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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Facing Huge Challenge To Entice People To Wii U

Wii Sports designer Katsuya Eguchi, has confessed to Edge that Nintendo has some huge challenges ahead to convince people Wii U offers something unique. Eguchi believes Wii U will offer experiences that other consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 don’t already offer consumers.

“You’re absolutely right, those are just some of the huge challenges ahead of us – getting people to really understand what Wii U can offer.”

“We have some experiences here right now – with Chase Mii and ‘shield Pose’ – and we have a great opportunity to give people time to play the games, so we’ll take advantages of expos, conferences and in-store demos.”

“But we really want people to understand how the TV screen and controller screen interact and how that changes the experience. And we’ve come up with a variety of uses. But you’re right, we can’t explain them all, and I don’t even think we’ve thought of them all. I’m sure there are many uses that haven’t been thought of yet.”



77 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Facing Huge Challenge To Entice People To Wii U”

        1. It’s already listed on It says it’s coming “Soon” Search Wii U on Google, and look for prices, it says $350 under Wal-Mart! I know for sure I’m getting it, but my parents are just starting to put my brother through college, so I don’t know if we’ll even get presents next year. Anyway, yeah, it’s not portable, but you can play it when watching a different show on your tv, or even when the tv is off! That’s why it’s so “U-nique”!

        1. But it needs to be within range of the console. You can’t take the controller outside your house and play games. Basically its for when you want to watch TV/movie and play Wii U at the same time.

    1. well that is if your going to take the wii u console with you, but i think you already now that. what you probably meant was that you don’t need a TV to play it,you can plug the console to an outlet and you can start playing.

          1. I laugh at YOUR trolling. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you it doesn’t mean they’re a troll.

            1. It is completely unnecessary to post an opinion unrelated to the topic with no kind of support. Therefore, calling him a troll is perfectly suitable.

          1. Yes, instead play SSBB on the Wii over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection because its obviously a much better thing to do….

        1. You know what, regardless of how much you like Sony , all you do is hurt Sony by saying something stupid like that, if you love Sony more than Nintendo that’s a subjective opinion, by going on MyNintendoNews and saying that without relation to coming even close to making a point is ridiculous and makes Sony and all their fans look bad. Try not to be such a cynical jackass next time or better yet stay off Nintendo sites.

  1. one way they can avoid problems is by not including region lock. that will solve almost all of the Wii’s 3 problems.

    1) Not in HD
    2) Pathetic excuse for an online service
    3) Region Lock

    1. are you kidding me sony is the best with thier unorginal names and stupid 1st party game, and you know what makes them even better then nintendo, there over priced consoles. i really loved spending 699$ on my sony playstation 3

      1. You’re right, I love their technologically advanced hardware, great 3rd party support and games, HD gaming, Blu-Ray Player, DVD’s, better online support, and cheap $300 price tag.

  2. I like that they will make a new console but the controller does not look too appealing, I have not use it, since I was not at E3 but it looks like it might be a little too big and uncomfortable to hold for a longer period of time and Before I buy the WiiU I will hold on with buying it until I actually test it somewhere.

      1. I was watching some videos from the E3 conference, and every reporter, editor, and anyone who tested it, and reviewed it, said it was WAY more comfortable than it looked. Never judge a controller by it’s cover!

    1. I dropped my DS Lite on concrete more than once and it did’t take any damages, except for tiny scuffs on the corners…

    1. hey man you have NO idea what your talking about. take your bull shit to some other blog. i mean seriously what is your problem? you think you can go around and say whatever you want? well you cant ok?

  3. I’m very excited for Wii U. I absolutely love the concept of the new controller. Although I’m planning on buying this, many people aren’t. Why? Because they assume it offers nothing more than the 360 and ps3. Although it offers us new ways to play, that’s just about it. I think nintendo should stop trying to catch up with these current gen consoles and prepare for next gen standards. Apparently microsoft is working on it. Nintendo should try to get ahead of the game.

    1. I am exited as well, I have played every major console and out of the three, the Wii had something that pulled Lenin, and the Wii U also has something that makes menwant to get it. It is just more innovative than the ps3 or xbox 360 in my opinion.

    2. its better then the ps3 and xbox in every way it can do everything they can do + crazy new stuff from controller and of course i love nintendos’ exclusives more but ya they should make it just as good as pcs are, because pcs are the new standard of graphics, the xbox and ps3 graphics and whatnot are 6-7 years old… don’t go to that level this late go to what pcs are at now or close whatever lol

    3. Dan please tell me if a pc hd4800 card is the same as a readon 1600?

      Then tell me how much your gonna pay for a system with an hd6000 in it?

