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Nintendo Wii U: Pachter Says Wii U Isn’t A Next Generation Console

Controversial Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter doesn’t believe the Wii U is a next generation console even though it’s a new console, with new controls and architecture. Pachter thinks Wii U needs three things to succeed; a competitive price, compelling first party launch titles, and compelling third-party launch titles. What do you think?

The Wii U is a pretty ambitious undertaking. It’s a new console, with new controls and architecture, but it’s not quite “next” generation. Developers have to contend with differences between the Wii U and current generation consoles, then have to figure out what to do with the controls. The timing is still up in the air, and as far as I know, there are no significant third party “exclusives”; instead, we’ll see iterations of third party games already on the market, which is unlikely to drive significant hardware sales. In order for the launch to be “hugely successful” (as your question phrased it), the console will need three things: a competitive price, compelling first party launch titles, and compelling third party launch titles. We don’t know if the Wii U will have any of these, so it’s quite difficult to predict a hugely successful launch.

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      1. Your comment isn’t worth much; other than stopping to make fun of you for saying first (you’ve brought it upon yourself! There’s no going back now), they’ll simply skip your comment because it doesn’t actually say anything factual.

          1. And there´s still a lot of place for 1st party games.
            All in all there will be very good new games on the console, 3rd and 1stt party.

    1. I think it´s definitively a next gen.
      because it´s a new combination of handheld/console with hd 3rd party exclusives?What´s with that Alien game?

        1. Killer Freaks and Ghost Recon Online are most likely to be launches, they made demos of them at E3…. Tekken won’t be due to only on Pre-production. Tekken is possibly coming out late 2012/early 2012.

          Any game that’s going to be on a diffrent console before Wii U is going to aim for launch (Eg Batman arkam city/ Aliens Colonel Marines)

    1. Pachter is some X boxer i bet.

      Pachter is clueless of the Wii U anyway. The CONTROLER and GRAPHICS are REVELUTIONARY!

      Sonyers/Xboxers don’t look at anyother console expect the one they own. they just go and yell on fanboy websites and start a war on X box VS PS3 VS Wii U

  1. Most of his statements make sense. While Nintendo’s already proven its consoles need good first party games to launch with the system (and not rely on third party), the rest of his points are valid. This biggest game the Wii U has going for it at this point is Super Smash Bros., seeing as it’s the only first-party game announced for the system; see how that works?

    1. Even then it won’t be out in time for launch. Sakurai needs to finish Kid Icarus before he moves onto the next Smash. That’s not to say the WiiU won’t have compelling 1st-Party titles for launch but pretty much all of them are currently under wraps at the moment and we probably won’t know anything until E3’12. That’s what Pachter doesn’t seem to get. It’s too early to judge. Part of the reason behind showing the WiiU ahead of time was to get investors and consumers interested and show what console is capable of.

      1. Ah yes, Pikmin. For Zelda, the difference is we all know a Zelda/Mario is coming (no confirmation needed, and I don’t even remember a straight out confirmation either). But ya, I forgot Pikmin.

          1. None actually tell us what the games are like. Like I said above, we already knew the games were coming; they’re a given. But they didn’t say a Mario game is being developed, or a Zelda one for that matter. They said they had “ideas.” So not a direct confirmation. Thanks for wasting 3 minutes of my life combing those articles for a “direct confirmation.”

    2. i agree, its nice for nintendo to step into the HD 1080p age….but kinda 6 years behind. but let me remind youd that even though its not an impressive console as the other competitors, it still holds unique hardware.

      1. how is it not more impressive than current consoles when it’s better than current consoles. this statement makes no sense.

        1. It’s possible that it does make sense. He’s probably saying that since the Wii U hasn’t changed much compared to the 360 and PS3 (I’m indifferent) it is thus not as impressive. In other words he believes the 360 and PS3 were impressive because of the huge leap they took in terms of power, online etc. when compared to previous consoles like PS2 and the original Xbox. However the Wii U is not “impressive” because it doesn’t make the same advancements when compared to last gen consoles.(in his opinion and I might be wrong about that being what he actually meant.)

      2. HOW MUCH BETTER CAN GRAPHICS GET?! The Wii U already has better graphics than the PS3 and the 360. Fact. The nextbox and PS4 wont have that much better graphics, and as for power, they’ll be a bit more powerful than their predecessors. I think, if Nintendo gets the launch right, we will have the best console war ever, better than the Nintendo/Sega war.

    1. you nor him don’t know the true definition of a next Gen console is; a console, that improvements over the previous generation console. Wii U, is HD compatible, has a brand new ay to play games, and they already got some good titles for it.

