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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Video For The Nintendo 3DS Goes Live In North America

According to Nintendo World Report Nintendo’s new video service for the Nintendo 3DS is now live in North America. Nintendo Video is a free application on the Nintendo 3DS eShop and allows you to watch a variety of videos in 3D. It launched in Europe a few weeks ago and appears to be a very promising service. What does everyone think about the content on offer?


32 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Video For The Nintendo 3DS Goes Live In North America”

  1. Apparently since I bought my 3DS from North America I get all of their downloadable games and whatnot. So I’ll be downloading Nintendo Video and getting all of its videos even though I’m in vacation in Asia right now. Just a nice tidbit about how their servers/internet capability works.

  2. Good. Now maybe the guys at IGN will stop complaining that America is “once again” left out. Last week the USA got Urban Champion in 3D (Not an overly adored game, but I love it) and Netflix. All the UK got was Nintendo Video, which I find highly boring. I don’t see how we got the better deal.

  3. Nobody was left out. Nintendo Video was an insult to the time spent downloading it. Magic Tricks (which doesn’t even teach you how to do the tricks) and Oscar’s Oasis. Booooring.

    And then an advert on the shop for Kirby Channel on the Wii XD

    Personally I woulda put the E3 videos on the Nintendo Video Channel instead of the e-shop. Would at least be worth watching.

    1. Did it really take you that long to download it? I saw the light on my 3DS right before I went to sleep and it downloaded before I finished brushing my teeth

  4. really,really,really nintendo you need to wake up and give these people what they want we didnt spend 250 dollars for a game that have boring apps like the nintendo video these people want a youtube app,demos,videorecorder and other great things because your nintendo and your awesome.

      1. It looks like a good service to me I got 4 videos which are two comedy shorts the captain America trailer and a trailer for nintendo video I thinks it’s cool never knowing what video your going to get and I’m sure there will be gametrailers….now we just need demos then the 3ds will be full of extras and the games are coming

        1. In this day and age, I kind of expected to be able to download demos by now Nintendo. With these 3DS games, try b4 you buy is important, as there have been so many dissapointing games. Fool me 7 times…….shame on me, I guess.

        2. nintendo will be relaesing game demos on the ehsop before the christmas holiday i think because on e3 the nintendo of america guy Reggie said that game demo will be availble soon

  5. I’m satisfied with the videos we got. The Captain America trailer was awesome, the dinosaur dinosaur one was funny, and the rectangular one was amazing! I can’t wait until we get next weeks videos, and I really hope someone is able to rip these videos for us to watch later.

  6. lucky… it does not work in Trinidad and Tobago. i doubt it but hopefully there will be videos coming soon :]

  7. i go tan icon at home screen and it says i should download the app, and launches the Nintendo eShop, but the eShop says that there are no informations about the software I am trying to download….. Nintendo is neglecting it`s Brasilian fans one more time……

  8. Awww man
    It says that it is unavailable in my location. I can’t download any videos! Why is it set up this way? No Netflix and no Nintendo Video! What can I do?

  9. I am satisfied with this App. A Youtube app would be nice, but I can wait. It’s not that big of a deal for me. As long as it has the internet browser, I am good.

  10. hi there you want too know size of the nintendo video app is under system settings data managment is 39 blocks for data save and a whopping 2,439 blocks used for videos yeah execcding over 1,000 blocks soo be paciant it will take a while too download buts its worth 4 3D videos

  11. hi there pual your wrong nintendo gamers and americans are not all humman from earth there are spartans 117 master chiefs cortana ai zombies flood species 8472 borg colective grave minds reman volcans star ship transforming unaversal vampiers from halo ring hummans stop thinking gaming is for earth humman gamers

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