  4. As a die-hard Nintendo fan, I think Nintendo really fucked up the execution of the 3DS. They also have the potential to Market the WiiU just as poorly.

    On the other hand, Nintendo is the most innovative gaming company of all time. If anyone can pull themselves out of a shit-storm-cluster-fuck, it’s Nintendo.

    Typical Nintendo: Poor Marketing, everyone predicts the end of Nintendo is near, then people realize how groundbreaking Nintendo’s new is – Nintendo avoids certain doom and rises to the top.

    *crosses fingers*

  5. I’m hooked on the Wii-U. I was impressed the first time I saw it and I think it’s very unique and can bring many things to the table.

  6. Sorry, but I think it needs a name change. The general, average person/parent will just think it’s a Wii with a touchscreen controller. I think we’ve all met those people who seriously think the 3DS is just a DS with 3D, the same thing could happen here

    1. ya they are horrible at naming consoles well i dont 3ds sounds fine but wii u come on… lol they shouldve just named it nintendo that would be so, clean, or w/e idc cool new name good too but not wii u… im defintely buying idc about the name personally its what it can do lol

      1. Before E3 I was thinking on calling it the Uni / Unii or U-Ni / U-Nii. For the same reason they made wii u. I was extremely close but I think my name is a tad better lol

  7. I already have $350 put aside for it. Everything about it looks awesome. I couldnt care less about 1080p graphics, considering I only have a SDTV. Nintendo, you have enticed me enough… Now SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!

  8. I will get it for sure, but I may wait awhile. It has nothing to do with price cut issues, I just don’t have a ton of money at the moment.

    I expect Nintendo will have a huge problem convincing people to upgrade to Wii U, but I have faith they’ll do it.

  9. Words will not convince anyone. How many people bought Minecraft when someone simply described it to them? I would guess very few. The gameplay is what matters, and if a game is good quality and Nintendo backs it up with advertising, it will sell.

    And if they can get the big 3rd party games (i.e. Call of Duty), “hardcore” gamers don’t have a reason not to by one.

  10. I was unsure about the 3DS, and then I played Super Street Fighter IV at a demo station in my local Gamestop and I bought it then and there. Give me a chance to play the Wii U in person, along with at least one solid “must-have” game, and I’ll buy a Wii U.

  11. All Nintendo needs to do is make sure they have the games to support their new hardware. They HAVE to bring a strong launch line and distinguish themselves from Sony ans MS in the mind of the casual gamer(even more than they already do).

    I’ve played the PS3 and XBox 360, both great consoles, but not much difference between the 2. Wii U can dominate just like its predecessor if they do it right.

  12. What Nintendo needs to understand is core gamers that laughed at Wii and own a 360 and/or PS3 will need to be impressed by the WiiU performance (graphics and physics) and not by the controller… they could not care less about what it can do…. if the graphics and online experience is not a step above what they already own then they will not be interested and will just wait for the next from Sony and Microsoft. That is the bottom line.

    Making statements about getting the core interested in Nintendo again without showing anything right now is just blowing hot air. As for me I am interested in the potential of the console. I want to see something of a high caliber to impress me. I own a PS3 and would love the add the WiiU with its interesting controller and their 1st and 2nd party titles in HD.

    1. ya nintendo is horrible at marketing the 3ds launch line up was a joke 1/10-5/10 (all the 1st/2nd party games announced at e3 look amazing at least 8/10-10/10 for all of them)the only good title out for the 3ds atm is zelda and it came out 4 months after system, as for the wii u they already made it hard for them to get the hardcore into it with the name lol they better have a good launch line up for the wii u

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  14. I don’t think I’ll be getting this any time soon. Oh and btw what is loz: skyward sword coming out on? This? Might push me to get this. But anyways I’ll wait and see how this goes. I bought a 3ds and was very disappointed with the price cut. But nintendo did something that sony or microsoft would never do. Offer the people who paid full price 10 free Nes games and 10 free GBA games along with the free dsiware four swords. Loz:oot was the crowned jewel of the 3ds so far. All other 3ds games have been meh. Maybe if Nintendo decides to make a majora’s mask 3ds the sales will go up more. The sales spiked when oot was released and I’m sure they would spike again if they continued the loz series in 3d.
    My point? Release the wii u with more than 1 convincing game (for me it’ll take atleast 3, maybe two if skyward sword is coming on this) and I’ll get it. One flaw. I can’t take it on the go. Long car rides. Wanna play wii u? Too bad kiddo you can’t so go cry about it. Sorry for being mean but I just like portable better.

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