    1. Because if third-party developers accept the Wii U as a console and release multiplatform games with the other next-gen systems, it’ll be accepted as next-gen. That’ll spell doom for Microsoft because at that point all three systems will get multiplatform games, and first-party games will be the deciding factor in a consumer’s purchase. Sony and Nintendo have massive first-party libraries, while Microsoft’s important first-party franchises can be counted on one hand (Alan Wake, Halo, Gears, Forza…. anything else?). Therefore all that will be left is Sony and Nintendo, and they can coexist; their first-party franchises are very diverse and a consumer will be able to find the game genres they like on one of the two platforms.

      1. This is the greatest bit of sense I have ever read. Nintendo and Sony should work together to crush the evil (Microsoft) in this world.

      2. As long as Microsoft continue to have halo and gears as exclusives there consoles will sell….Sony may have more exclusives and are only a couple million sales away from catching up to the 360 but sonys exclusives just do not sell as well as halo and gears the highest selling Sony exclusive is gt5 with a little over 6 million halo 3 sold over 13 million.

        1. That’s because there are so few exclusives and so many 360-only owners. And remember, Halo doesn’t hold as much importance because Bungie left; Bungie is synonymous with Halo. We have Microsoft’s biggest developer leave right before the next generation, Epic saying they’re done with the Gears of War trilogy, and both Forza and Alan Wake don’t hold the consumer appeal both of those games have. Microsoft needs a new IP; however, the industry is getting very saturated (which is very bad, by the way) and while many XBOX gamers would like to try a new IP, it’ll take an almost perfect game to set the series going (same effect Halo had back in 2000).

          1. Good point….I was really suprised the 360 ever sold as well as it has just based on how many people bought a ps2 but those figures prove that there isn’t as many brand loyal consumers you would think there is based on comments from YouTube and gaming websites. I think the reason xbox360 did so well because it was the first next gen console to the party.

    1. Me too, but he has a point, if the same games are on the 3 systems there is no reason for people to buy it if they can find it for their xbox or ps3. They have to show exclusive third party next gen games like bioshock 3 dead space 3 fallout 4 so people have a reason to buy de wii U

      1. I hate hearing from this guy too.

        I need to research anaylists because I just don’t understand what this guys’ purpose is.

        Everything he said has a point and isn’t really stupid, it’s just annoying because he seems to tout it like he’s an ‘expert’ on gaming economics. I’ve followed his analyses in the past and they seem so generic it becomes hard to understand what his job really is.

        My reaction to what he says is always,

        “Oh yeah? Nintendo needs good games, and a good price, and third party support? Who knew????”

      2. Nintendo has always had good Third-Party support.
        Besides, it’s not hard to notice that the Xbox and PS3 have a lot of the same games. Notice that most good games are either first-party or for multiple systems, like the ones you mentioned.

        1. Nintendo has not always had great 3rd party support. I love nintendo but how many grand theft autos or main series final fantasy games have there been on nintendo consoles minus the final fantasy games on nes and snes

      1. How about this then. If you could have a console with similar third party support to that of the Xbox or PS3, AND rest assured you would get the awesome first-party Nintendo titles, WHY wouldn’t you want a Wii U? Y’know, unless you just don’t like Nintendo’s first-party titles, and then… well, I don’t know that person but I’m sure they exist.

      2. its irrelevant if they’re exclusives or not. Nintendo titles will sell the system along with the best version (excluding PC) of every third party game.

    1. It’s not Revelations. It’s something completely different. Possibly an exclusive, since Ubisoft is right behind Nintendo all the way with this console.

  2. Hardware generations have never been defined by power shifts, having ‘new controls and architecture’ does fall under the requirements for a generational advancement though….

  3. Explain to me the difference between PS2 and PS3. Better graphics? Online? Isn’t that basically it? If PS3 is a gen ahead of PS2, Wii U is definitely a gen ahead of Wii. Pachter is a complete retard. “The timing is still up in the air, and as far as I know, there are no significant third party “exclusives”; instead, we’ll see iterations of third party games already on the market, which is unlikely to drive significant hardware sales.” Really? Have you even looked up Wii U games? I’m pretty sure there was Killer Freaks from Outer Space that was exclusive along with Assassin’s Creed Wii U (as far as I know) are Wii U exclusives. Ghost Recon Online is exclusive to Wii U if you only count consoles. Also, the controller itself is an incentive over X360 and PS3 version of the same game, but on top of that, quite a few developers are making the Wii U version /better/ than the rest by adding more exclusive content. Suck on that, Pachter.

