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Nintendo 3DS: Lavender Pink Nintendo 3DS Coming To Australia In November

Nintendo has announced that it’s bringing the Lavender Pink Nintendo 3DS console to Australia. The Lavender Pink Nintendo 3DS will launch on November 17th and will join the Flame Red, Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black console’s. Nintendo has yet to announce when we will see the Lavender Pink Nintendo 3DS in the West.

48 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Lavender Pink Nintendo 3DS Coming To Australia In November”

  1. Oh that’s cool I guess, just make more 3ds’s but keep delaying the most anticipated games. But what about the people who already own a 3ds….

    1. That’s what I was thinking. Lavender is a type of purple, you can’t use a color as a descriptor for another color O.o

      1. Well, yes you could, never mind. Like “yellow green” or whatever. But still, I’d call that color more of a “rose pink” or something.

  2. Finally, a 3DS to match my panties. Now I can be colour co-ordinated when I game in my room. I might have to stop wearing pants when I game on the go too.

  3. Ugh, what about the US! I have been holding out on buying the 3Ds so I can get the pink one >:T

    So What! I’m a girl and I love pink >:

  4. wait a second lavender like in lavender town if that so that means that….. OH SHIT nintendo rename that 3DS color NOW.

  5. You know, I don’t care about new colors. What I’d like is original Nintendo titles. I mean, for a while, I thought color changes were commercially difficult, but I discovered creating new colors was a way of cheating people out of their money by insinuating special edition characteristics when in fact, hardware and software were the main issues. SERIOUSLY!!! WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT NEW COLORS?!! WHY CAN’T YOU COME OUT WITH A WHOLE RAINBOW OF COLORS IN THE FIRST PLACE?!! We need NEW GAMES, NOT NEW COLORS, to rise above the Vita, you twats!!!!

    1. Seriously can anybody give an example of a system that had amazing games in its first 8 months of release… Didn’t think so

      1. The Wii, Twilight Princess (sure it was a port, but still great) also Super Mario Galaxy. The original XBox, Halo, Dead or Alive 3. And if you are referring to portables then the GBA had: Advance Wars, Circle of the Moon, Golden Sun, Mart Kart Super Circuit.
        The DS and 3DS are really a rarity in terms of lack of quality titles right after launch.

  6. Does anyone know if or when the bundle of the pink 3DS and Nintendogs and Cats will be released in Australia? How much do you think it would cost?
    Thanks so much!

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