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Nintendo Wii U: Microsoft Apparently Bringing Forward Release Of Xbox 720 To 2013 Due To Wii U

Online gaming publication Eurogamer has been told by multiple industry sources that Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360 will be revealed at E3 2012, and will be released in 2013. Apparently Microsoft were previously looking to bring out the console in 2014 but due to Nintendo’s unveiling of Wii U Microsoft has decided to bring the release date forward.

Eurogamer has also heard a 2014 release of the next Xbox was planned by Microsoft, but this has now been brought forward to 2013 as a result of Nintendo’s confirmed 2012 launch of the Wii U.


85 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Microsoft Apparently Bringing Forward Release Of Xbox 720 To 2013 Due To Wii U”

    1. I feel sorry for people who bought the Kinect. They’ve pretty much wasted their money unless it’s going to be used with the new Xbox.

      1. Kinect is pretty much an ongoing experiment at Microsoft They’re just testing the waters with the device before putting its functionality in the next Xbox.

    2. I’m pretty sure I looked way too much into your comment, but I thought it was funny to see the words plus, Kinect, and move in one sentence like that when only talking about Kinect because they could all be references to today’s motion controllers xD

  1. I’m fine what that. I probably wouldn’t buy one for a couple of months after it’s released though in case of problems. Heck, it took me 4 years to decide to buy a 360.

    1. do what they always do, and what they’ve already claimed to do:
      wait until Nintendo and Microsoft unveil their epic creations and copy them, then add something to build off of it.
      basically, Sony are trash, i know that isn’t news to anybody here, but Sony are just so damn terrible.

      1. That only happened with the Move…. Sony is better than Microsoft, that much should be obvious. I don’t care how much you hate them, if you own a PS3 and its first-party exclusives you can’t deny it’s a better gaming system than the 360. What’s with all the Sony hate recently anyway? It’s like their the anti-Nintendo, and if you’re a Nintendo fan you should have a burning hatred for Sony and all its related products.

        1. Sony also did that with analog sticks, the D-pad, shoulder buttons, rumble, handheld game systems, wireless controllers, 3D gaming, and of course motion control. Duck Hunt was the first with the NES Zapper in 1984.

          1. Nintendo copied CD’s from Sony (and failed at their first attempt with the N64 Disk Drive), stole handheld gaming from the Epoch Game Pocket Computer (I don’t count the Milton Bradley Microvision of 1979), took the light gun from the Magnavox Odessy Shooting Gallery, copied rumble from the first Japanese Dual Analog controllers from the PSone from 1996, The second sceen featured in the Wii U has its orgins in the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo copied the analog stick from Sony’s Flightstick of April 1996, and took HD gaming from the PS3, and they also stole internet connectivity from the Sega Dreamcast. Get your facts straight and take a history lesson before you speak.

            1. wow your comment is all types of fail! “nintendo stole the second screen from the the sega dreamcast and stole hd gaming from the ps3” what are you fucking retarded if anything they stole hd gaming from pc and a screen from the ipad and thats not even true you get your facts straight and take a history lesson before you speak!

              1. So when it’s Nintendo, everyone steals from them, but when it’s proven to be the other way around, it’s a “fail”.

                No, you’re the fail. Just because you say something is fail, doesn’t mean it’s a fail. Face it Nintendo didn’t invent everything, they take from others’ ideas and add on to it. Motion sensing is another example, Le Stick did it first for commodore64 and Atari2600. AR was stolen from PS3, they included it in a system. Infact thanks to Sony adding HD to their system they paved the way to HD, and thanks to them Nintendo can now afford HD.

                Nintendo is so “innovative” and great that third parties are turning their backs on them, yet again, and games on the 3DSi are being cancelled left and right.

                1. Sony Fanboy i Dont Think you could do better than Nintendo you console would Sucks the Grapics would be like 1 bit and Sony Stole Ps Move from Wii hope they give up

            2. Coopadoop… CD was not copied. CD-ROMs were a tool. Nintendo only used them at a time.
              That’s like saying Firefox or Internet Explorer copied the internet.

