Nintendo: Nintendo Wins Absolutely Nothing At This Years Gamescom Event

Despite showing off a plethora of amazing games such as Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Nintendo failed to win anything at this years Gamescon. EA took away the ‘Best of Gamescom’ award with Battlefield 3, whilst Sony won the award for ‘Best hardware or hardware accessory’ with the PlayStation Vita.

  • Best of Gamescom: Battlefield 3, Electronic Arts
  • Best Hardware or Hardware Accessories: PlayStation Vita, Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Best Console Game: FIFA 12, Electronic Arts
  • Best Mobile Game: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Best Online Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Electronic Arts
  • Best PC Game: Diablo III, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Best Browser Game: The Sims Social, Electronic Arts
  • Best Family Game: Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


  1. Makes sense. They’ve only had old hardware and software to show off. How could anyone expect Mario Kart 7 to beat the likes of Battlefield?

    1. Yeah. The eShop is still sucking, wiiU is a ways off, Nintendo botched the 3DS launch, it’s been a drought in Nintendo software… If not for Ocarina 3D, it would probably be even worse.

      Can only hope Nintendo’s heavy-hitting titles are not too late to stop the Orcs from taking Helms Deep.

      1. Well at least the the 3DS sales have taken a sharp upturn recently. That’s solid evidence right there that it’ll be fine, and that’s not even taking Flame Red model and the holiday season into account.

        Plus, remember how much everyone was praising the 3DS before launch? Stuff like Uncharted Vita might get lots of hype now, but let’s see where Sony is a month after launch.

        1. Additional Vita note: Get ready for all the negative articles about the $300 AT&T 3G model. That doesn’t concern the $250 model logically, but don’t be surprised if you start seeing articles that lump everything that is Vita together with that mistake.

    2. Well, I personally think it is more innovative than all the other stuff but they didn’t show anything new. They announced release dates, showed a new bundle with a slightly different console… And that was it! They can’t win something they didn’t do anything in.

        1. Double agreed.

          First person shooters and realistic games or sport games etc. are what half of the pc and sony peeps go for. Games with no real ingenuity or innovation. To be honest I’m not really looking forward to games like battlefield (I have a 3DS, Wii and PC). Don’t get me wrong it looks like an amazing game and I love the Half Life series despite the episodes bringing nothing but new story, but as it stands the game just looks like an upgraded call of duty. Another war shooter but with enhanced graphics and Half Life is the only shooter series I’ll put up with. The destructible terrain looks amazing (love the idea of having to keep on the move because of cover getting destroyed) but aside from that you still play the role of a gun running around shooting things that move. Plus I don’t like playin online with a lot of games. Prefer the split screen experience. A lot more fun IMO.

    1. Ya. I’m personally fine with Nintendo losing at everything there but why did they put a sports game as the best console game. x.x

      1. Clearly the only win here is the pockets of the editor or whoever produced this Lie… The rest is fine by me but that one thing… Fifa 12 as the best console game… Fifa 11 was Fifa 10 with a different number what makes Fifa 12 any different?.. I suppose you can see the sweat of the players in this one >.>

  2. You have to admit, even if you don’t like FPS games, Battlefield 3 looked stunning. It’s gonna be pretty damn awesome on the WiiU, and since the WiiU is probably gonna have better specs than the 360 and PS3, it may be a better version (360 and PS3 are getting somewhat toned down versions of BF3). Plus I remember seeing somewhere that the WiiU’s controls are good for FPS games (forgot where). Still, sucks that Nintendo didn’t get anything.

    1. Battlefield 3 won’t be on the WiiU. The if the WiiU did get Battlefield 3. It most certainly wouldn’t have better specs than the XBox 360 or the PS3, as the WiiU isn’t as powerful as the PS3, and technically, neither is the Xbox 360, although all three are VERY close, the PS3 and Xbox 360 version are on par with each other. Both are the same because the Xbox is a bigger market in the US than PS3. And I would imagine that the WiiU’s controller would suck hairy balls for an FPS. Cause it’s flat…. The big screen in the middle would be convenient for a racing title or role playing game (Gamefreak, I’m looking at you!)

      1. i might have to call BS on that. first lets start of with the graphics, nintendo is using a card (r700) that is going to play games at 1080p not 1080i, secound the wii u can get WAY more frames per seconds then the ps3, i mean common your comparing something that came out 6 years ago, and if you new or didnt new the ps3 card is a modified GeForce 7800. which PC wise is trash. now lets get to the controller… i do recal the wiimote being flat or squary , right? plus hundreds of ppl at E3 said the controller was confortable, you get what saying?

