Nintendo 3DS: Tales Of The Abyss For Nintendo 3DS Delayed In Europe

Tales of the Abyss 3D for the Nintendo 3DS has been delayed in Europe. Tales of the Abyss 3D was due to be released in Europe, November 25th and in North America, February 14th. Namco Bandai hasn’t specified why it has delayed the game.


      1. Ya do realize his name is Fire Troll. Seriously I thnik Sickr should try to delete this guy off the page.

  1. but, in the end, that is not true. i visited namco bandai europe website and the date for TofA is the same: november 25th
    moreover, there is a list of the games that namco bandai will release in europe and the only one delayed is One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP, which will come in february
    but TofA comes to Europe on November 25th. that is good for some people… except for me, ’cause i wanted One Piece, but it’s ok, now i’ll buy Mario Kart 7, xD

    here you’ll find the list

  2. i hate to sound like a dick, but good. its not fair that the game is in english, yet comes out 3 months later for us.

    at least we’re getting it. unlike xenoblade. >:(

    1. you got chrono trigger, chrono cross, final fantasy 6 (3), parasite eve 1, super mario rpg to name a few, some of these took years to get to us, some still havent. We didnt even get the original tales of the abyss on ps2, so yeah its fair and yeah you sound like a dick

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