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Nintendo 3DS: Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D Will Be The First Online Football Game For Nintendo 3DS

Konami has announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 3D will be the first online soccer game on the Nintendo 3DS. Both Fifa 12 and Pro Evolution Soccer 11 neglected to include an online mode so this will come as great news to football fans on the Nintendo 3DS.



  1. I’m not particularly a fan of the sport, but shouldn’t this be Pro Evolution “Football”? Because, you know, football is that sport the whole world plays with their feet? It’s not like it could be confused with Tackleball anyway, since its game series has a unique name (Madden).


      1. Where people jump at each other acting like a bunch of bulls? How is that any better? And I watch football, to be honest, but it’s no where near as accessible, skillful, and easy to play (in real life; yea, sports are meant to be played that way). Not to mention that while football is rarely played by people normally (you find them in high school/college teams, not playing everyday on your local street), you find people playing soccer anywhere there’s a flat piece of land and rocks (for goals).


      2. Actually here in North America, people do play American football pickup games, rarely soccer. Although I feel like one of the only people who loves both. Bulls…lol, anyway this was a pretty good game for the 3DS earlier this year, How was FIFA? Is the gameplay accessible? :)


    1. People get confused with the term football in the US, thinking it’s an “American Football” video game. Therefore, to reduce confusion, Konami changed their game’s name from Winning Eleven (as in, eleven players on each team, winning) to Pro Evolution Soccer. Even people in other countries know what soccer is, it’s much easier to accept. Football=Everyone but US. Soccer=Everyone.


      1. But the world doesn’t revolve around America. Why does EVERYTHING have to be changed to accommodate them? Can’t they expand their minds a bit and learn about other cultures for a change? I’ve never understood why a long-established game has to change its name because another one came along later that was different and someone cleverly decided to use the same name. What’s even more ironic is that Tackleball has WAY more in common with Rugby than Football. Surely Football should be Football by default and Handegg/Tackleball/Bargeball should have a more fitting name?

        Does the ball even TOUCH the feet at any point?


    2. In the US, it’s called soccer. Football is the sports where player run with the “ball” in their hands. Think of Madden. Don’t ask me why that is. I was also shocked when I found that out since in the rest of the American continent (America is the entire continent, not just the country), everyone calls it football.


  2. This actually sounds like a great game. I might pick this up! This part (of the press release) grabbed my attention pretty well:
    “… a new Touch Screen control system where players use the Nintendo 3DS stylus to move their players.”
    They added a new mode for the HD console/PC versions where you control one player with the left analog stick and one with the right; this is like that, except you can control players more intuitively on a map while simultaneously controlling a player with the C-Pad. Those TWEWY skills are finally going to pay off in ANOTHER game, right?


  3. Ok, so Pro Evolution Soccer (Football) it is. I was going to get Fifa 2012, but their decision of neglecting online made back down. I want a soccer game on the go for the 3DS, and PES 12 seems to be the one. Good for Konami.


  4. FIFA 12 didn’t have an online mode? I’m almost certain that one of the developers said the 3DS version would have head-to-head online matches. What a gyp :(


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