    1. Also, this guy is a either ignorant or retarded. Perhaps both. “We don’t know if the Wii U will have any of these, so it’s quite difficult to predict a hugely successful launch.” Really? We don’t know the price yet, but we sure as hell know that the launch lineup is going to be fantastic, first and third party. Nintendo knows what they did wrong with the 3DS launch and they won’t do that again.

    2. “They won’t do it again.”

      How are they going to do that? Whip third-party developers into making games faster? Delay the console until 2013 so the games will be ready? It’s not like they can just pay everyone and they’ll make games faster; that’s not how it works. They might be able to do that with their first-party development teams, but not with third, or even second parties.

      And 2 exclusives isn’t enough to determine a launch. While KFFOS is a sure exclusive, it’s very well possible that Assassin’s Creed will be multiplatform, being either Revelations ported to the Wii U or the next Assassins Creed game being released across all platforms as well.

      And finally, a lot of 360/PS3 gamers view the controller as a deterrent. While it may not make much sense, they think that it’s just a “gimmick,” and won’t add anything substantial to the table (which is what a gimmick is).

      Then you have the gamers that think they’re “hardcore” because they play Call of Duty; that’s a young audience that is barely accepted as NOT being casual (because CoD is a casual shooter), and they’ll do anything to be accepted as “hardcore;” if buying a Wii U makes them look any less “hardcore,” any less at all, they won’t buy it. No matter how much it adds to the game(s).

      1. Someone who in one post summed up all the issues of this current gen of gamers… Totes to you.

        I dream of a day where I can play a game online without some small child screaming into the mic with a voice that could shatter titanium.

    3. No offense, but the only main differences I can see between Wii and WiiU are the graphics and the display on the controller. That’s not what I’d call next gen either. And yea, there are a few other main differences between PS2 and PS3 I guess, not only 2.
      And I’m afraid that Nintendo is going make the same fault as they did with the 3DS. They just confirmed the release of the WiiU too early, so the “pressure” they’re put under by the fans raised a whole lot, that’s what I think at least. They’ll probably release it too early, before enough games are even done, which would affect the sales. And as abujaffer said, they can’t just pay the companies to work faster and get the games being done faster. And delaying the release to 2013 would “disappoint” the fans.
      Pachter is mostly right about that what he says, in my opinion. Just read all of the posts of “abujaffer”. Everything he said is completely true, just everything.
      I think it’s funny to see how a lot of people start insulting Pachter because he has got a different opinion and because he does kinda hit a critical point fanboys just don’t (can’t ?) accept. People should learn to approach impartially to issues like this instead of being lead by personal interests and feelings for Nintendo, Sony or whoever/whatever. I really love Nintendo, always did, but what pachter says seems to be the truth, I guess.

      1. Every system that’s released after the one before isn’t all that different. You can say the same with the VITA, or the 3DS, or the PlayStation or the Xbox.

      2. I’m interested to know these other main differences in the PS2 to the PS3 are. I wouldn’t count Move since it wasn’t out of the box at the beginning. I’m not a Sony hater or supporter, the main thing I see different is that the PS3 plays blu-ray, and the original six-axis had a gyro (and lack of rumble) sensor in the controller. Other than that and updated graphics it seems like it was the same system to me. Both had online play / PSN, DVD playback and some backwards compatibility (I believe PS2 played PS1 games).

        The Wii U should [supposed to] have a better online system, no friend codes, probably a better store (than the Wii/3DS store), in addition to a new controller, HD graphics. While it does share the 100% backwards compatibility (Wii had 100% with GC), and still does not play DVDs, that seems to be the only 2 things that remain the same (outside the name). As for the use with the Wii controls in Wii U games, see GC controller working within Wii games; which is contained in the backwards compatibility ratio.

        1. But that’s a next gen system, what if the PS4 has virtual reality or something? what if they make a PlayStation version of the personal 3d viewer? this gen was the gen of graphics and online. now that Sony/Microsoft are settled in there LIVE/PSN world all they have to do for the next console is get better hardware and get creative. reason why the Wii U is a big leap from Wii is because not only are they upgrading the online system and hardware there also getting creative by making a tablet controller. you see what i mean?

          1. Not really. Those are some strong “What ifs” you have. What if they just update the graphics and make a tablet-like controller?

            This generation was about “graphics and online”? So why did Sony AND Microsoft add MOTION gaming to their consoles? Wasn’t that “last generation”? Your argument makes no sense at all.

