weeks. Although I hold Nintendo dear to me, Microsoft and Sony have equally awesome games.

  5. microsoft: “NINTENDO SUCKS”
    Nintendo: “*FANBOYS RAGE*”
    microsoft: “oh sorry…”*rolls eyes*
    *jumps off a bridge*

    NINTY FANBOYS: “that’s more like it.” :)

  6. ““As far as who is better, Sony or Microsoft, I’m not sure why anyone cares about my opinion.”

    Then why do you keep giving it?

  7. can he make up his mind already whether he likes nitendo at all? i sware he is bipolar or something







  9. THANK YOU PACHTER, Nintendo’s first party franchises are indeed superior to the Xbox 360’s 1st party, Samus can kick Master Chief’s ass any day :P

        1. Yeah, because she has the Ice, Wave, Spazer, Charge, Long, Plasma, Light, Dark, Annihilator, and Phazon Beams, as well as the Speed Booster, Screw Attack, Space Jump, Power Bomb, etc, etc, etc.

      1. WOW… TMI…

        [↑] Someone’s busy fapping to imaginary character drawings SMDH. >.>

        Get a life loser! Go outside and ask real women out!

      2. I like to see the reaction on people faces when they find out Samus is a woman. Priceless.

        Because looking at her in the full armour you would never guess she was.

  10. Well, it’s not hard to argue. They have a wide variety of franchises that are still alive after 25 years!. Futuristic racing game? Nintendo has F-Zero. Space adventure/shooter? Star Fox or Metroid; your choice. A fighter? They simple have the best one: Smash Bros. Horror? Eternal Darkness. It’s a good time to mention that Nintendo is unique for taking something they have and making their own adaptations of such concept. For example, the Redeads in Ocarina of Time scared a lot of people while Majora’s Mask made a lot of people shit their pants. Luigi’s Mansion had some atmospheric parts too. The good thing about Nintendo is that they use the same characters and titles, but they add/change many elements as they go on. Their best attributes are clever level design, gameplay, music, among other things. That’s why there’s not such thing as a franchise fatigue at the moment with their games compared to other franchises on other systems.

  11. Calm.Down.Fanboys. Can you just accept that other developers make games that are just as good and in many cases even better than nintendo? Nintendo’s glory days are over. Just face it.

        1. well, all of Nintendo’s 1st Party franchises are still popular, with any age group, You don’t have to be a kid to play Mario, Metroid, Zelda, etc.

          1. I know it’s dangerous to bring up positives things about Sony in a place like this, but here it goes. Playstation has many great exclusive aswell, suchas little big planter, uncharted, resistance, sly cooper, and killzone 3. You don’t need to be a kid to play those either. So what advantages do you think nintendo has? Not hatein, just interested.

            1. I don’t think Nintendo’s glory days are over but I do agree that many companies make great games. Good games are good games I own all 3 systems and play many. Fighting over which system is better etc is just fanboy nonsense but as far as advantages nintendo may have over others I do believe that over the others nintendo is viewed as an excellent software producer while the others hardware. Many of the best games on other systems aren’t first party. Some of the games you listed are great games but I don’t view them as ground breaking etc but they do compliment their hardware nicely show off what they can do and to some people that’s important. I do love me some uncharted though. I however do think nintendo needs to truly be an everyone company. Many people want a great game thats mature gory and just looks pretty something nintendo has always shied away from. In an older story on this site nintendo announced that they would try to make “mature” games.I know nintendo can make great games and I’m excited to see what they come up with. In the end I’ll definitely get a Wii U a ps4 and an Xbox 720. Games are great why limit yourself :-) and if you can’t afford a system outright well that’s what rent a center is for :-P

            2. The thing is that they are older. And is like a culture to follow some of the games. Nintendo does miracles with their exclusives, look at Wii Library, is ridiculously big! and is “topped” by Nintendo Developed Games and, Exclusves by 3rd party developers.. So, Nintendo characters are olders and well known..

              And for ages, Nintendo has E for Everyone as usual rating. Sony (as i can see) has T for Teen and M for Mature in their best games in Library, and there are less first party in their Top… Just as i can see =)

    1. I love Nintendo. Zelda and Pokemon for the win etc. But the fact that these games are good doesn’t make anything from any other developer bad. Fanboys do indeed need to calm down and maybe like try some playstation games but I wouldn’t say that Nintendo’s glory days are over. As long as the Wii U is released with a Mario or Zelda things should be fine. But if not, yeah, maybe they’ll have to try something else out…

    2. Lmao nintendo games are the best.. they sell more and is a ton better and funner then what you can find on another console.. shit mario his self is the face of videos, been since the late 80s :)

        1. Mario alone isn’t enough to sell a system, you also need major third party developers – most (abt. 89% to be exact) of which turn their backs on Ninty countless times.

          Also, if Nintendo’s been selling best since the 80s, plz explain why N64 got pwned by PS1 & Gamecube by PS2 & PSP is Pwning 3DS.


