Nintendo Wii U: Capcom To Show Off Wii U Games At Tokyo Game Show?

Surprisingly Capcom has yet to show off any titles for the Wii U but this could all change at this years Tokyo Games Show which takes place in September. David Reeves who is the COO of Capcom has told MeGamers that whilst Capcom has yet to show off any Wii U project you may see something at the Tokyo Games Show. Any thoughts of what Capcom might be working on?

“Capcom haven’t announced anything officially on Wii U. I think they have done prototypes. There are only so many things you can get ready for E3 [laughs]. But they might show something at the Tokyo Games Show which is where Wii U is more focused on. I haven’t seen anything personally myself but since the companies are quite close, I am sure they must be looking at something.”



      wii u has bigger screen and can watch utube vids.
      Hey. u wanted it that way, ninty.

      i really don’t care abt. the garbage games on 3ds (most which are getting cancelled anyways) zelda oot, starfox 64: been there done that.
      animal crossing, nintendogs(same dogs+cats): seriously?

      No thnx.

      Mario kart, SSB4 rather play on Wii u with more memory to experience more, better graphics, bigger screen & also portable.

      Sorry 3d ain’t enough to convince me to waste $250 + $50 on a portable game.

      1. Thank you for your very mature and grammatically correct comment. I am very happy that you have reached that decision because your logic is pretty flawless.

              1. ↑ Damn, that’s pathetic – talking to yourself. Get a life, loser.
                The evidence is clear: you are either a perma-virgin, no life loser or just a plain retard.

                BTW: this isn’t trolling, I’m telling you ahead of time because great butthurts think alike & dismiss everything tney don’t like as trolling.

                You are sad. I seriously wish you the best of luck.

  1. Piss off Capcom!!! until you release Megaman Legends 3 i refuse to buy any of your games…(even though i already bought Mercenaries and SSF43d…)but those were because i wanted to support you. Now, i wouldnt even spit in your direction…keep up the good work Nintendo…..

    1. im really hoping nintendo vs capcom happens. it looks like we may be in for a bit of a wait before Smash bros arrives. A game like this would sell like crazy, and would hold us over till smash bros. Im hoping if it does come out, that it is the spiritual sequel to tatsunoko vs capcom…keeping a lot of the elements in that game..introducing new ones….and adding a scramble type mode :)

  2. I’d find funny if the real reason they canned Legends 3 is to move it onto the WiiU. But I’m not holding my breath for that to be the case.

  3. who actually likes megaman legends? i hate it, volnutt is a fag.

    but i’d like Tatsunoko vs Capcom 2, Resident Evil 6, or Dead Rising 3.

    all in all, i’d rather have Ninten-D’OH! announce that Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower, and The Last Story are coming to america.

    1. don’t bet on it. Japs get treated better than americans, considering we’re both paying money, so wats the deal? On top of that, those greedy assholes region lock their system. also they added dvd to jap gamecube but not u.s. & they blocked dvd function on wii for shits & giggles. fuck u ninten-derp thats why ur system only sells better in jap.

      1. Don’t ever call the Japanese or anyone who is part Japanese “Japs”. It’s extremely offensive.

        1. So, Japs treating American consumers un-equal is totally not racist; nor their post-remark on calling Americans lazy?

          They also said the reason America’s educational standards are low because of blacks.
          That’s not racist either, huh?

          GTFO U weeaboo fag.
          U probably couldn’t give a fuck abt. them & never studied their actual history. U probably think their culture & tradition is nothing but making anime & capturing pokemon.

          BTW: I’m not racist because I dislike the white race, as well. ^_^

      2. Don’t ever call the Japanese or anyone who is part Japanese “Japs”. It’s extremely offensive.

  4. Okami, anyone? If they’re not into exclusives anymore, they should try to do a Wii U spin off of Resident Evil similar to Zero with Rebecca and maybe Billy. I would love for Rebecca to make a return in an official game as the protagonist. They could make it as a test project on the Wii U to try out different gameplay mechanics. That would make me so happy. Then again, we might just see ports for Dragon’s Dogma, Devil May Cry, Azura’s Wrath, etc.

  5. how about a megaman battle network for wii u using the second screen as the navi and have your pet there could be cool

  6. hoping for nintendo vs capcom……smash bros is at least 2 years away….this game would be a perfect way to fill that void…and it would be an exclusive

  7. Yes please show something for the Wii U!!! How about a residident evil Mercenaries with ALL the important characters in the series. Can’t wait to see what Capcom will develop for the Wii-U

      1. THIS!
        I loved when they released an exclusive for Wii. It is a beatiful game, and addictive with or without online.. Monster Hunter is a great idea.. And how about adding a pulished Lost Planet 3? I’m seeing forward for Capcom!!

  8. hoping it is either of megaman legends, resident evil, capcom vs tatsunoko 2, capcom verses marvel, okami, devil may cry or even captain commando. has been a long time since captain commando appeared on a nintendo console. and if i’m not mistaken his last outing then was the super nintendo.

  9. I want Street Fighter X Tekken to come to the Wii U. Also, a Monster Hunter game would be awesome!

  10. call me crazy but i miss underated capcom games like chaos legion it was a solid title on the ps2

    a castlevania game would be nice just sayin

    an as for the classic blue bomber im still enjoying megaman 10 and recently added megaman X3 to the wii shop if they announced megaman 11 or another addition to the X series i wouldn’t complain about that :P in my opinion once the X series reached 8 it sorta went out of whack

  11. This is very good news. Capcom has a lot of classic franchises. It will be interesting to see which one they decide to bring to the Wii U.

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