Nintendo Wii: Sony Expects To Win Over Wii Customers With PlayStation 3 Price Cut

SCEA’s director of hardware marketing John Kolelr has told Gamespot that the company’s arms are ‘wide open’ for Wii fans to climb aboard the PlayStation brand. Sony announced earlier this week that it has cut the recommended retail price of the PlayStation 3 to $249.

“The other rationale about having the price drop now is that our arms are wide open for Xbox 360 and Wii consumers to come aboard the platform.”

“We knew with the software lineup we have the time was right to say we’re open to all gamers, whether it’s a second console for the household or a new one on the family demographic side. Either is great for us, and with the software lineup we have coming, we think that 360 and Wii consumers will certainly be very interested with the new price point.”


  1. I will NEVER “come aboard” the Playstation platform.. nor the Xbox. Even if I got one of those consoles for free, I would just sell it. Roll on 2012 and the WiiU! :)

    (Wow.. I’ll be 25 next year.. xD)

    1. while i think nintendo is awesome and love it, and agree that i would like to just be able to play at a friends house, here are the facts. we don’t have some of the really really good games that get onto both of their systems. now, if all multi-platform games started being put on wii u, even older titles that just got controller modifications (which would be fantastic), then i would totally flip the bird at everything xbox and forget about ps3/4 except for when at a friends place with games i like. but i am a gamer, not just for nintendo, but a general gamer. i play stuff like assassins creed, and call of duty zombies, and so on. thus why i would like one of the other consoles. I will still love nintendo, as should any of you who express similar thoughts, but i have certain gaming needs, and nintendo doesn’t meet them. sorry Big N, but you just can’t satisfy me fully DX

    2. but why? that makes no sense to just refuse to do something for no reason? you hate the fanboys? not everyone who has it are fanboys. i have a ps3 but i also have wii and ds and i plan to get a 3ds.

      now if you don’t like any of the games that’s a different story. i don’t want a 360 because i’m not interested in the exclusives, halo/gears of war. i am interested in the ps3 exclusives. i’m sure wii u will be fine and all but they might be a little late to the party. because it seems more like it’ll be this gen, not next gen….who knows i could be wrong but wii seemed more like a last gen system than this gen.

      1. Yo, Sony! Welcome to what us Nintendo console owners call “affordable pricing”! Such a shame you didn’t join the party until a year before the U-Bomb, but I guess you learn from your mistakes, huh?

    1. inFamous has replay value like you ain’t never seen! Trying to get platinum. inFamous 2 is everything inFamous had but better. But, go ahead and pick up inFamous Greatest Hits used for $10 and play it before inFamous for the story.

      1. inFAMOUS isn’t a game I would recommend for replay value. It’s little replay value for the boring side-quests and the game itself gets repetitive and boring, ntm, it’s glitchy. But inFAMOUS 2 has plenty and is a HUGE improvement over the original.

  2. It’s funny because most people buy the Wii now because of the games. Good luck finding Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the PS3!

  3. I have a wii and a ps3, and the Wii by far gets more gameplay between my husband and I. main reason: Wii has a lot of games that are re-playable, more fun and more variety in type. ps3 is good graphically for action games, but once my husband beat uncharted that was it. Super Mario, on the other hand, we’ve tackled at least 4 times now!

  4. idk, I don’t have a ps3, but I want one but I want the one that’s backwards compatible seeing as I have a lot of ps2 games, but this is a good move on there part. I wonder how much more it will sell now.

        1. yea never got into the whole PS3 thing cuz at the time it was waaaaaaay to expensive now I might just get one, maybe. I only want it for MGS4, blu-ray, Uncharted,and Infamous and maybe God of War. but I’ll spend my money on Nintendo products before I buy from someone else.

    1. This is how i feel…i loved my ps2 and there was no way I’d get a ps3 until the price went way down! I’ll buy one one day just for ratchet and clank!

  5. Not bragging, but I’ve got all three, like no doubt many others. Love them all as much as each other, they all have their exclusives that’s why I got them. Think to be just stuck to one console now days is a bit lame, that is if you afford me than one, if not then get the one for you and don’t moan about others!

  6. the backwards compatible ones aren’t these ones, they aren’t available anymore. They replaced that with the blu-ray player capabilities.

    1. No the backward campatible ones were already blu-ray capable. They just removed the capability to cut manufacturing costs which allowed them to cut the cost to consumers (from that $600 or so to $400ish I can’t remember the exact pricing).

