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Nintendo 3DS: Star Fox 64 3D Release Date Moved Forward In The United States

Nintendo has decided to bring forward the release date of the highly anticipated Star Fox 64 3D in the United States. The game was previously scheduled for release on September 11th but presumably Nintendo didn’t want to release a flying game on that specific date so they have moved the game forward to Friday, September 9th. Who’s thinking about picking this one up?


91 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Star Fox 64 3D Release Date Moved Forward In The United States”

              1. @666 Can u plz stop crying & get over ur butthurt? plz i’m trying to read nice comments.

                thank u & plz respect nintendonews, 666, ppl come here to read news not childish arguments. :)

      1. I doubt he/she mean’t funny. They most likely just used a bad choice of words and meant “ironic”. You have to understand this younger generation doesn’t quite understand the impact that day had in history. Either that or they are possibly from outside of the country.

        1. Well its not exactly ironic, but very very dark sarkasm or just stupidity. Coming from different countries still means sharing one world.

        2. Yeah, we understand. What are you thinking of? also I live In Canada, and if I lived a few kilometers South, I wold live on the other side of the states, If you divided it veticaly in the middle of the country. Ever herd of Terry Fox? No? Oh, he was not anything specal, he just started a lot of the cancer research, and thus, but donation, raised millions. He died cuz of cancer, and your calling US inconsiderate. Oh, yeah, 9/11 Impacted THE WHOLE WORLD

        3. Hey now, I was in 6th grade the day we were attacked. I am well aware the effects that event caused. I am also well aware the fact of discrimination based solely on age. Please, save such comments for an appropriate place. This is about a video game…

      2. Omg you guyz, he just meant ironic. Yes it was a terrible event and if anything the ppl who were actually there, also the loved ones of the passed should be angry. It’s like watching a pack of dogs with rabees and you wonder why other countries don’t like us

    1. Tyrel is an inconsiderate asshole. People died in September 11. Personally I would find it extremely offensive if Starfox643S were released on September 11. It was a sad and tragic day and is not a laughing matter. I’m sure had if you had any family members burn in the flight or the building you wouldn’t be laughing. Think about how much pain those people went through and how many tears were shed over family members that will never come back. Many children were left orphaned and traumatized as well as spouses, parents, friends. Many of these people are still going to psychological scrars that need to be treated by specialists, even medicine. Things like that can not be forgotten very easily, from one day to another. I don’t think anyone should laugh at this because it’s not a laughing matter. I ask that you think carefully about what you’re going to say or post before saying or posting it because things like that are not to be laughed at. I’m glad Nintendo did not release Starfox on September 11th because that would be extremely offensise. Also, Do you have any idea how many people regret experiencing that day? People ran for their lives because they didn’t know what was going on. People yelled and fainted out of pure fright. A lot of honest hardworking people died when the towers collapsed. Innocent people who weren’t even in the plane, they were just working to feed their families, working for a goal not knowing what would happen. I can not imagine the anguish they felt not being able to escape & being trapped, burning alive wondering if the world is possibly ending. Many mothers ran looking for saftey as all that blinding dirt was being lifted. Many people wondered if they would experience the same. Much confusion was going about. Many were left without husband, wifes, mother, fathers, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, neices, nephews, sons, daughters, friends, co-workers. I don’t think any of that is funny or a joke. People don’t come back. So please don’t say Starfox64 3D should be released on September 11 and that it would be funny because you know what? It’s not. Personally, I’m glad Nintendo didn’t choose to release Starfox 64 3D on September 11 because I know I would be offended and I would choose not to buy it. It’s a good thing they’re releasing Starfox 64 3D on September 9 insted of September 11 where many people lost their lives in a tragic accident and many tears were shed at the lose of friends family and coworkers. Many children were left without mother or father and a lot of people are seeking help to put that day behind them. Security should have always been on alert, not ubtill thousands of people died. Airports should have always been vigillant. Things usually change only when it’s too late. This isn’t a thing to laugh at but rather deep thought for those who lost their lives just going to work and trying to maintain their famalies. Or those who lost important peope who were important to them and were close to them. So don’t laught at them. Nintendo did a good thing by releasing Starfox 64 3D on September 9 and not September 11. I would see it as an offence to the lives lost and much suffering.