            Generation is defined as a range of time, each new console is a “new generation” within a period of time (so Xbox 360 and PS3 are in the same gen despite being a year apart). It is not exclusive to specific features. Which is why Pachter is wrong when he says it’s not a true next gen system.

            True that Nintendo is upgrading it’s features, it should since the online system has been terrible, it needs an update.

            1. ok, maybe i forgot about motion controls and maybe online wasnt the only thing new to this gen (GUI, media player, etc). but i disagree that generation is ONLY defined as a period time. because the 3th and 4th consoles generations are also called the 8-bit and 16-bit gen (although the bit race has finished lol). now let me ask you this ? did the PS3/360 started out with motion controls? is it now there main thing? no. motion is part of what makes this generation as well as other things than just online(GUI, media player, etc) so your right about not only calling it a “graphics and online gen”. and what if sony/MS dont make a tablet like controller? i know the motion controls had to be copied at some point, it was a new way of gaming. but i belief the tablet-like controller would stay ONLY with nintendo, sony and MS are smart enough to use there own technology. oh and btw, there was a rumors that sony would used a price-down PlayStation version of the personal 3d view months ago in kotaku.

              1. MS did not start with a motion control, but Sony sure did. They saw the Wii and was like “WTF”. Then came the Sixaxis with no rumble and gyro sensor for basic motion control to try to go after Nintendo. It failed, so they made it their mission to recreate the Wii remote and now there’s the PS Move.

                Ever wonder why when the Wii U was announced with this screen on the controller, and Sony rushes out the door saying the Vita can be used as a controller for PS3 games? It sounds like Sony gets the memo late, and “rushes” something quick to the table, then develops their own tech around the idea. So yes I think Sony will try to have something tablet-like on the PS4 (since they have a lot of time to develop it now). Will MS follow suite? We don’t know for sure. Sony might also wait to see the success of it as well, nothing is known until they reveal more information. I base this one on previous behavior.

                So since the Wii was so “last gen” how did it outsell the “current” gen? Its not like the SNES was outselling the N64 or the PS1. This makes it about time, not particular features. The NES and SNES had less competition than the Wii did.

                Also, its way to early to be denying what the “next generation” is/isn’t. PS4 has yet to be revealed, nor the 360 successor. So the analyst can’t be spewing this out against Nintendo until he sees what other competitors bring to the table

                1. One dude, i never ever stated that wii was last gen, i even said motion controls was part of this gen, what i said was that most gen have names (8 bit, 16 bit, 64 bit era). and come on now, we all now why the wii sold a lot, and still selling, because Nintendo wanted a different demographic for there console. that’s why it sold like hot cakes! you of all ppl should now.

                  The psvita supporting ps3 as a controller is just competition, ignore it. a lot of games are probably not going to use that feature. you shouldn’t really be talking about rushing, if Sony was rushing the vita would of come out early. look what happen to the 3ds, Nintendo rushed things and now there going to sell a analog-attachment for some games when they could of just added it in the first place, i wouldn’t of mind spending an extra $10-20 on that.

                  im kinda tired of replaying so can we come to an agreement or something? -_-

      3. People insult Patcher because he is a joke. Before the whole smartphone thing, he said it was a fad. Now that it’s popular, he thinks it’s better than the dedicated consoles. He predicted the Wii successor for three straight years and he’s now butthurt for being wrong. He said both Borderlands and Batman Arkham Asylum would be crap and would flop. He’s getting paid for saying s**t.

  4. Maybe he’s just referring to the timing? Nobody else is putting out a console any time soon. So the Wii U will kind if be in a generation of its own.

  5. I think he’s expecting a huge change in graphics like how it was from ps2 to ps3. There will be with the wii u but that’s because the wii didn’t have impressive technology (I still love my wii and play it) but it is a next gem console. We also have reached a plateau for graphics. For ps4 they may be better but not a huge jump

  6. He’s right, if the Wii U, or any system as a matter of fact, doesn’t have a strong library of 3rd party and 1st party games it will fail. Why is everyone so mad at him? I’m guessing if he would have said the same thing about the PS4 or Xbox 720 you guys wouldn’t be bashing him.

    1. If it fails it fails. If the ps3 failed it would still be considered a next gen console. I think you missed the point. Yea the games make or break a console but that doesn’t determine if it’s next gen. Look at the dreamcast. It failed but it was next gen at the time

  7. I disagree with Pachter this time. Also he seems to have misused the term “next generation”. But I’m sure plenty of others here have already said this.