      1. Wasnt the wii $250 when it first came out? So many people bought it at that price. If you really think about it, $50 more isnt that bad. For what the ps3 offers….thats an amazing price! :)

  7. Seriously, they mark down their PS3 JUST $50. When I look at the PS3 price before and after the price drop, it’s still the same price for me. If they marked it down $100 down. Making the PS3 $200, then just maybe, just MAYBE I would “jump aboard”.

  8. I’m still waiting for the Wii price cut ’cause it’s terribly expensive in my country (Philippines)

    1. It’s terribly cheap in the Philippines. Get an outdated one then just update it through the internet or games. I live in the philippines too :)

  9. I actually think Sony have a great chance of getting more people on their console this year. Only because their exclusives are pretty good, their online service is improving and it’s a great console with the likes of Blu ray other free services and the psn store.

  10. I hate to break it to you all, but Sony can easily win this holiday season. Mostly because the Wii is already in so many more homes so there are fewer available customers for it lol.

    1. Maybe for the game console part, but look at it in the games. Not everyone has all the Wii games, waiting for a price cut and such, plus Kirby Return to Dreamland and Skyward Sword are going to be hot during the Holidays, so sure Sony can sell more ps3’s because everyone and their grandma’s own a Wii, but Wii still has great games that not everyone has

  11. I have both a wii and a ps3. They don’t compete directly with each other, the games on both systems are totally different. I use the wii for first party game mostly (Mario, Zelda etc) and the ps3 for games like madden or the gta series.

  12. I’m waiting the Wii U or announcement of Microsoft’s/Sony’s next platform so this is why I will not buy anything before 2012 :P

  13. I’ve had the Wii since around launch, and the PS3 for 3 years. I got the PS3 because of the lack of games being released at the time for the Wii and all the great games coming to the HD systems. Made sure to find a 60GB system that would play PS2 games, and once I got it I never looked back. Haven’t bought a Wii game since, and I’ve bought almost 30 PS3 games, though I’m sure to buy Skyward Sword.

    Even though the Wii kinda disappointed me this gen, I’m looking forward to the Wii U and I just recently bought a 3DS.

  14. I’m an admitted Nintendo fanboy, and whilst the Wii is my favourite console of this generation. I have to admit, my PS3 gets a LOT more playing than the Wii does these days. Mostly because the PS3 is only just picking up steam when it comes to games like Dragon Age II, Mortal Kombat, L.A. Noire within the last year and games like Deus Ex and Skyrim to come. On the other hand the Wii has Skyward Sword left, that’s about it really. Sure there’s Xenoblade and Last Story too but I’m less interested those right now, I think they’re coming out a little too late for it to make a real impact on the Wii’s sales.

    Nintendo designed the Wii to last six years, it’s been five and the final year will be next year with the replacement the Wii U around the corner. The Wii U will be a day-one purchase for me, provided they give us a ton of games to go with it. That’s my one regret about buying a 3DS, the sheer lack of games. I bought my DS with 5 great games, my 3DS I own 2, Street Fighter and a Zelda game I’ve already beaten on a different console, despite being a great game it’s not new content.

    On the other hand the PS3 was designed to last ten years, it’s why the first four years of it’s release it was a very exclusive console and expensive. It had some decent games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted but not that many. However the last two years have seen PS3 sales shoot up to the point it’s challenging the Xbox 360’s supremacy for the “hardcore” audience.

    I’m the last person to go against Nintendo and that’s not what I’m doing, I’ve never thought of the Wiimote as a gimmick, nor the 3D on the console. They’re ways of enhancing the gaming experience, and they do so far more than the graphical capabilities of the PS3 and 360. That being said, the major issue with the Wii’s graphics, isn’t it’s capability we’ve seen it have excellent graphics. And if you’ve played any of the HD Remasters like the God of War Collection. You’ll notice the graphics, when in HD look a LOT better, because of the higher resolution, not because of the graphics themselves and they actually don’t look much less quality than the PS3’s graphical quality for it’s own games.

    The days of console fanboy-ism are kinda behind most people except a very sad few. Really the Wii and PS3/360 aren’t competitors with each other. The PS3 mostly competes with the 360 and for a while, was losing that battle. You’ll find most PS3 owners won’t own a 360 unless they’re really sad, really rich, or a games reviewer and have to own. You’ll often find PS3 owners own a Wii as well, or 360 owners own a Wii as well. I personally can highly recommend the PS3 especially after the price drop. It’s a damn good console, and it offers something the Wii doesn’t just like all Nintendo consoles offer something the other two don’t.