              HD is also a tool. Tools can be used by everyone who wishes to use them.

              1. Hey, is motion sensing (you, know: “the one Sony supposedly ‘stole’ from Nintendo”) Is that also a tool?

                I thought “whoever did it first” was what really counted for Nintentards. Guess it’s not convenient in this case?

            3. A true gamer knows his history; a fan(boy/tard) makes up bullshit along the way and tries to twist things to the convenience of his precious.

              They should not be taken seriously, lest they find an excuse for their lies when cornered with the truth and continue on their path of lies times infinitity. If having the last word makes them think in their decimated minds that they’ve won, just let them loath in their self-acclaimed “victory”.

              Let the babies have their bottle. ;)

              I’m glad I’m a level-headed gamer; I do not hate Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, but rather, I hate the fantards attached to them.

        2. I think Sony’s employees and higher ups add to the Nintendo vs Sony fan tension. They are always making unnecessary remarks about Ninty. Fans, in turn, feed off of this. I get heckled by Sony fans more than any other platform’s fan just for what I like to play.

  2. I just hope that they don’t push the console to the market to early and it ends up with hardware failures like the original Xbox 360.

  3. If anyone needs to move on it’s Microsoft. They should move over Halo 4, so that GoW 3 will be the 360’s swan song; just like Zelda is for the Wii.

      1. That’s your opinion. I don’t like Gears of War either but tons of people do. Just like tons of people love Zelda while a lot of people don’t. Opinions, opinions…

  4. Aww, is Micwosoft scared? This is the kind of stuff that will lead to an underdeveloped console, or the 360 won’t see much because they’re attention is on the 720. And I certainly hope that it’s not called the 720.

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  6. Assuming this is true, why would they announce a new trilogy for Halo now then? Will that come out for 360 or for the 720? It would also mean a rushed system and the fears of being vastly superior to Wii U graphically will be gone. I just feel sorry for the people who bought Kinect. If it’s backwards compatible, then it would be fine, but the people who bought everything with the system will be screwed. At this rate, Sony will be left out.

    1. Speaking of rushed systems, how’s 3DSi sales and cancelled games coming along? Or the many design flaws it has that a lot of people are complaining about, like: Black Screen of Death, permanently scratching screen, and cracking D-pad& nub stick?

  7. Microsoft is Soooo Scared, what happened to they’re last statement “We feel that we don’t need to rush release as Wii U does’nt pose a Threat”…….Yea Right. Here comes Super Blue Ring of Death

  8. Nintendo creates an idea.
    Microsoft rushes a new console.
    Sony piggy backs off of Microsoft, who is trying to kill Nintendo.
    Rinse and Repeat…

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  10. With what Microsoft has been doing with Windows 8 and Phone 7, I’m interested in this experience brought to the game world. Microsoft could create a powerful product if done well.

  11. I beleive that Microsoft will be screwed up. The system will be a “throw-it-all-and-fix-in-the-next-year”, with terrible bugs, unless they’re going to reuse the current system, wich is unlikely, due to hardware compatibility. And i hope that Xbox 720 is just a working title, as its so creativityless that will inspire people to buy other consoles. Hell, you messed the world, Microsoft. Launch on 2015, so the users will be intrigued with the new console (also, the working team will have more time to create something good), and the technologies will be superior. While the other companies will relese on 2014, they can’t just make another console in 1 year. And there you go, lots of $$$ boost.

    1. like the names for the sony game systems are creative. and just because the name may not be creative doesnt mean that no one will buy it, because people buy playstations and people buy Xbox’s. and the Wii U’s name doesnt exactly sound too good either

  12. I’m just hoping that we don’t start seeing alot of third-party Wii U games getting cancelled from here on out. If Nintendo are unable to secure developments by 3rd parties then it’s Wii all over again.
    The 3DS instantly lost all it’s appeal thanks to it’s premature release, terrible line-up and still terrible line-up. Now with Assassins Creed, Saints Row and Mega Man Legends 3 being cancelled you can’t help but think this is due to the Vita.
    It seems a sad fact that the most powerful system will get the most support however, thankfully Nintendo have great development teams which are exclusive to them, such as Retro and Monolith.

