Nintendo 3DS: Thousands Of Gamers Take To Facebook To Petition For Mega Man Legends 3

Gamers furious with Capcom’s decision to cancel Mega Man Legends 3 have taken to Facebook in protest. The 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 Facebook page has already amassed nearly over 8,000 Likes at the time of writing this post. Please do your bit and Like the page to show Capcom that we do care that the project has been canceled. Thanks.

Facebook Page
Tip: Yemi Keji


    1. Well it certainly can’t hurt Liking the page. Who knows if Capcom will listen but if enough people like it it will certainly make them sit up and pay attention.

  1. Hell yeah it will! If enough people stand up and they don’t deliver, they will lose all their fans!

  2. That was unexpected. A localization I may understand, but to bring back a game into development after it was cancel… that might be a bit hard. Either way, I’m in.

  3. Makes me proud to be one of the first to have become a part of the movement!

    I doubt Capcom will change their minds though, personally, but we’re gonna do our best to make it happen!

  4. It won’t make a difference. No matter how many like the page it won’t do a damn thing bc the company doesn’t care

  5. iwas thinking about geting that game when i saw the gameplay cacom plz do it for your fans ”because your cacom and your awesome”

  6. Is capcom even aware of this petition…Nope they’re to busy making good games for sony.
    capcom please make megaman legend 3 for psvita.

    1. It was garbage before Capcom blamed fans for theory failures. Capcom, go fxck yourself.

  7. I don’t even really play megaman, but I’ll like te page anyway. We’ve all been victims to this sort of thing anyway

  8. i remember megaman legend on the n64. never knew they made 2nd one and now all of a sudden a 3rd was on the way but now its canceled? i guess my focus was on the main megaman games

    anywho for fans of the game all i can say is capcom better pray this doesn’t get taken any farther

  9. capcom hasn’t done shit in 10 yrs besides re4 and mm 9 and 10 … fuck their bullshit artstyle in sf4 and mvc3 capcom eats it.

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