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Nintendo Wii: Black Wii Holiday Bundle With New Super Mario Bros Wii And Exclusive Mario Music CD

Nintendo America has announced that from the 23rd October they will be releasing a new Wii console bundle which includes New Super Mario Bros, a special Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack CD, a black Wii Remote Plus controller and a black Nunchuk. The new bundle will be offered at a suggested retail price of $149.99. Anyone thinking of picking this up?

39 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: Black Wii Holiday Bundle With New Super Mario Bros Wii And Exclusive Mario Music CD”

    1. I’VE WANTED THAT CD FOREVER. You’re telling me I’ve got to buy another WIi to get one??? ~sigh… Looks like my gf’s getting a Wii

  1. They are really trying to push the Wii this Holiday Season.

    No thank you though I have a Wii. Plus you can’t transfer your stuff anyways.

    1. Or I could just do that… still gonna lose money though, no one’s really buying Wii’s for more than $100 these days

  2. Nope. Got that game (well its my lil bro’s) and a black Wii that will play my wonderful Pokemon XD for me. And honestly I kinda like the look of the old Wii better.

  3. nope! the new wii design is stupid, and i already have mario bros wii. though that CD is nice…

    but here’s an idea… xenoblade, the last story, and pandora’s tower!

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  5. Give me a crimson blue Wii and I’ll give you my money right away even if I already have a launch Wii.

    Also, am I the only who thinks this new look will be the death of them? The Wii shown in the box is sitting on its side, but that’s what they were going for when they showed off the Wii U. People might think the Wii U is an expensive Wii U. They should’ve kept the old look to prevent confusion.

  6. can you be clearer sickr… is this a new wii BUNDLE (as im old wii but new bundle) or NEW WII bundle (as in new wii without GCN compability new bundle) cause i remember reggie saying the new wii (no gamecube support) wouldnt be coming to NA. also if itd the old wii itll be worth it, if its the new wii, itll be kinda pointless since you could just buy the wii for 99 and the game for $40 :l

  7. So the non-compatibiable Wii is coming here as well. those who support nintendo already own a wii and NSMBW so what Nintendo needs to do is stop production for the Wii and allow the surplus of Wii console currently available to sell. I’ve seen the same amount of Wiis at my local target for the past two months. And who knows how much they have in the back when those sell.

  8. u know wht isnt fair is how theyre making wiis with no gc compatbility to reduce its price but their still selling it at 150 :/ honestly ive been really tempted to buy one of the new colours bcz i got some cash lying around and ive always wanted a blue wii console


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  12. Hey, i wanna know something, yesterday i bought this same wii with the same cd, but it doesn’t have compatibility with Nintendo Gamecube? WTF? REPLYYY!!!!

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