  8. Has he mentioned what he thinks the right price point is?

    There is already a 360 SKU for $199 and a PS3 for $249, if the Wii U is not a “next gen” console does he expect it to be priced alongside the current gen stuff?

    Wii U’s success among “core” gamers is going to depend on some of that stuff he talked about, but it’s overall success likely going to be more dependent on first party launch titles and how well they can get current “non-core” Wii owners to upgrade. (IMHO)

  9. Nintendo should have first and third party titles available from the start (Look at the 3DS, for example). But the WiiU should not only have great games, it should outlast the next 5-6 years of its lifespan. Where the Wii stepped into the future with motion controls, it fell behind in graphical terms. Hopefully the WiiU will step into the future in every way so it doesn’t get passed by PS4 and the 720.

  10. >a competitive price, compelling first party launch titles, and compelling third-party launch titles.

    The Wii U will have two out these 3 for certain.

  11. He’s right in a sense: the Wii U isn’t next, it’s NEW.

    The problem is 3rd Party developers always want what is familiar to cut costs and make similar games for different systems, thus maximising profit with less effort. Nintendo have broken the expected cycle since the Wii by offering something different which scares 3rd Parties because it takes them out of their comfort zone and they don’t like it. That’s probably why they like the 360 and PS3 so much; they are “safe” choices and generally interchangeable. Some interchangeability between consoles is good, especially for multi-platform titles, but I fear too much and it’ll be another game crash. We NEED some more variety in gaming for it to survive. That’s why the Wii sold like hotcakes world-wide; it was new. Sometimes people like that.

  12. He’s very wrong when he says it’s not a next gen console, very wrong! What does it take to be next gen? If the step up from the Wii to Wii U isn’t any more significant than the PS2 to PS3 or Xbox to Xbox 360 then they aren’t next gen either. This guy is just being a jerk, no offense intended. The Wii U has an amazing, never tried before, remote. And it also has better graphics than any current gen console. So yes, it is next gen. Who cares what this guy think, it’s what is “really true” that counts :P

  13. Merely Pachter doing what he does best: stirring shit up. His sub-points are valid, but I do believe Wii U has to be considered next-gen. If it’s not the current-gen, then what the fuck else could it be? Especially if its 2x as powerful as PS3 and 360, as they claim. We shall see regarding Nintendo’s success potential with Wii U. I do not believe its as easy as “Nintendo learning from their 3DS mistakes”, regarding the launch lineup. They have to be extremely careful. If the launch lineup is lackluster, many people could opt to wait for Xbox 720, which at the time will only be a year away.

      1. You are just as wrong as he is. It is not known how powerful the Wii U is. It is not final. Where is your statement of claim of 10-20% more powerful. Show me Nintendo’s statement on that figure. Go ahead and search. You won’t find it.

  14. a new console, controllers, and architecture does not make a next gen console, hell sony actually owns the rights to the controller to use it for the PS3, if you think the Wii U is next gen then you probably think the wii is too…

    1. Yeah…. Huh?
      What does owning the rights to a controller design have to do with being “next-gen”?
      A new console, controllers, and architecture DOES make a next generation console. If everything changes what else would it be?
      PS3 was a new console and had a completely different architecture from PS2, but based on your argument, it’s not a next gen console.

      This Is Next-gen!!
      *spartan kick*

  15. He’s right, as much as many of us would like to not admit…. But damn he looks like an old troll… Just have to point that out.

    1. no hes not right. This is next gen. the graphics could be worse than wii but it would still be next gen so no hes wrong

  16. Well he’s right, it’s not. But that’s not really the whole appeal of it. It doesn’t mean it’s worth passing on just because it’s not next-gen.

  17. I’ve been observing Pachter’s bullshit for several years now. He has never, EVER made a relevant observation about the video game industry.

    He’s out of his element, and completely irrelevant. I wish gaming sites would quit giving this guy the time of day. Maybe he’s accurate in other industries as an analyst, but when it comes to video games he couldn’t tell his ass from a hole in the ground.

  18. What nintendo needs is an amazing online structure. Not this friend code bs. Everyone with a unique USERNAME and something as simple as “send friend request” to add friends to your list. Nintendo needs to realize that online is very social.

  19. This clown is a joke. Third party exclusives? Big third party exclusives are a rarity these days. Was RE 5 an exclusive? How about DMC4? And let’s not forget that even MGS is going multiplat. The cost of producing those games are too high and the user base of most exclusives are low. Games for portables such as the 3DS are cheaper to produce than huge home console games. Plus, it seems everyone just wants to say whatever they want when we basically know nothing of what Nintendo is planning. I think they didn’t even want to show off their new console, but they were forced to do so to stop the rumors and to ensure investors that they had something in the works.

