Nintendo: Exclusive Downloadable Pokemon Black & White Content For Later This Week

Nintendo has revealed that from the 13th October anyone who owns Pokemon Black & White can use a special code to get a new Charizard skin for their C-Gear. Three C-Gears will be available to download between now and early 2012. All you need to do is enter EUPGL102011 on the promotions section of the Pokemon Global Link website.


  1. But what about the US? Will they get it too. I think Europe has at least one exclusive skin already.

    1. Europe has the Venosaur or Blastoise C-Gear skins already, one or the other. No word that i have heard when any come to the US… this site should really be more detailed with that. The way it sounds here is that it’s available for everyone.

      I’m good for now personally, I have the Zoroark skin, and I’m happy with it.

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s linked to your game itself. So you can have different skins as long as your pokemon-gl account is the same.

  2. I hate how the US lately has been neglected with WI-FI events, Japan has had like 200 while we’ve had 2…Victini and the Shiny Dogs…

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