    1. them games getting canceled has nothing to do with nintendo, and vita aint even out yet that might not sell good aswell at 1st

    2. Exuse me if I’m wrong, but Assassian’s Creed wasn’t cancelled. They said it just wasn’t going to be Revelations.

  13. i expected this. with the wii u being launched, the 360 will now be the weakest console of this generation. so of course they’ll move on. you don’t mess with the big M. (sarcastic)

    now sony on the other hand, having them move on with a new console would be a bad idea. ps3 is still a pretty powerful console and besides, they have vita launching soon.

    1. Surely the Wii U is next gen? Yes, the 360 would be the weakest latest console from the big three, but to be fair, the Wii U is the generation after, right?

  14. Lemme guess…
    Some kind of hardware issue similar to RRoD.
    People still buy it.
    Fix problem two years later.

    1. If rushed again to market…. very possible and like last time only in the US market will they buy like 3 just in case 2 have to be returned.

  15. NF…. Please never again mention that turd of a smartphone (OS) called WP7. I really sorry for anyone that invest in that liquid hot vomit… Zume move over your cousin will soon join you in the discontinued life… Year after year they loose market share while Android and iOS gain.

    Ok on to business. If true… the fact that Microsoft is going to move up the release date on their next console means they are hearing from their sources that the WiiU is that GOOD… not marginally better than this gen offering but much more robust with significantly better graphically and very serious online service infrastructure (remember this time they have outsource this a company that specialize in that area). I know Nintendo is being very tight lip with their info and that also is telling me they are building something very special that is going to surprise many that think its a inferior product. Think about it… in the past every other generation specs were out already, the services it provide would be out already and games running on the hardware would be shown already.

    The WiiU has so much unknown, no one has leak anything concrete yet. I love the fact that Nintendo outsource how their online, multiplayer and services will be implemented for the WiiU (plus 3rd party are allowed to create their own online space)… that was a major weakness for the Wii. They have teams of engineers working with 3rd party developers to assist with getting their games up and running (that is a huge first for Nintendo). Their focus is on 3rd party…. not 1st or 2nd. I strongly feel that for the first time in a very long time Nintendo is doing it right and because of that Microsoft has taken notice and understand the importance of keeping US market their own with the core gamers.

  16. Hmmm… Microsoft rushing a console to the market due to competition? Now where have I heard that before?…. Oh yeah they did that with the 360 and ended up with a 52% fail rate console.

    1. 52%? Whoa. If the 720 has more messed-up consoles than well-made consoles like the 360, then Microsoft might as well stop making consoles! I knew the 360s had a decent amount of consoles that got the red ring of death, but that is just ridiculous! Any company that puts out more bad consoles than good should be firmly placed at the bottom of the list of gaming consoles.


    1. Are you kidding? Cause your name is nintendofanboy. And if Mario is your reason that “OmG NiNTenDoS dA bESt sCREw PhoNY and microsh!t NInTEndO can’t die cause they haz MaRio and even ZElda SO U can suck IT!!!!!!1!!!!1!!” Then that’s just sad. But I’m pretty sure you’re kidding…right?

    2. You have just proven to be a 5 year old kid who is blinded by bogus fanboy claims. While Mario is fun to play, it’s too overrated by Nintendo fans such as yourself you crazed ADHD monkey. I bet you have never played or even seen an Xbox or PS3 in your entire life so really you should stfu.