      Thank you Nintendo for not releasing Starfox643D on September 11 but rather on September 9, although if it were up to me I’d prefer you not to release it in the month of September.

      Thanks again

      1. WTF is wrong with you if you would actually be offended by a fucking video game being released on the same day of the year as that terrorist attack ten fucking years ago, just because it happens to involve flying.



        Seriously fuck off from the internet bitch.

      2. Holy flippin biscuits, Batman! That was the single longest, stupidest rant I have ever read in my life. For all of you TL;DR people, just read the first sentence and you’ve read the whole thing. Let me sum this in the simplest terms possible. 9/11 was bad. It was a terrible tragedy and all, BUT it was 10 years ago. I’m not saying that we should forget, but for godsakes, do you honestly wake up every morning, remembering 9/11? Do you think the world should stop turning in 6 days, but only for that day? FUCK NO YOU DON’T. It was a tragedy, but guess what? It WAS a tragedy, its in the past. Never forget, but move on with your life. Let Nintendo release a fucking video game whenever they please. Fucking Eemo

      3. they should have realesed it on 9/11 because its a game about space and aliens not really the same as some war game about aircrafts.second its not offensive at all, and freedom of speech should never be silenced just because not everyone likesv what people say.

        its better to laugh than to cry.

  1. I already have Lylat Wars on my N64 so I have no interest in buying it again on a tiny screen just to get a 3D headache.

    1. So do you even have a 3DS? You know it has a slider built in right? Besides, I’ve never gotten a headache from the 3D effect but that’s prolly cuz I’ve got my viewing angle down 8|

      1. I think the 3d effect on the 3ds is pretty awesome I never got a headache….I’m pretty excited about this so I’ll be getting it day 1

    2. IKR! A regular DSi cost around $100, but I’d rather pay $250 for something I can’t use because it damages eyes and brain. That’s smart thinking. Turn off the 3D in the 3DSi rendering it useless and thus making it just a regular DSi – genius!

      1. You know the thing called your brain naturally renders everything in real life in 3d so highly doubt it hurts your eyes it’s actually natural…and the 3ds with the 3d off is still way better than a dsi

        1. um the 3d in movies & 3ds isn’t natural. i’m sorry ur a dumbass. look it up.

          look up :3d can cause blindness.

          When walkman came out everyone listened to it at a high volume everyday not aware that over time, it affected their hearing.

          Cellphone = brain tumor over time, yet another thing people weren’t aware of. Laptops can cause cancer and infertility if placed in the wrong area over time.

          1. It is natural it’s shooting two different images one to your left eye and one to your right and your brain does some things and bam! U c depth you my friend are the dumbass….close one eye and tell me how good your depth perception is

      2. yeah, but now the 3DS is about 175$, but I can’t troll you for not knowing that because you wrote this in July
        however, the graphical capabilities of the 3DS are far superior to the DSi and you can’t play 3DS games on a regular DS, and a great game is still great without it being 3D if you were to turn it off, so no, shutting off the 3D in the 3Ds does not “render it useless” in ANY way

  2. When I first saw this article title I thought maybe it had been moved to August. Oh well, glad that Nintendo is doing this, even though Star Fox has little to do with 9/11 attacks. It’s just the flying part ._.

    1. I doubt your doubt seeing as how Japan probably knows a thing or two about consideration, considering the tsunami/nuclear disaster they just had 8|

  3. Hrm. Did not realize it was on 9/11. I KNEW it, but I just did not make that connection, like how you probley never realized an ambulence runs on gas, but you knew it.. Know what I mean…?

    1. What?? I understand the point, but not the analogy. An ambulance is a car; why would you ever think it runs on anything but gas?