  20. Besides his claim of ‘not a next gen console” his statement is pretty generic and true. :/ Yes, I don’t want my console to be too expensive. Yes, Nintendo will have to make sure to put out a good first party game or two at launch. And I guess people want third party stuff too or something. (Lol, the Wii has taught me I can mostly deal with Nintendo only games on my console, so I’m not even worried about 3rd party support.)

  21. seriously, this guy (pachter) doesn’t know what he’s talking about. pachter is a dumbass. he’s never right, and he’s so anti-nintendo, its not even funny!

    never once have i seen an article of him bashing microsoft or sony. i wanna say he was a sega fan and is butthurt they failed but nintendo didn’t.

  22. The Wii U is a next gen console. Xbox 360 and PS3 are current gen consoles. The next Xbox and PS4 will also be next gen console, but more likely more advanced than the Wii U. Nintendo is starting the next gen wave. End of discussion.

    1. well sony confirmed that the PS4 wont be more advanced than the PS3 in power and graphics and is going to be focused on a casual audience mainly of kids and women

        1. dude sony confirmed that the PS4 wont be more powerfull than the PS3 and they also confirmed that is going to be casual because they want to attract womans to gaming (and to keep it cheap). and dont go there talking about virtual reality because thats the hugest lie i have ever heard.

          1. ok first where you getting all this BS? you need proof. and sony wont tell what there doing, that would just help MS and nintendo in competition. and some websites (kotaku, engadget) said that sony was probably gonna use a modified plastation version of the personal 3d viewer that SONY made.

      1. No. PS4 is going to stay hardcore really.

        The next Xbox is going to be casual. You can see Kinect is attracting all the kids and thats the reson i don’t buy it because no good games.

        Xbox 620 = Casual

        Wii U = hardcore

        PS4= hardcore

          1. Agreed!

            Sonyers and Nintendo fans are going to lol at Kinect for attracting Kids and casual people, Wheres FPS’s? Oh, Kinect is not for FPS’s i want to control a gun!?

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  24. how can anyone say the WiiU isnt next gen? not only do we not have full specs of the console. but the fact that its the next iteration to the wii MAKES it the next generation Console. if patcher makes money from spewing retardedness, then im clearly in the wrong proffesion.

    1. That’s kinda the point. A lot of other news websites do this same thing. The reason for this is pretty obvious, but of course I can’t give it away because it’ll ruin the magic of it all.

  25. WTF?! How is this new style of playing your games not next generation? Just like the Wii feels more like a this gen console but the PS3 and 360 feel more like upgrades from last generation. (in my opinion)

  26. I realy could care less if its not a next gen console i just wanna play Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, Pikmin, Star Fox, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Smash Bros, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus in HD

    1. I just want to play mostly Starfox in HD.

      My top 3 most wanted Nintendo Wii U hd games.

      STAR FOX!!!!!




          1. reboot, THEN a sequel. That’s what Nintendo’s doing with Starfox. Miyamoto’s hinted at a brand new Starfox for the U. But since the last few games haven’t been all that great, Nintendo had to first bring the series back to it’s former glory, which was re-release Starfox 64 so both old fans and newcomers alike would have renewed interest in the series, and then there would be plenty of fans hungry for more by the time the next installment arrives on the U. This isn’t actually factual, (exept for Miyamoto hinting at another Starfox on the U), but I figure this is what Nintendo is thinking.

            1. No…. missin the point a bit.

              F-zero needs a Reboot but the Reboot needs to be a sequel.

              You know Star Trek 2009 Reboot was a prequel, thats what im on about.

              Carry on the Story but start fresh with the sequel

  27. We’re already in the “next generation”. The 3DS is what kicked it off. PS Vita and Wii U will follow up, as well as the Xbox 720 and PS4 which will be released sometime in the next few years.

  28. I agree with him tbh it doesn’t really seem like the next gen. However that isn’t even the main topic of what he was talking about. You should focus on what he says the Wii U needs to be successful instead of headlining the article with “pachter sayts wii u isnt a next generation console”. Seems like you’re just stirring up unnecessary hatred towards pachter…

    1. how can it not seem next gen when its a *new generation* console thats stronger than the ps3 (not on par), with pretty much new everything? derp

  29. This is stupid because in what way would we determine next gen? Hell the move and kinect could be considered a new gen of gaming! The wiiU being above or new to the competition in ANY WAY INCLUDING CONTROLS, AUTOMATICALLY MAKES IT NEXT GEN!! Plus wtf will pachter say if the xbox3 and ps4 are only slighty better than the wiiU, there is NO WAY to say something like this without jack shit to back it up!

