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Nintendo Wii: Xenoblade Reaches Number Seven In The UK All Format Chart!

It’s been revealed that Xenoblade Chronicles has entered the UK all formats chart at number seven. Clearly this is great news for both Nintendo and North American fans who’re eagerly awaiting the game to hit their shores. Nintendo has already said that they’re looking closely at European sales before committing to releasing the game in the States.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Xenoblade Reaches Number Seven In The UK All Format Chart!”

  1. Yeeeaaahhh! Haha been playing this so much and loving it!

    The unique gameplay, story and art style with the this game scream Wii (and japanese RPG to certain extents XD ) and the voice acting is top notch. Good to see a game garnering the attention and ratings it deserves. IGN also gave this a great review which was nice to see considering their last few propaganda articles on Ninty.

    Anyone in Europe should definitely see to getting this game. If this keeps up, there can only be good news for the 3DS and more importantly, the WiiU!

  2. Hey it might not be the best selling one but at least it got into UK top 10 all formats!=) Considering that 90% of all UK gamers are FPS freaks and the game still had this kinda good result is indeed something to celebrate!X3

    1. “1 1 Zumba Fitness: Join the Party Wii, PS3, Xbox 360
      2 2 Lego Pirates of the Caribbean 3DS, DS, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360
      3 3 Cars 2 DS, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360
      4 13 Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS
      5 5 FIFA 11 DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360
      6 6 Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 DS, PC, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360
      7 New entry Xenoblade Chronicles Wii
      8 4 DiRT 3 PC, PS3, Xbox 360
      9 12 Brink PC, PS3, Xbox 360
      10 10 L.A. Noire PS3, Xbox 360”

      Only one of those is a FPS… Well, at least I think so. Not too sure what L.A. Noire is.

      1. The rest of them (apart from Zelda) are multiplatform, so it is quite obvious that they are more likely to sell more.

        But I still find it annoying how Zumba and Cars 2 are higher…

    2. i speak japanese for games like this and mainly the jap version of all the tales of games and i have a japanese wii and american so i ordered this game and cant wait for it in the mail

    3. Just got it for £49.99 with the Red Classic Controller from Game, making me basically bankrupt until the 1st, but its gonna be worth it!

    4. How long has this game been out? Sounds like a quick seller, meaning when released in the US of A, it’ll sell just as good.

      1. thats what i like to hear!! i dont think we can say for sure yet but if this keeps up i think us north americans ca expect to see this game sometime soon

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