  4. Two good things about this.

    1. They avoid a media outcry over releasing a game that opens with a major city being attacked by aircraft on the 10th Anniversary of Sept. 11th (10 is the significant number here).
    2. It releases 2 freaking days earlier!

  5. Well, this is good to hear! I was going to pick it up regardless though.. the only thing that bothers me right now is the number of trolls on Mynintendonews that I spotted while scrolling through the comments to reply. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t just say it because it is the internet and you can get away with it! If anything, try to be mature on the best site for Nintendo news.

      1. you are all idiot kids. sept 11 was a disgusting and brutal attack which has changed history, but many countries are war torn and have thousands of citizens massacred every day. many wiped out due to american interference in other countries politics and through the donation of weapons and money. the usa is not the worlds police force and its own laws on free speech are laughable, as many great men have found out to their cost because it went against the politics of the day (martin luther king). as for sept 11, delaying or not making films or games because there may be burning buildings or a flight scene is not the best way forward. it plays into al quedas hands showing that they succeeded in doing more than downing the towers, that they actually bore into the american psyche and diluted or stopped great art, films, games etc from being released or made. many more people died in the holocost than sept 11, yet there are films and documentaries made about it every year. we must not forget the past. we should learn from it, not hide from it or reminders of it or tip toe around it, and move on. star fox is a great game and has more in common with star wars than 9/11. we need to be vigilant against the mad men who take lives in the real world, and not be scared of a cartoon fox….

        1. oh yeah, we’re ALL idiots
          GSFan1 said he was going to pick up the game regardless of the date it was released, by reading into his comment SO deeply and thinking that everyone here and all of America doesn’t understand how tragic 9/11 was makes you look like a complete dumb ass.
          just because he was going to pick up the game if it was released on 9/11 doesn’t translate to “wow, I don’t give a fuck about 2001 or anything that happened that year, people should stop whining about this event, and I love starfox woo!”

    1. 1) There are three dots in an ellipsis […] not two.
      2) You didn’t add a comma before and.
      3) Internet is considered a proper noun; and therefore, should be capitalised.

      Proper grammar is an important factor in trying to understand the logic behind your writing. Please be mature enough to proof-read before posting.

      1. 1) Those are periods, not dots.
        2) It is improper grammar to use a comma before the “and” in this scenario because “and” conjoins two items in a list. The list consists of two items (‘it’ and ‘you’) and is part of the dependent clause, “because it is the internet and you can get away with it!” The subject of the imperative independent clause is an implied “you” and the two are conjoined by the conjunction “because.” Preceding the sentence is an if-clause which makes the whole kit and caboodle a conditional statement.
        3) Using semicolons incorrectly does not make you look intelligent.

        Proper grammar is an important factor in trying to understand the logic behind your writing. Please be mature enough to proof-read before posting.

        1. 1) An ellipsis is a series of three raised dots [···] used to indicate a breakage point in a sentence or when you’re quoting material and want to omit some words.

          (Sources: Grammar Girl™ & Punctuation Tree)


  6. I like how half of the comments are ppl trolling each other. Goes to show how different we are from micro and Sony tards

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  8. Lolololol…

    But seriously, epic date change. Cant wait for this game, 3D or not. Buying it day one.

    And, if you guys notice what Sickr wrote, he said it was PRESUMABLY becuase it was a flying game on Sept. 11. Not an actual fact, right Sickr? I mean if that is Nintendo’s reasoning behind selling this game two days before, then they are pretty considerate. But lets be real, theyre a major corporation and while this was a terrible event in history, there must be a monotary reason why its not released on the 11th. But who knows the whole story except the chairmen of the board right?

      1. Ever watched any old films from the 40s and 50s? You’re probably too young to understand the reference. ;)

  9. Haha wow. Just read all of these comments, either being Trolls or Grammar Nazis. Calm down everyone, if you’re reading this post then you must like Nintendo. So we’re all on the same team, so everyone should play nice :)

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