Nintendo Wii U: Battlefield May Not Be Coming To Wii U After All

Battlefield 3 producer Patrick Liu has revealed that the development team currently has nothing planned for Wii U at this precise moment in time, even though EA boss John Riccitiello heavily hinted that the franchise would be coming to Wii U.

“I think what he (EA boss John Riccitello) said was that we’re looking into what we can do with the Wii U, but there is nothing planned to be honest.”

“We’ve dabbled with it and looked what we can do with it, but there’s no game planned,” he continued.

“I’m a big fan of Nintendo myself, just looking at what they’ve done with the Wii and the Wii U? but we have to come up with something that really uses their controls.

“And until we get that bright idea of what to do with the new controls I don’t think there’s any point in making another version that’s just the same as everyone else.

“It probably wouldn’t be Battlefield 3 anyway because the Wii U is so far out.”


    1. Damn you! You took the words right out of my keyboard and you were the first person to comment, too!

    2. Amen, this has really put me off the “U”, BF3 HD and Motion control, could anything be more awesome ??.

  1. if thats the case, then maybe an all new battlefield game will come to wii u. or if they make bad company 3 it will be on it.

  2. I still think a WiiU version is incredibly likely. EA has never been much of an innovative company. They wait to see what works, and THEN they expand on it. I personally see them releasing a BF game within the first year after the WiiU release.

  3. Am not fan of this game genre but am still dissapoint. I probably would have brought it on the WiiU. Not interested in the PC ver.

  4. omg saying that it would just be the same as the other console versions is such a bullcrap reason. ps3 and xbox versions are exactly the same but they still made two versions there so why not port it to wii u. the whole point of wii u is that there is an awesome new controller but u dont HAVE to use the new features, u can just have it be a straight port. screw it, their loss, im selling my xbox for wii u so now im not gonna buy battlefield 3 at all. your loss EA

    1. Yeah, but they’ll be able to release both the PS3 and 360 versions at the same time. The Wii U isn’t coming for a while.

    2. well the thing is EA would have to waste more money on porting(or watering down from PC version in this case) and making use of the new controller. also, dont you think its kinda of early selling your 360 for a wii u? you probably would have enough time to by BF3 from know to when the wii u price is announced, so that was kinda of a offence though.

  5. Nintendo needs an online network first tbh. One that works. Sitting in lobby for 6 hours in brawl before a game starts doesn’t cut it.

  6. Well give us a HD Remake of Battlefield 2 Modern Combat since it never came to Gamecube and I played on PS2 a lot. Battlefield 2 Modern Combat is the best Battlefield game anyways.

  7. As long as they’re still interested in the system itself, all’s well. A lack of BF3 won’t be a big concern when the next game is already out.

  8. And yet nothing of value is lost. Seriously, am I really supposed to buy that Battlefield 3 isn’t exactly like Call of Duty, a franchise which I might add, is nothing more than an overrated hillbilly magnet?

    1. i kinda agree with you because most of the BF fanbase probably already would get it for 360/PS3/PC. but dont compare BF3 to the shitty ass arcade shooting mediocre of a game. i mean there themes are mostly the same, but the BF series is way more sophisticated than COD. teambased-vehicles-destruction-large scaled maps vs shoot the bad guy on a little map… you see the difference? dice gives you what you want for your money, not a graphically out-dated game with mediocre gameplay.

      1. I enjoy call of duty ( i only played one call of duty which was the wii version of Modern Warfare), but from what my friend told me and a bit of research Vito is right. The only similarity is that they are Military FPS.

    2. Not played BF2? Which was around way before all these new CoD games. It was a military game with guns and killing people, yeah, but you basically just played with 63 other players on large maps to take over certain points on that map, using quite an array of vehicles. Basic, but fun times were had.
      I enjoyed playing it and just from that BF3 sounds interesting.
      I wouldn’t want to have such a game put with the same current CoD situation.

  9. Darn it now I’m really mad!!! I was going to get this game first day it came out for Wii U. Well now my money will go elsewhere EA. Congrats! You lied Peter Moore, you lied.

    1. I don’t think what one person says will be exactly what another person says, especially if neither of what they are saying reflect their company’s official intent.

    2. Didn’t he just say “imagine”, not “BF3 is coming to the wii u”?
      But for some reason, tons of sites in the west have gone ahead and put the game on their “confirmed wii u games” lists.
      Lesson learned here: Don’t overly look forward to something that hasn’t been properly stated to exist, as you may very well be let down.

  10. Buying it for PC, so I don’t care. Plus, why wait over a year for a game that comes out in 5 days?

  11. So that was the case.
    All he said at E3 was “imagine how games like BF3 running on the wii u”, or something along those lines.
    Until someone says it head on, like “BF3 is coming to the wii u”, then don’t get your hopes up.
    I’m amazed at the number of sites that went ahead and said that BF3 is an upcoming wii u game from such a simple comment.

  12. WHAT?! I was considering on that game you know EA.

    I was anticipating since June on the annoucment.

    It was known to be delayed to 2013 i still waited.

    Now you Cancled it.

    WHY?! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

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