  18. What the fuck thats it i should freaking say this right now Microsoft FUCK YOU just put the year to 2014 then we talk about it Ok if Microsoft is trying to be Sega then Screw you Sega is coming back for revenge of the PS2 so the dreamcast may have been Dead but i believe. I believe Nintendo Wii U will kill Sony and Microsoft. I believe the dreamcast 2 will make a comeback I belive in Sega And Nintendo You could reply and say Sega is not going to make a 2nd Dreamcast but i believe 12/12/12 believe i believe in these Epic kick ass Company thank tou

    1. It’s called a period. Every heard of it? You should use one sometime. Trust me, it’ll make your little rants much more bearable. As it is, I can’t even read what you’re trying to say here. Good day.

  19. Good old Microsoft, rushing their next console forward to bring new-but-not-really first person shooters and third person shooters to the market. These guys are playing it smart since their shoddily-built consoles will cause many Microsoft fans to have to buy new consoles, so Microsoft is really boosting sales numbers of their consoles!


    But seriously, of the big 3, Microsoft is at the bottom of the gaming barrel. Since last quarter, Microsoft only sold 5 million more 360s than Sony’s PS3s, and i would attribute much of that 5 mil to the 360s being about as long-lasting as a gallon of milk. The 720 is likely to suffer the same problems if Microsoft is going to rush forward the new console. At least the good news for them could be that they’ll still sell consoles since they’ll have games Nintendo doesn’t. That’ll last until the PS4 comes out unless Wii U gets a massive amount of 3rd-party support and outdoes the 720.

  20. lmao! Trashy Microsoft has to rush everything and make another crappy problem prone console! A huge reason why i decided not to buy a 360!

    Nintendo has this all planned out! When they released the wii they were like “Let Microsoft and Sony think they are winning! wait till our next console!”

  21. I knew this was coming. Microsoft is trying to steal Nintendo’s thunder once again. I bet when they unveil it at the next E3, it will have a controller similar to the Wii U or something that will allow them to mimic Nintendo’s newest innovation.

    But once again they will fail. They will rush the console and release a bad product lie last time.

      1. What are you talking about the Xbox 360 wasn’t a bad console, you’re just being a dumba** fanboy. And I seriously don’t think that Microsoft would try to make a controller similar to the Wii U, it doesn’t make much sense considering the amount of confusion give to the Wii U. That’s not to say the Wii U is bad but it just doesn’t have the appeal from Microsoft or Sony. Also I love how you say “they will fail” as if you were saying the Xbox 360 is a complete fail and a bad product, it just proves how you are a blind fanboy.

      2. ^ Warning Blind Fanboy Alert. You actually think the Xbox 360 was a rushed console, a bad product, and has failed? You must live under a rock or something.

        1. It didn’t fail, but there was the ring of death. Many consoles having to be replaced. Put a rushed console on the market so you can make a return on investment, and while the consumers learn of the faults the hard way, you fix it in the background and replace it when needed.

          And I meant fail at imitating Nintendo. Wii gives birth to Kinect.

        2. Nintendo innovates the others copy. And that’s a fact. XBox and PS3 are great consoles and I like them both, but when it comes time for me to put my money down for a console, it’s Nintendo all the way. They’ve got what I want. Call me what you please, that won’t change.

  22. I wonder if the Microsoft presentation chicks will be hotter than the Wii U chicks next E3….??? For the record, I don’t own anything Microsoft or Sony as far as gaming goes. Those companies have some nice looking games fore sure but they are relatively uninteresting. Graphics can’t save them no matter what. Now with Nintendo acquiring 3rd party support, the only thing that will save their asses would be amazing 1st party exclusives.

    Its not about your superior/weak console, its about how boring your games are.

    1. Why does every Nintendo fan say that? It’s like saying that all PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers do is ogle at graphics instead of playing that games. What about Call of Duty, that has terrible graphics compared to some of the current-gen games but it’s one of the most played and highest rated games ever and it was first on the PS3 and Xbox 360 until it was ported to the Wii. The same can be said with the Halo series and Portal series. Also Sony has fantastic first party support so it’s safe to say their ass is safed. Next time try an Xbox or PS3 game and actually play them through than look through Nintendo forums and get the wrong ideas.

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