Nintendo Wii U: The Nintendo Wii U Apparently Has ‘Nothing Going For It’

Oh dear, one of the writers over at The Examiner seems to be at odds with Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U console, stating that other than the console’s unique touch screen the Wii U has absolutely nothing going for it. The writer rather nicely finishes off by saying that consumers should be extremely wary of the Wii U.



    1. Yeh!!!! The Wii U has more then nothing! Look at the 3DS, the Wii U will come with many things!!

      I really need to say this to the examiner also. F**K YOU

  1. I dunno, I’ve only seen one or two tech demos of the stuff from the various electronics conferences and I’m still quite wary about playing anything on it. Maybe having the touch screen for micro management or maps or something like that would be nice, but for actually playing a game on? Might as well gimme a portable system.

  2. Still buying one. Loyal to Nintendo for the rest of my life. Love the Wii U (except for the name haha)

    1. haha same here. I love Nintendo, but before one of their new consoles comes out gamers and reviewers always have to critique them in bad ways. I give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt since all their other consoles and handhelds has been pretty successful. Plus you’ll be able to play Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, Animal Crossing, and Mario in HD! How can that not be epic?!?!?!

      1. Yeah and they lost 10% in interest and sucking on the 3ds because none of their “loyal” costumers wanted it for a rediculous price.

        1. Ever considered in a time of recession that not much money is going around and people just can’t afford it? Retard.

              1. Die “IN” the cross? it’s ON…. but whatever
                back to the point, are u suggesting Nintendo fans aren’t loyal? They damn fucking are loyal!

  3. I love Nintendo and always loved them.
    But I think I cried when they unveiled the Wii U, I really think it’s going to be a huge mistake. Unless they unveil many more interesting features, I won’t buy the Wii U.

  4. I understand people who make this kind of statement…
    I was much more impressed by the Wii than WiiU… The touch screen is a cool feature, but is far from groundbreaking as the wiimote or even the Nintendo DS.

    Nintendo needs to show what the control can make and not only working as a second screen… the interation WiiU+WiiU Controler+Wiimote will be crucial!!

        1. yeah seriously, the 3DS is the top selling gaming system in Japan today and it is climbing the charts in America and you tell me that “Nintendo is close to filling bankruptcy?”

            1. Nintendo has millions tucked away from the Wii, heck their next 3 consoles could fail and they wouldnt be as bad off as some company’s *CoughCough* BlockBuster.

          1. So says the Obvious Troll who is on a website called mynintendonews… Where are we going to go be fanboys? On IGN? How ’bout you STFU or GTFO.

            Now to your first comment, this lesson will be on the house. Both Microsoft and Sony also dropped the prices on their consoles and generally Lose money every time one is sold. As most intelligent gamers know, the money is the the software sales, not the hardware.

            Consider yourself educated.

            1. No excuse for Nintendo, just becuase your comparing othr things dont make you smart dummass, you guys obviously do go to ign if you now all about their news and rage becuase they have different opinnions. I couldnt care less what you call me, becuase thats all you can do, go make your own blog and disable comments jack a**.

      1. Wow, you are stupid. Just saying. Nintendo has more money than you can imagine. The Wii U looks amazing and I can’t wait for it.

        1. Just look at the 64 and gamecube, not extreme failures especially not to some (like me =D) but they didnt sale as much as expected nintendo has a hell of alot of money left just look at last generation retard. I cant wait for Wii U either

      2. “Nintendo is close to filling bankruptcy”
        That made me laugh on the inside.
        Do it again. That makes me smile.
        The last time they were close to going bankrupt was 1964.

  5. I’m very worried about this Wii U. It is nothing really exciting or new, you’ll be able to play with your PSVita on your TV and your iPhone4S as well, and they have multitouch, unlike Wii U. I was disappointed when they first revealed this one… I love Nintendo, but this is retarded.

      1. Arrgh I want I want I want! Seriously, how kickass is Nintendo, always releasing products that are so unique. What a boring world it would be without them.