      2. Yea dude not sure about your source but the Wii u supports a directx 10 era card while the other 2 dx9 era cards. The Wii u should be able to support many of the newer games at 60fps and at full 1080p many of the newer PS3 and xbox360 games have to be toned down to lower Rez and 30fps from their PC counter parts. Will the games look hugely different from the other consoles? Nah not really but a smoother running game at a higher frame rate is always nice.

        1. Sauce?
          If I remember correctly, DirectX was in partnership (or owned by) Microsoft. Even so though, Directx10 is still pretty outdated. Directx11 would have been amazing, though VERY costly.

          1. Sauce? I’m assuming you misread the word source which is spelled correctly. Also I realize that directx is part of microsoft it was just to separate and compare the cards. Certain things can be done on directx 9 level cards. Same with 10 and same with 11. Agreed on the directx 11 cards being really up there. The system just wouldn’t be affordable. When ps4 and the new xbox come out they may very well sport the dx11 cards but we shall see it’s all about that price.

    2. battlefield 3 is not coming to the wii u, unless EA confirms that they might port it. and in the wii u demo video there was a person using the wii zapper with the wii u controller. also on the specs sid, the wii u will be using a radeon r700 card, google that or google wii u graphics or something.

  3. I can hear the PS Vita fanboys now.

    Well, Nintendo has nothing to lose but much to gain.

  4. I’ve never understood placing awards for games (and hardware) that have yet to release. Are the votes based on anticipation?

    1. That and it contributes to my fear that my conspiracy theory about fanboys being the ones that run industry may be true.

        1. But we’d also get even more crappy FPS game clones on the market as well, what’s worse is that Nintendo will cease to exist if Fanboys ran the industry…which I DON’T want to happen tyvm

    1. lol ya ive never cared for sport games, nintendo ones have a fun twist but still barely play them either(im talkin like basket ball not the wii sports resort kinda stuff love that stuff

    2. total B.S. besides how many gamers are really into football./soccer games? not that many that i know of.

  5. sony doesn’t deserve to win anything besides “bastards of the century who copy everything from nintendo and everyone and everything associated with them should burn in hell” award.

    everyone at sony are just bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

    unfortunately, due to japan. its damn near impossible to boycott them. : |

    1. I KNOW RIGHT playstation move and sports champions rofl? sounds a lil like wii sport o and now theres move fitness!! or w/e um wii fit….soooo sad nintendo invented everything direction pad analog stil rumble feature shoulder buttons motion gaming evrything

  6. fifa 12 won the best console game?

    so a game that has been remade with little change over the past decade wins the best of the year?

    come on! there are MUCH better games

  7. How much you wanna bet the usual Sony fanboys I have to put up with way too often a day are going to use these shitty meaningless awards to brag? (Like how they did when Uncharted 2 won GotY’09?)

    1. If you base everything on if it’s 3D or not, GTFO of the games industry. 3D adds nothing to gameplay. Nothing. I’d rather see some more CPU power to allow games to run more computations per second for some smarter A.I. Now THAT would add something to gameplay. :D

  8. FIFA 12? FIFA 12!?! I am a fan of FIFA but would I rate that over ANY of the 3DS Titles? HELLS NO!

    Who were voting for these games?

  9. Noobs. 3ds should of won best hardware, luigi’s mansion 2 best handheld, and skyward sword best console game. obviously gamescom is trolling us.

    1. Obviously, THE POTATO I’d a closed mined hardcore Nintendo fanboy. It kills him when the company he worships doesn’t get recognition it doesn’t deserves. Keep in mind, that Gamescon takes place in GERMANY! Not Nintendofanboyville!

      1. I guess they have to give FIFA an award in Europe or else…soccer RIOT! So many incredible console games for them to pick and they give it to a sports game. I’ve owned a bunch of copies of Madden but I would never consider that kind of fan service game for a best console game.

    1. As chessy as that sounds, i kinda agree. More so that I’ve never really seen Nintendo in that horrible “mainstream” lighting and I would love it to stay that way. They don’t need “awards” to make themselves look good. Besides, it’s not like they don’t already have plenty and we all know Nintendo is the biggest name in gaming. So yes, they can have their little plastic shinies.

  10. The Best Console Game is kind of fishy, but Nintendo wasn’t really in the running for that one anyway. Nintendo is going to have 3DS games as their primary releases until the Wii U is released. And let’s face it, nine times out of ten, console and PC games are superior to games on portable platforms.

  11. Nintendo didn’t win any awards because they pay gamescom like every other company did.
    I mean come on, look at that list, it’s pretty obvious to me that zelda would beat the **** out of all those games combined. ;)

  12. Nintendo didn’t win any awards because they pay gamescom like every other company did.
    I mean come on, look at that list, it’s pretty obvious to me that zelda would beat the **** out of all those games combined. ;)

  13. It’s really for presentation value. They want to see HD and great trailers, which Nintendo doesn’t have. While other games’ presentation are high, I would rather play games based off of gameplay and my personal favorites, which comes down to Gears of War 3, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Super Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus.