          1. I’m confused as to why your comparing a system that just came out to one with an existing library. What you should do is compare the vita with the 3ds after the vita launches. I do believe the DS out sold the PSp during its lifetime and even if that’s not true why not pick up one now that they are 99$ to catch up on any games you missed. I’m loving my 3DS and I can’t wait for the Vita come xmas.

            1. (3)DSi $250

              overpriced, underpowered, a lot of games getting cancelled, eye/brain damaging, migraine causer, ultra battery killer (3D consumes as much as powering up two screens [look it up] + bottom screen = three), one-sided ghosting 3D effects, region locked, only backwards compatible with DS, small screen, few worthless features, NO Youtube videos (only clips and trailers WOW), a very long waiting period for about one decent game to release, a very long waiting period to get a half-complete game catalog list, jaggy/pixelated/blurry pop-up garbage graphics on a tiny screen, $40-50 on a portable game you can buy a lot cheaper on a home console without 3D (example: Sims3(D) $40↑ Sims3 $14.00-19.00).
              Also, due to it being rushed for quick money, it comes with a lot of design flaws, such as: Black Screen of Death, permanently scratches screen and cracks D-pad & nub, all of which Nintendo is not acknowledging or even fixing. Sad to say, but even Xbox had the decency to fix Red Ring of Death for free.

              PSP Vita $250 (+True Value+)

              More battery life, OLED, 3G, More: multimedia/features/apps, NO Region lock, Capable of watching YouTube videos, Backwards compatibility with ALL PSP games, can port PS3 games, Bigger screen, sexier and shinier, can download books/music/mangas/videos & more, Gyroscope, Bluetooth®, more third party developers, Two analog sticks for left and right handed people, GPS, better picture/quality/color/sound/resolution, Two multi-touch pads you can use in gameplay rather than just one to scroll your menu, motion sensing, more powerful processor, faster connection and more.

              PSV will also include a full video tutorial, called: Welcome Park™ to teach you how to use Vita’s many features, while Satoru Iwata is calling the public stupid for not knowing how to use 3DSi: “IT’S HARDLY ROCKET SCIENCE”.

              All this for the same price as 3DShit. IT’S HARDLY ROCKET SCIENCE to see who’s ripping people off.

              3DSi was already released and we know what little it can do, PSV hasn’t even been released yet and already it’s known it can do more, plus more to be discovered. I can’t wait for it to release on X-mas either. I’m saving my money on something actually worth the investment.

              1. Lol! This is just like deja-vu. The DS had it’s share of lackings compared to the PSP but we saw how that turned out. You should know by now that games make a system, not “features”. And by the way… Your fanboy is showing. ;]

                1. Says the guy defending a childrens’ toy.

                  If 3DSi is so good, then please explain why sales are dropping, and why a lot of their games are getting cancelled, obvious not fanboy.

                  While you’re at it, please explain why Vita cost the same and yet somehow, includes so much than 3DSi and how everyone thought it’d cost around $600 for all that it included.

                  Thank you, obvious not fanboy. ;)

  12. I’m glad Nintendo invested so much into their first party titles over the decades. That’s definitely something no one can take away from their legacy. When I was a kid I had an N64 and a PS1 because they both had great platformers the other didn’t. One day I’m play Super Mario 64 and the next day it’s Crash Bandicoot. I loved that. But as generations in gaming passed, Sony still has great games but they don’t their franchises nourished like Nintendo. I enjoyed Jak & Daxter and Little Big Planet but what about Crash? I like that Nintendo has such a line-up to where I can see a new system from them and anticipate what Zelda’s going to be like or what’s the next situation Mario and friends going to find themselves in. They went inside Bowser!?!? How did that happen? I must get this game. Nintendo games are like new issues of an ongoing comic book. Something that took years to develop. It’s fun to have that experience.

    1. I’m sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding most of what you typed.

      Proof-reading is your best friend.
      But from what I could decipher: yes, I do agree, Sony was the better console then. They had better games and more varieties, like: Crash Bandicoot, Gecko, Dukenukem, Vigilante, Twisted Metal, Laura Croft, Spawn, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear, Marvel vs. Capcom, Klonoa, etc.

      Zelda, Mario, SSB64 weren’t bad, but I would get bored of them really quick.

  13. Nintendo is a game-centric company. It’s only plain logic that their own games would be of extremely high quality. Microsoft and Sony only have a tiny portion of their companies allocated as a “game-division,” and they really don’t care if they lose those fans. Just pump a couple of dollars into propaganda and keep the loyalty of anyone who’s easily fooled by it.

  14. Nintendo’s games are of better quality and that’s a fact! That’s not saying that Sony and Microsoft don’t have good games, Nintendo’s are just better. With their first party titles you can feel the heart in the game, the passion. It takes alot to keep people interested in a series that has been around forever. It also takes a lot of talent and creativity to keep older characters fresh in the public’s mind.

    Mature games are fun and all but, I personally don’t look to video games to satiate whatever latent bloodlust my generation has.

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