    1. LOOOOOL All because they said that doesn’t mean it going to happen. the game boy could do the same thing aswell

    1. ^THIS

      This examiner fool and everyone else on this site that doubts can suck my left nut. Just more people to add to the list of “I told you so’s”. I honestly can’t believe how anyone who has seen the Wii U and understands what it’s capable of can sit here and and say “oh well that’s not so great.” So jaded you wouldn’t know innovation if it pounded ya in the ass.

      It’s almost getting to the point where it’s cool to say stupid stuff like “oh that’s not very groundbreaking” or “it’s nothing really exciting or new”. The Fuck groundbreaking idea did you come up with lately???

      Of course the Wii U will have other features besides the touch screen on the controller. Of course some amazing 1st and 3rd party games that offer a completely new and fun way to play will come out for it. People keep talking about the Wii U like it’s coming out this Christmas. It’s still a good way away from launching and Nintendo hasn’t said much about it because they’ve got their hands full marketing for the 3DS and Skyward Sword for the holiday season. Sorry to rant but this kind of thing was getting more than annoying like 2 months ago. At least wait for more information FROM NINTENDO about the Wii U. Then we can continue this debate about whether or not you people think it’s going to be a good console.

      1. At the moment, it isn’t possible for anyone, be it fans or haters of the WiiU, to justify their opinions though. Even people who “tried it out” at e3 surely don’t really have much to back their points on, they played what was most likely early hardware (compared to the final product) and only with tech demos. Fair enough, the guy shouldn’t be making this post, but people taking it so seriously are just as bad, no?
        I love the sickr and everyone else for updating this site so often, it’s nearly
        always the first for Nintendo news, but is there really such a shortage of news
        that they have to resort to posting this stuff?

  6. Um… It only has Nintendo games on it. That’s it. Only the best games in the industry, with little exception.

  7. I think he’s the one who should be wary of what he says, he can’t jump to that conslusion just like that, because there is still information about Wii U that hasn’t been made public.

  8. One question, though. Has that person ever got his hands on the Wii U? I respect his opinions, but I think people who make posts like what he made need to try out the system first before making any final judgments on whether the controller will be great or not. One thing I will agree on is that Nintendo needs to make sure they have a strong lineup when the system launches. The same can be said about Microsoft and Sony with their consoles since they too suffer the same problem with their system launches, but Nintendo needs to make sure that 3rd-Party support is really strong for the Wii U to become a success, or we’ll end up being in the drought by having boat loads of shovelware, again. However, I have faith in the launch lineup because there is the possibility that New Super Mario Bros. Mii might be a full-fledged game in the long run (which Nintendo needs a Mario game at launch to sell really well), Pikmin 3 is within the launch, Batman: Arkham City, a new Assassin’s Creed, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Darksiders II, and even Dragon Quest X of all things. That should be a good start for the system, hands down. Of course, I’m curious to know what else will be coming for the system. I think it would have been awesome if the Tekken Wii U was far along in development to make it at launch, but that isn’t going to happen. Plus, we have games that are going to arrive for the system such as a new Mario game, a new Zelda game, a new Super Smash Bros, and a new Retro Studios game of all things. All in all, I think Nintendo has managed to strike gold and the 3rd-Party companies are really excited for this system, overall. I think they know that the device will succeed because of their strong and positive reception that they had for the system. To me, it’s like the Super Nintendo, all over again. Kinda like how I think the Wii was like the Nintendo Entertainment System, all over again, in my eyes. Even the Nintendo 3DS is like the Game Boy Advance, all over again. Look at the games that are coming out for the system. This should be a time where gamers who were once fans of Nintendo should be excited for their new stuff and not be skeptics by only being sensationalists, smartphone gamers, or Microsoft and Sony fanboys. Nintendo definitely deserves the red carpet more than its competitors. Period.

      1. How the f*ck you know! What if he’s a reporter just like me here in Holland that went to E3 who the f*ck do you Think you are

        1. Besides, I pretty much pwned him with my analysis since he doesn’t have any counterpoint to back up his argument. People like him do that because they fail with the trolling and idiocy that they make of themselves.