    I think the point I’m trying to make here is, don’t knock the PS3. It’s a lot of great fun with a lot of great games and definitely worth purchasing. At the end of the day, unless you really want to save your money for a console that won’t be released for another year and a half at best, go right ahead, but you’re missing out on a great console. The Wii U will be a great console and the fact that they’ve kept compatibility with the Wii Controls for use on new Wii U games proves that it will be able to continue the job the Wii started with motion controlled games and not just be a backwards compatible console, whilst having the touch screen pad for games more designed towards the more “hardcore” audience.

    When the Wii U comes out as I said, day one purchase for me. But that’s not going to stop me from enjoying a PS3 just because I’m a loyal Nintendo follower, I’m not a blind follower. Anyone who is going to “wait” is going to miss out on some excellent games in the next year and half, Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Batman: Arkham City (coming to the Wii U but not for at least a year after the PS3), Dragon Age III, Metal Gear Solid Rising Final Fantasy XIII-2 (still worth a rental), Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In addition to hundreds of games already on the PS3 like Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Mortal Kombat, Oblivion, Fallout 3, Arkham Asylum, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Mass Effect 2, God of War III, Mortal Kombat, Uncharted, Uncharted 2. Most of those games will NEVER be released on the Wii U and all of them are worth playing.

    The Wii U is going to be a great console, but it’s not here yet the PS3 is here and it’s in it’s prime. Don’t knock it.

      1. Lol, funny you say that I wrote this, got so proud of it and thought, fuck it. I’ll start a blog too and just copied and pasted it. Yeah, I started a blog over this comment. I’m a writer, I write a lot.

        1. Hey man, seriously amazing words! Many of these nintendo fanboys needs to read this and become an actual gamer By not being restricted to one console. I already have the wii and ps3. This cut is great on sonys part. :)

          1. I mostly agree with this, except that a lot of those games are on Xbox 360 too, which has better online (no serious hacking) and, in my opinion, better exclusives. Plus, Sony’s probably gonna be screwing up their sales since the PS3 is now gonna be competing against itself with the PS Vita at the same price, which will only hurt Sony on atleast one end. And Sony also said that they’re going to try to announce the PS4 at next year’s E3 at the same time Msoft announces their 720, which will cause even more trouble for them, because unless they can try to add something to it besides better online and graphics and find developers to make exclusives for them at launch, then most hardcore gamers will shoot for the 720, because that’ll already have a few exlusives and probably be bundled with and upgraded Kinect at launch.

            1. Now now, we all know you hate sony. How can you say the xbox has better exclusives? Your other rationale makes no sense either. I can tell you’ve never played let alone owned a don’t console so you can’t judge the PS3’s online or games. But a ps3 then judge it.

          2. It’s not all about “fanboyism” though, a lot of it has to do with the games. The only games I’ve honestly ever really wanted that aren’t on the Wii are Fable II and III, SingStar, Devil May Cry 4 (only because my PC probably isn’t powerful enough) Sonic Unleashed (HD) and Sonic 2006 (purely curiosity).

            Most of those are already available on the 360, so if I were to pick either I would be better off picking that, but even THEN it is not worth it for so few games, plus I’m not interested in paying extra for online so that kills a lot of the functionality the system is renowned for.

            The PS3 might interest me more if it had full backwards compatibility, but it doesn’t and that kills a lot of interest for me seeing as I love a lot of my PS2 games, way more than many current generation ones in fact.

            Combine all of that with the recent hacks and you have my, genuinely non-fanboy, reasons for not getting a PS3.

    1. I agree, the Wii lacked multi-plats that were coming to the PS3, hence why I brought it in the first place but I’m enjoying more exclusives on the system than multi-plats.

  15. Yeah I’ve once wanted to get a 360 for just the halo series but I had second thoughts and snatched up a wii and smash bros brawl for a better price and a cooler experience and I also recently got rid of my psp at a game store they took it for 30$ and I traded in some shit games and got ocarina of time 3D at launch date and now I am planning on purchasing a wii u for whatever price.

  16. Sony killed Sega’s hardware market so, no. Nintendo became a huge supporter for Sega while Sony’s all like yah whatever sell on our console. Nintendo for the win!

