Nintendo: Japanese Girls Really Want To Marry Nintendo Employees

Riskmonster and RJC Research have conducted a survey in Japan to find out which companies male and female Japanese students want their future wife and husband to work for. According to the poll Japanese women want their future husband to work at Nintendo, whilst the males want their future wife to work at NTT Docomo. Here’s the full list:

Female Students
Rank Company Score
1 Nintendo 36.0
2 Sony 34.0
3 Toyota Motor 30.0
3 Sharp 30.0
5 Toshiba 28.0
6 NTT Docomo 26.0
6 Toto 26.0
8 Rakuten 24.0
9 NEC 22.0
9 Panasonic 22.0

Male Students
Rank Company Score
1 NTT Docomo 22.0
1 Mizuho Bank 20.0
3 Sony 22.0
3 Mitsui Sumitomo Banking 20.0
3 NTT Japan 20.0
3 UNIQLO 20.0
7 NEC 18.0
7 Toyota Motor 18.0
7 Fujitsu 18.0
7 Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank 18.0


    1. I would much rather be #1 for women than #2 for women and #3 for men. Mostly cus I’m not gay so I don’t give a crap about males…

      OT but if they did this for America then I would pick Google. Part of it is because I work for Google but the other part is because we make <$130,000 average :P

      1. One day I hope to be on Masiharo Sakurai’s team, taking the part of creative director and/or producer, especially when working on Smash Bros. games. I’m currently emailing Nintendo every week, asking for any possible way to contact Sakurai at all. The answer is always “Sorry, due to legal issues, we can not give out any contact information belonging to Mr. Sakurai.”, but don’t think I won’t keep trying!

        1. When i was younger i wished to be a Nintendo’s game director aswell.

          My plans for life has changed however as im not intrested into creating games… But i want to be a part of a Movie director! :D

          This news made me think now…

  1. Damn, I need to send a resume to Nintendo and move to Japan. Getting the job is easy >.< communicating with the Japanese chicks over there might be difficult.

          1. They love foreigners with blonde hair (it’s about the only way they perceive Americans). I’m Latino ;(

            Mueva su carcacha compadre!

  2. I was going to be a game designer at Nintendo anyway… I’ll be getting awesome video game designing, lotsa money, and now pretty much any Asian chick… not bad if I say so myself. ;)

  3. In other news, Destructoid gives Kirby’s Return to Dreamland a 10/10 score while IGN gives it a passing 7.5.

  4. Alright I plan on opening a game studio for Nintendo and become a first party developer. After college it’s so time.

  5. Japanese Girl: “I want someone who —
    -> respects dogs + cats
    -> knows how to have fun
    -> finds inspiration in what they see in life
    -> takes risks for the greater good
    -> doesn’t take things to seriously
    -> doesn’t allow America to influence their business.
    That’s what I want.”
    J Girls BF: “You should marry a Nintendo employee then *lol*.”
    Japanese Girl: “I don’t want a fat asshole who refuses to make others happy and continually says ‘my body is ready’ every night in bed though.”
    J Girls BF: “Just don’t pick Reggie.”

    1. While he might not be that facially attractive, I don’t really see why so many people hate Reggie. He’s pretty optimistic about innovation, he was a leading mind behind the Wii and 3DS, and he’s worked at Nintendo for a very long time, working his way up the corporal ladder before settling as president of Nintendo of America. And he’s really not that overweight, if at all. Have you ever seen him without an oversized suit on? Exactly.

  6. My cousin works for Nintendo of America, though I’m not sure what he does (I think stock or something; certainly not game design)

  7. You guys are missing one point here: Most of those “hot asian chicks” you’d totally “wanna bang” aren’t really as hot as you’d think. Face it, Japanese people have a fascination with foreigners just as much as foreigners have a fascination with Japanese people. The common factor? THE MEDIA. The media that both sides have create this reciprocal fascination with each other. Too much exotica going around where people think one type of people are an exotic breed, or that the rest of the world is an exotic place. It’s all just a fantasy created to prevent greater understanding of each other in order to focus on certain qualities instead. Well whoop de fuckin do.

    1. Everytime white girls talk I wanna kill myself. Everytime black girls talk I kill someone else. Asian girls rarely say anything, they just lay there and get owned, just how I like it.

    1. lols sexy japanese wemen holg a ds, or 3ds, or links hand, withzelda in the background being pissed, AWSOM!!!

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