          1. Yup I troll for the good of the people to punish fanboys.
            Your obviously mad and that makes me sucesesfull.
            Cant say sh** until you know what the system is about, I dont care if you even tried it out, you dont know everything about it. All you can do is rage wich makes you lose. Im not wasting my energy on types of fanboys like you.
            Feel free to comment back and feel stupid kid. Becuase I dont give a sh** what you call me, I prove u wrong.
            Bye forever ;)

    1. Obviously, these pll doubt nintendo, however they dont know nintendo has 25+ years of exipience. Nintendo will always be on top of the game

          1. i thought you were gone cant help coming back for more? and they dont really lose much on the 3ds if anything buddy =)

    2. “Kinda like how I think the Wii was like the Nintendo Entertainment System, all over again, in my eyes.”

      So the Wii U would be the SNES of 2012.
      I think you’re right!

  9. Way to early to make any statements like this. I couldn’t agree or disagree myself until I’ve played some games on it, which is what consoles are for if I remember correctly.

  10. I’m sold if the price is right. Price over $400 will be pass. Price under $400 is a first day pick up.

    To me it sounds really exciting. I really love the DS, and I love the whole watching TV while playing a game to be the best idea yet.

    1. With 300+ comments on the ‘Vita will outsell 3DS’ post it seems most readers secretly want them though, because we all like to argue, make bold statements and be heard. As far as Sickr may know, he’s giving us what we won’t admit to wanting.

  11. It really does not. Sure it has a touchscreen, but that will not emirse me into my games any more than usual.

    1. Well shucks! It sure is good that you’ve actually played the Wii U long enough to be able to come to that conclusion and share it with us Anonymous!

      You’re input is about as valuable as Fox News ¬_¬

      Yes, this is sarcasm.

    1. Look at the comments on this article, and on the IGN one.
      If news is slow, expect a flame storm article to be posted.

  12. Video games are for the enjoyment of the player, in this day and age players have more systems to choose from such as (xbox, ps3, nintendo. hand held’s such as iphones, cell phones, 3DS;s psp’s and more) so when choosing a game you want to be really picky! you want the best game you can get with the best images and the hottest sounds with the most add ons… well you forgot one thing… story… most games now adays focus more on what the game looks like then how it plays. so you say that it has nothing going on for it!! who cares…. I think you all need to take a step back and remember the legend of zelda for the nes. that game was like wow and it keep people thinking about the game after they was done playing for the time… see its not the system tech or how great the game looks. it’s about the story… real life is depressing as heck and people want a story they can jump into… like on mario 64 when mario jumped into the painting for the first time… right then and there you was mario and in that story and it was a magical moment. its them moments that will be remembered a life time and make great games…nintendo has been around for awhile and its always been at the top and yeah the xbox came out and was awesome but you cant turn your back on nintendo. OK i understand prices are high for video games and i agree they should be lowered but they are not so you want to pick the best game but just think about this next time your about to buy a game. are you buying it because all your online friends want you too or are you buying it because you want it? are you just wowed by the looks of the game? does it have a good story if any? and remember your good friends at nintendo who always made good games that you can trust lol then buy your game… lol iima buy me a wii u.

    1. when i first heard the about ocarina of time 3d, my first thought was “remember when life didn’t suck” well when me and my brothers grew up the n64 showed us more affaction than our parents so, i remember going through it the first time ah… memories.

  13. ll probably get wii u, but it does kinda seem like a big stationary ds with the top screen being the tv and the touch screen being the… idk touchscreen

  14. I knew it. I mean who wants to play with that controller? They need to get rid of it before is too late.

    1. i don’t think a company announces hey the main thing about this is that it has this, than say, hey look what we changed, it’s no longer there.

  15. why is this being reported? the person who said it is a retard, why give this retard attention?
    if i said the wii u is crap i wouldnt get any attention and i wouldnt deserve any so stop giving these idiots attention. report comments from activision and ubisoft who are all intelligent and have sound opinons.