  30. I also think the Wii U (so far) isn’t a Next Genration Console, because…

    1. Nintendo hasn’t shown a lot of the Wii U.

    2. The Wii U annoucement trailer was bad, becuase it left people confused.

    3. Name.

    4. Not alot of games annouced for the console.

    5. It does feel early, even though Nintendo had to release the Wii U next year.

    6. I need to see the processing power, because it’s Nintendo and they have disappointed me.

    7. I need to see it’s Online features, if it’s not as good as XBL or PSN then i won’t bother looking at the console no more, they said they “improve” the 3DS online but it’s just as s**t as the Wii’s.

    1. 1) It’s a new console so not much we know yet, Nintendo needed to show the console soon

      2) It left to many confused, Nintendo really needs to re-look peoples confusion. They rushed their conference to much

      3) To similar to Wii, Like DS, 3DS. 3DS is completely different but people say it’s a ds With 3D when it’s not.

      4) Quite a few games have been announced for Wii U mainly big ones like Ninja Gaiden 3 and Ghost Recon.

      5) Feels early but i’ve predicted Late June release which is plenty of time.

      6) Nintendo said it’s more powerful and Sega said that the console has better graphics then PS3/360. The processor is rumored to be 3.8GHZ or 3.6GHZ.

      7) It’s online should be at least equivalent to PSN as online game developers are interested like Ubisoft. It should not be payware like XBL as it’s nintendo.

      1. 3.8GHZ or 3.6GHZ Damn! They should upgrade it to the 5xxx series, the 4890 may not be enough, but then again we wouldn’t want a expensive console… 599 US DOLLARS sorry anyone here who loves Sony.

        1. No one knows the processor power. rumors say 3.5 to 3.8 currently.

          Nintendo wont say till much later.

          3.7 is still powerful and the processor type in the Wii U can be up to 4.2GHZ if nintendo wants, but i bet they will do ether 3.6 or 3.8GHZ as of current rumors.

          1. If you people knew something about PC expects, you would know that the numbers you see on a chip are not as important as the rest of what it can do like the number of instructions it can do at once and if it has to execute them in order or out of order. For reference, the PS3’s Cell CPU can handle 2 instructions at a time per core and it HAS to execute them in order, meaning, one core has to wait for the other to finish to move on to the next task. The Power7, the CPU that has been confirmed to be powering the Wii U, can execute instructions out of order. It does not have to wait for another core to start a new task. I’m not sure how many instructions it can handle at once thought. There are also other factors.

            The Power7 can actually have higher clock speeds than 4.2ghz, and several core more, but that would cost thousands of dollars. Just the new Intel i7 costs $1000, and in terms of clock speeds, it’s not much higher than other cheaper CPUs. You have to look at the heart of those systems. They have a lot of eDRAM.

            1. Yeh, of coruse.

              You get Quad core which is better then a duel core with the same power.

              GHZ is how quickly it can process things, more cores is for running more things at once

    2. 1. They aren’t going to show a 100% of their secrets with the announcement, they need to generate more appeal and market it better with newer announcements (generate more buzz, more purchases). This was just a small reveal announcement.

      2. Nintendo apolgized for the poor initial trailer since the focus was on a controller, and not the system. They also revealed that they were unhappy with the 3rd party actual footage, so they used 360/PS3 footage instead.

      3. Who cares? A name is a name.

      4. Again, they aren’t going to release all the titles of every game in development. They don’t want to ruin 3rd party surprises, reveal 1st party surprises this early and remain confident that all titles will make it to launch without delays. Having a title be announced for launch then being pushed back can defer initial console sales.

      5. It was early, but they said they were afraid of this being leaked. The Wii was announced early but still made it out.

      6. Supposedly 50% better than PS3/360, or one of those random fact things. It will not disappoint me.

      7. They revealed they are completely reworking it to allow it work better with 3rd party titles. Should be interesting. They did reveal no friend codes which is a start.

        1. if I’m not wrong, that was stated on the first dev kits and there have been 2 more kits out since then. so it is no telling how powerful it will be.

  31. i disagree… but if the rumors of the graphics card being a r700 series card (engadget) then they really need to fix that and upgrade. i mean next gen games probably would consist a lot on physics, AI, effects, and visuals which would take a big amount of power (not just about polygons and textures lol).