  14. You Nintendo fanboys are shameful. Make me shake my head. Half the reason why I don’t even fool with Nintendo anymore is because of the crybaby fans.

    Get over it.

    Nintendo is going to blow up in the holiday anyways. Re-fucking-lax.

    1. not really upset about that, i am upset a freaking sports game, which have no business at all on any console or gaming system, won best console game. Those guys are high on something or got a huge stiphin from freaking EA.

      1. Europe likes FIFA. It’s as big over there as your levels of shitheadedness. Are you still upset?

        1. Yes because this will be toted around forever, and we will now see a larger increase in the cancer that is sports games. This would be like the mona lisa loosing to something a dog coughed up after breakfast. they are basically the same things.

  15. I need to start this rant by saying I like Nintendo. I’ve been a Nintendo supporter since I was 5 or so. I am saving up to get the Flame Red 3DS w/ Star Fox 64 on Sep. 9th. That said, Nintendo has passed their prime. They don’t have anything really exciting or anything interesting to capture people’s interest these days. Motion controls? Pretty lame. (Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3) Sorry guys but Sony, Microsoft, and EA are going to be BIG for a long, long time. I’m not saying Nintendo should give up, like I said I support Nintendo and I wish them the best, but they need to get their heads on straight and find out what to do to get back in the game.

        1. Actually its much better. If you could provide an appropriate response that validates your argument, then I’d be willing to take you more seriously. Also, saying “Roflmao” is obviously an attempt to anger somebody, which of course means you are a T-Word.

  16. As much as I agree that FIFA should never have won best console game, I can equally disagree in skyward sword getting it.

    Skyrim has it on lockdown.

  17. Though I hate to say it, I’m pretty sure that nintendos reign is done. I love nintendo, but I think the 3ds killed them. I think nintendo should stop making their own consoles and just make games on consoles. They will lose a WHOLE LOT of money on the wii u. I’m not saying this because I’m a troll, I just think that’s nintendos best option right now.

    1. Well I wouldn’t do that. The best thing they could have done is lower the 3DS price. The only thing they can do now is make games. They can’t keep on with their “1-2 good games a year” that they have been doing. I mean super smash bros should be every 2 years, maybe 3. But from 2008- estimated 2013 IS NOT GOOD. I mean nintendo franchise games are amazing, but they are far and few between. I mean LoZ 2006-2011. NO. I’m not going to get a console to play a great game franchise once every 5 years. The reason that Sony exclusives do so well is that they have large numbers, and are constantly flowing out. Nintendo has several “dry spells” whereas the other companies really don’t. This is just one of them. That’s where they made their mistake. The released a handheld during their dry spell and didn’t release games to entice people to buy the 3DS. Nintendo picks up during the holiday season, so expect a good amount of AAA games for nintendo products then. Until then just ride out the storm, hell Sony had to do it 2006-2008 lol.

      1. If Super Smash Bros. was once every 2 or 3 years, there would be too little change for it to be worth picking up. It’s like getting SSFIV after picking up SFIV, not really needed. I kind of have a problem with there being a new entry being released to series every year on the PS3/360 or too much that’s not needed. There’s like, what, 5 Halo games for the 360. Why? Just make one version and another if it’s NEEDED or with the Assassin’s Creed series, too many! I don’t need the exact same quality game over and over for it to feel as if there’s a lot of quality games!

      2. “The reason that Sony exclusives do so well is that they have large numbers, and are constantly flowing out.”

        Let me rephrase that for you.

        “The reason that Sony exclusives die so young is that they have large numbers, and are constantly flowing out.”

        Where’s Jak and Daxter? Crash bandicoot? Why dont i ever hear of the anymore.
        Looks like uncharted is going the same way aswell.
        The difference is that Nintendo knows how to keep thier IPs alive. Zelda, Mario and Metroid. All still kicking. How long have they been around? 25 years or so?

    1. To be honest i love nintendo, i’ve loved there games and systems for a long time. But most to the titles they have on show are titles that wont be out for a while, with some not even coming out this year. The 3DS is an amazing system but the strong lack of game support by nintendo upon launch really hurt it. They had what like 15 games at launch and like 4 of them were maybe decent. So to get back on track, skyward sword does look amazing but we cant even tell what it’s going to be like yet cause it hasnt been released anywhere. Honestly best console game should have gone to something like white knight chronicles 2, or dragon age 2 or something there abouts. it should never never go to the cancer of the gaming industry.

    1. I know right, they have no business on any game console, they’ve defiled the industry and now they have a balls to win best console game. It really does make my phsyically ill to know the gaming industry has fallen so far.

  18. if they would have showed the wii u at least they could win best hardware.even microsoft didnt win anything and EA! WTF

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