  16. I think that the Wii U controller looks uncomfortable, and if somone wants an all-in-one device, they should get the vita when it comes out.

    1. The Vita looks more uncofortable than the Wii U console, atleast the Wii U has a projection to hold onto. And it’s also lighter, so I’m sure it will be much more comfortable than the Vita. Not mentioning Sony wants people to hold that bulky Vita with one hand, while the other is using the back touch pad :?

      1. From what i have heard the wii u controller is lighter than a wii remote and i have also heard that it is extremely combfortable

  17. Ah, an overpowered journalist with a fanboyish obsession who happens to be a Playstation fanboy I see. The fact of the matter is that journalists are supposed to be unbiased over stories or objects, and this person is clearly biased. He should not be allowed to review games or consoles if he has a trollish attitude towards certian companies.

    This is all unjustified opinion from a person who has most likely never played the console. Barely anything has been reveled about the console. Give it time.

  18. I feel like the Wii U is Nintendo’s attempt at trying to be as good as the other systems. I feel like they’re trying to reach the PS3’s and XBOX’s level. But they should really try to PASS that. Until they feel that Sony and Microsoft can’t beat the Wii U, they should continue working on it. Don’t make it like the Wii, a casual system with hardcore games. Make it a hardcore system with a FEW casual games. Have dozens of first-party and excellent third-party games at launch. How about Nintendo making their own hardcore series exclusive for Wii U, or making series like Zelda or Metroid hardcore? What can Wii U do that Microsoft and Sony absolutely cannot? Nintendo should consider all these things, even if it means pushing the release date to early 2013.

    1. uderpowered wii u devkits are WAAAAY more powerfull than PS3 and 360 whcih means that the actual console should be EVEN MORE POWERFULL

        1. no you can’t because you have no evidence, you just sound like a drone. pretty much every developer that commented said its more powerful

          1. well technecly he just told the other guy that he has no evidence… and show me An article where “pretty much every” developer saids the wii u is more powerful than the PS3/360. i mean if it is, isnt that –E X P E C T E D– of a new-gen console? its funny because when the PS4/Next-Xbox come out you guys are gonna be like “who cares if the PS4/N-box is stronger, its not about the graphics its about the gameplay” lml.

            Just to clarify, i too think a game should be more about the gameplay. and i was just saying IF the ps4/n-box would be stronger, not that is going to… and stop bashing ppl with different opinions man, that’s pathetic, your protected by a bunch of other fanboys so you think you could just call ppl droids because they said something against or nintendo or a nintendo fanboy.

            1. sony said PS4 wont be more powerfull than PS3. thats all they have said about they’re upcoming console so far. if you dont believe me search it.

              1. “and i was just saying IF the ps4/n-box would be stronger, not that is going to…”

                theres a reason i wrote the last paragraph, some of you just dont read. and dont you mean not a big leap as from ps2-ps3? because thats stupid not changing the hardware.

        2. I shall correct for him: “The rough dev kits so far are reportedly about as powerful as the PS3 and 360. I have no evidence for this other than the words of some companies who have received one and I will not make the effort to hunt the links down to please everyone. All I can say is that those words are out there, and anyone who wants to see them can find them for themselves.”

    2. Metroid is “Hardcore”. It’s an extremely difficult and long FPS/FPA that would be almost impossible to beat for grandma or your little sister. Same could be said about Zelda to a lesser extent. Oh, you thought “hardcore” was photo realistic graphics, gore, and foul language rated M? Think again.

      Although I will agree that NEW Super Mario was a little on the “casual” side.

  19. They’re focused on the 3DS and Skyward Sword at the moment, so they only showed the system to shut people up. You would think these people would just wait until Nintendo actually shifts gears to their new console before making any dumb assumptions (yes, these are not opinions but dumb assumptions of a system we basically know nothing about!).

