Nintendo Wii: Check Out This Awesome Kirby Returns To Dream Land Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for the awesome-looking Kirby Returns To Dream Land. We found out earlier today that the game is currently scheduled to be released in the United States on October 24th. The game comes out in Europe sometime this December.



      1. It could have been better i you actually would been able to die, plus the game was damn short. Otherwise, good game.


  1. I love it (even though I’ve already seen the trailer on the Nintendo channel)! It’s like they;re getting back the the basics of Kirby. This reminds me of Krystal Shards. I did like Epic Yarn, but that hardly felt like a Kirby game. Anybody who thinks this is a game for little kids clearly has no idea, because of its genuine feeling.


  2. that remembers me of nightmare in dreamland (GBA) wich was a veeeeeeeeeerrrreeeeeey gooood game. even with my pseudo-deception with Epic Yarn (forget the idiot graphics and play it, thats a good game anyhow) i`m [almost] completely sold.


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