    1. I agree but i really don’t want the console to be expensive, remember what happened to the 3DS, plus they need a reasonal price to convince people to pay 350> instead to 250< for a PS3 or 360.

            1. I pegged it at like 324.99 (US). $250 would be on the low side (as much as I’d love it to be the price), and anything over $350 would like deter sales to the PS3 or 360. I’m saving up $400, so if it’s more I may pass on the first day purchase.

              1. ts a new gen system, and plus the ps3 and the 360 cost $250 and $200 so i would say higher than $350. like $400 or something, i mean be realistic, you remember the ps3 and 360 original price?

  32. Honestly this person is stupid really. So Wii U is not next gen because of the games that already being release on other consoles before release within year. That like saying 3DS is not next gen because it has SSFIV 3D, and LoZ:OoT and SF64 3D because they already appeared before. Wii U is next Gen because of the new games that are being made for it. The tech in the controller, the gameplay experiences you get from it. This Patcher guy got a holes all of his clothes. Sounds more like Jack Tretton to me.

  33. this guy has blatantly done no research “not a next gen console” pfah!! thats exactly what EA said it WOULD BE. they said this is not a transitional console, its the real next gen :D

  34. Ok Patcher, here’s the deal. Who cares about the multiplat games that are coming to Wii U. They will sell on Wii U becuz they will have more content, better visuals, and unique gameplay that you can’t get on the other two. Thus, explaining what THQ said “Buying a Wii U version is like buying a Blu Ray version over a standard DVD”. Most gamers will look at which platform version is the best so multiplat games will sell. First party and third party exclusives we don’t know yet maybe becuz it’s still too early. Wii U is till over half a year away and you know Nintendo does’nt reveal anything until it’s close to launch. You need a brain Patcher, or better yet let me “PATCH” it up for you

  35. Developers are still in the very early stages of deciding how they can get the most out of the system. Of course there are no announced exclusives!!! The graphics will be better than those offered by the PS3 and 360, the controls are innovative, and Nintendo is known for their First-Party games. It’s next-gen without a doubt. Also, since when have Sony and Microsoft actually made a game? They might own companys that make the games, but that’s a different beast. Even then, the vast majority of their games are third-party.

      1. @jake ME TOO. basically almost every single boy in my school is like that. They have 2 or 3 games for the system, and they’re only CoD games. That’s what’s wrong with today’s generation of gamers.

        1. True. My friend only has FIFA Soccer and COD… see the problem?

          I have 9 games on my Wii and 5 games on my 3DS so far and on Wii U i’m planning to preorder as soon as the Wii U pre-orders go up.

  36. Well of course we’re not getting any killer 3rd-Party announcements yet. That will come with E3 2012. It’s like you said, Pachter, we don’t know much of anything yet.

    The only reason those 3rd-Party titles were mentioned at E3 was because we already knew about them and when they were coming, and they weren’t even allowed to show those games running on the Wii U (sans Ghost Recon Online).

    As far as I see it this coming generation will be about interfaces, both in person and online. By balancing the traditional with the new in their controller (great move on their part) and the murmurs of an up to snuff online experience by 3rd-Party developers (hopefully this is true), it should be right at home this coming generation. Since Nintendo were a bit early to the party with Wii, people like Pachter call the system out of line with the next gen when, in fact, the gen is moving more in line with what the Wii established.

    1. Edit: One of the things Microsoft and Sony need to do with their control experimentation is have it included with/built into their consoles. One thing that’s become very clear over this generation is that peripherals don’t have an amazing attach rate with their respective consoles. Whether it be the Classic Controller/Pro (though it’s done well enough), Kinect or the PS Move, more developers would make games utilizing games if they were included with the systems.

  37. Wtf does a console have to do to be next gen these days?! I think the new “next gen” definition is lame. Yet, if Nextbox and PS4 come a year after the Wii U THEY’LL be next gen???? I just…don’t get it.

  38. Pachter is just doing his job. Coming from someone who paid close attention to the GCN/Wii launch, I’m definitely starting to see a pattern emerge from the likes of “The Internetz”. I’m sure some of you are hopeful for the big N’s next console, just remember that you’ll be waiting around a little while longer for any actual info regarding the Wii U’s launch/specs and that anything can change from now until then (Lot’s of promises/games from developer’s/Nintendo that did not come to fruition).

    As far as this idea that Sony/Microsoft’s next iteration of home console’s won’t be much more powerful than what we have out now, don’t hold your breath fan boy. PC technology is about to take another leap forward, as will MS/Sony in the future.

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