    As for people arguing that the Vita can do that, think of their position. They showed off Killzone (was it 3?) playing with the Vita as a controller, but it was laggy while doing nothing else, which is weird because the Vita has its own CPU and RAM unlike the Wii U controller. You would need a PS3 to actually use that. Even if you have it, only a small portion of games would actually use it, meaning, developers would not take full advantage of it because there would be people without a Vita or PS3. If you want an example of how that works, then look at the Move controller. The option is there for some games, but it’s easily ignored or not used because they have to make sure the standard controller is the primary one. Another thing with Sony and their products is that they just throw stuff in and then just forget about them shortly after. The motion sensors on the sixaxis controller is there, and you’re paying for it, but no one is using it. They did at first, but then they just ditched that.

    If the Wii U actually sucks right out of the gate, then so be it, but we just don’t know anything about it. We know of a few third party games, but we haven’t seen them running on the system in final form or anything. That’s like saying the 720 and PS4 have nothing going for them simply because the current systems are powerful enough.

  20. All of these pathetic anti this-or-that opinion pieces are just to sway consumer buying. Don’t be told where to spend your money. What we buy, comment on or ‘like’ is how we cast our votes for what we deem acceptable. Let’s all think for ourselfs (if that’s possible) and then help mold the industry into something we can respect again.

  21. That was very critical review of a system that is still in development. I noticed he seems to also be one of those “graphics are everything!!!1” people by making “power” comparisons of the Wii U to other systems. I still play and thoroughly enjoy classic games. Graphics have no affect on me.

    His issues were understandable, but it seems more like he is just making quick judgments. One major problem I have with his review is that he is discouraging people to buy it, especially with his last statement. He is making people who were considering in purchasing it now have doubts. Of course, hardcore Nintendo fans (such as myself) can’t be doubted. I’m going to buy it no matter how much people say it sucks. Nintendo is more than just gaming to me, it’s a hobby and past time too. So, I can’t help but feel a little offended by his review.

    It is what it is though.

        1. Excuse me but I don’t see YOU running a site that posts at least 2 times a day. Sicr posts what applies to nintendo and I belive that this post does in fact apply. If you want a news site your way start your own.
          Have a nice day!


        theyhave news updated frequently, and then some. basically the same thing without the retarded fanboys. enjoy.

  22. Good lord, what’s with all the Nintendo-bashing recently? First we have the guy at Slashgear who gets in way over his head when he claims the iPhone 5 will “kill” the 3DS even though Apple has yet to announce it and introduced the iPhone 4S instead. Now, we have this douchbag at The Examiner making baseless assumptions making Michael Patcher look trustworthy in comparison.

    Nothing going for it? What about Nintendo’s stellar library? Gameplay? Graphics?

    We don’t even know Nintendo’s online plans nor what type of storage unit and media format for the console, for Christ’s sake! I agree that Nintendo’s E3 presentation was rather vague, but it all indicates they’ll show more in the future.

  23. I’m skeptical but the Wii U should be awesome. Sadly my friends probably will be all getting the next XBOX.

  24. Wtf is with this retard? not even a quarter of the console details have been released and this little bitch goes and complains?!!!!?!?

  25. OMFG…… wtf SICKR?!?!?!?! do you enjoy posting negative opinions of Nintendo, so you can see what the comments are gonna be like? WTF MAN.

  26. Relax guyz, He’s a Sony journalist so it’s obvious that he’s a fanboy like us. He’s not a professional. If you go to his article, the ppl on there already trolled him. I read it and the whole thing does not make any sense.

  27. Also every article that claims Wii U is gonna be like Wii again is baised as well. Why? because there’s no information. How do you know that the next gen Playstation and Xbox is going to be super mega powerful than Wii U. These are all claims. Just like the THQ employee explained, “to upgrade to more powerful graphics, systems, etc, it would require more ppl on the budget which means even more money coming out of our pockets. Something that these dumbasses don’t take into consideration. All they want is more power, more power, more power. At the time being, NA’s economy is really bad so do you think ppl are gonna buy a console that is $400 and up right now. That console would have to have virtual reality for me to buy it. So I just ignore what they say because in the end we will find out who’s right and who’s wrong. Then you can go to all these articles and troll them when they’re wrong :D

  28. HD? More powerful hardware than PS3 and 360? Unique gameplay spanning across 2 screens? Ability to move from the tv to the controller during gameplay? Nintendo’s top quality software? Amazing third-party support? And they say the Wii U has “nothing” going for it.