    1. the wii has maybe 3-5 playable games, I can’t find them though, they’re an island in a sea of shovelware

  17. fuck you sony, the day i give them MY money is when venus and mars crash into each other, causing a meteor storm that wipes out india and makes communism in north korea fall, and tim burton actually doesn’t make a shitty movie.


  18. Sony realize that the 3DS got a price cut and will directly compete with it at Christmas? Wii still sells alot but I’m sure the price cut for the ps3 will be good either way I already own all the consoles. Meh.

  19. Hahahha sikeeeee. Jump aboard? More like kick you in the face. I actually have a ps2, ironically. I got it when I was younger for guitar hero but I’m never buying another play station again. I’d buy an xbox 360 before I buy a ps3

  20. Sony is kinda making a mistake in lowering the price of the PS3 right now. Since the PS Vita is coming soon (next year), people will look at the price of the PS Vita and the PS3, the PS3 used to be the price of the 3G Vita but now it matches the price of the cheaper Vita. A lot of people would rather get a console instead of a handheld so they would likely go with the PS3 instead of the Wi-fi Vita and definitely instead of the 3G Vita. This is one of the reasons why the 3DS didn’t sell as well, it was more expensive than the Wii.

    I’m not saying that the Vita will do horrible because of this price drop, I am just saying that the PS3 is going to steal some potential sales. People who prefer handhelds will go with the PS Vita, those who already have a PS3 might buy the PS Vita, and some people will buy both.

      1. But even there, you would have to expect everyone to own a VITA for the PS3/VITA combo games and considering that not everyone is going to get a VITA, there wouldn’t much support for PS3/VITA combo games.

  21. I have both systems. I love them both but I play my PS3 more then anything because of the games. I can think of many games that I want for my PS3 but really only one for my Wii which is Zelda Skyward sword. I think the games on my PS3 are way more replayble because I just love them and for the online play (Which Wii really seems to lack =/ ). And no Im not one of them CoD fangirls who will only play those games, im talking about the actual playstation exclusives. I got more of those then multi system games.

      1. Too many to count. Infamous, little big planet, gran turismo (already more than xbox), uncharted, resistance, ratchet and clank, metal gear solid, demons souls, killzone, socom, wipeout, I would go on but I’m typing on my cell phone. Almost all of these games havperfect reviews.

  22. I’d much rather wait a year for the Wii U.
    Why is Sony always banging Nintendo. Are they jealous?

  23. I’d only buy a PS3 if I was able to get one with PS2 backwards compatibility for all my PS2 games. After the 3DS, I don’t have any money to make a big purchase like that, sorry Sony.

  24. That is so not going to happen. They’re going to need to drop the price even more. $50 drop isn’t even worth blinking at. Oh wait, of course, they can’t, cuz it will steal the Vita’s thunder. Man, what a predicament.

  25. Wide open for more suckers to get their identities stolen, more like: D
    No thanks. I would rather wait for the rest of the PlayStation franchises to get out of beta and appear on Nintendo platforms like Tekken and Ninja Gaiden have.

  26. I don’t get it… even though Microsoft is the bigger threat to Sony, since most of the buyers have the same interests, why, then, do you always hear Sony trying to steal Nintendo’s legacy by publicly insulting their consoles that haven’t even been released yet, their prices, their technology, their games, and now even their fans. Seriously, why can’t Sony be more like Microsoft and Nintendo and just focus on their work. This isn’t a playground, Sony, where you can go over to that kid who’s having a good time with his friends and start making fun of his shoes, and expect everyone around you to laugh at him and come to you. This is business, and you can’t expect to publicly act like a bully and just earn more customers because they’re afraid of you. You’ll just lose the respect from a lot of you former partners.

    1. …Yeah, we get it. You’re the biggest anti-sony guy here. You own every console except playstation because just hearing the name makes you want to smash something.

  27. Yeah no, Nintendo fans are more likely to go for the X-Box 360 before the PS3. 360 has more, better games to choose from and it’s cheaper. I know I’d sooner get a 360 than a PS3

  28. I think it really depends on the type of “gamer” a person it. the PS3 and XBOX systems strike me more for the professional gamers due to higher graphics and memory. That being said, the Wii is still well done, but is for a different demographic. For RPGs, I think, I will always turn to the Playstation system because, well, I am biased towards it for the earlier Final Fantasy games. The Wii has a better platform for more “family friendly” gaming though, and is easier for everyone to get involved in, instead of one playing and the rest watching.

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