    1. nOT JUST THAT!

      Better more powerful graphics, PC ports, Zelda & Starfox, no Red ring of Death, no rip-off X box Live, Ubisoft no longer producing Shovel-ware, Nintendo, and yet they don’t think of how bad other consoles bad sides are.

  29. Most pedants don’t see the sheer brilliance of the Wii U, but this is good for Nintendo, at least until the Wii U is released. This is Nintendo’s way of grabbing the entire living room market – a market everyone including Apple, Microsoft, and Google has been trying to get at. Apple might try to copy them like they did with apps – Nintendo Channel anyone? Most of you on here croaking about the Wii U being a disappointment are quite narrow minded. The brilliance of the console will revolutionize once again and you’ll all be eating your words then. Don’t take my word for it, just wait and see. Now I see why Steve Jobs claimed “I’ve finally cracked it” – he meant he saw Nintendo’s E3 conference and saw their vision, which most likely Apple will copy. Everything post iphone era is Wii-esque.

  30. I seriously hope that the Wii U does well (or whatever the correct word is that means the same thing) enough that the 9th generation system comes out in the future. I just LOVE Nintendo. I recognize their errors, but I still have high hopes for them.

  31. just wait the wii u might turn out as the wii everyone thinks its bad and not good then your still buy it and now it has 3rd party games and casual games

  32. the wiiu seems good bt u cant say its bad wen something that is still not out u cant judge something just because nintendo didnt do that good with the 3ds dont judge nintendo by its mistakes

  33. Give Ninty some time to do their job. I still waiting for the incredibly of Wii U, hopefully. Everyone knows NOT every time will be a big success. Did Sony or Microsoft failed something before? Yes, they did. So there no need for big bashing or rushing anyway. Just wait till March 2012.

    1. I’d say they are putting release dates on Feb or Jan, and my possible predictions is Releasing on late June 2012

  34. What makes Apple this high is not the Hardware its the Software , Super Ultra Hardware can easily get but smart and smooth software not simple to make ! Peace !

    1. Technically, it’s both. The hardware and software just work with each other. One doesn’t really stand on it’s own.

  35. That’s a dumb opinion from The Examiner. This device looks really good and revolutionary. Can’t wait for this system to blow everyone away next year.

    1. Sometimes.

      Really, the Wii U has better graphics and more exclusive game features with it. Develupers said they can do something cool with that controller.

      The Wii U is going to have some exclusives, and PC ports.

      I’m buying the Console for it’s improved graphics and cool game features and the exclusives.

    1. Are you saying the ones on the right bottom or the bottom?

      The Bottom works just like the Wii or 3DS’ left is -, middle is home and right is +

      The bottom right left thing is the power in the controller and the bottom right right thing is the Power button, I presume it turns on the controller or/and turns the console on.

  36. When Nintendo released the Wii remote, about half my friends were put off immediately, and were certain that it just wouldn’t work, and said was a big mistake for Nintendo… My argument at the time was that it IS Nintendo after all, they’re always coming up with new stuff, and most of the time it turns out to be far better than most people can imagine. It was like when they unveiled the first Smash Bros. game, and people weren’t sure a fighting game with Mario and co. would work.

    Like a lot of people have already said, give it time! There isn’t much known right now, and Nintendo just love to keep secrets from us! XD

    1. I like the Wii U Controler Idea and i can see how it works with games.

      The 2 circle pads is one to move and one to look around in FPS’s most likely.

      I can see how the screen will work by getting rid of the HUD on the screen and seeing it on controller

  37. Okay the ability to switch my main console game right to the screen in my hands instead of fighting over the TV makes this an automatic buy for me. Finally going to be able to play some sweet online games right in my bed as my parents believe I’m going to sleep. Bwahaha!

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