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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Working On New Causal Games For Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that the company is hard at work creating titles for the Nintendo 3DS that should attract people who are not particularly interested in video games. Apparently several of these titles are already in development and should be coming out next year.

“Aiming for the next fiscal year, we are also working on new genres of software that may attract people who are not particularly interested in video games.”

– Satoru Iwata

119 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Working On New Causal Games For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. I know right? They’re swimming in billions of dollars in cash from these god damn “casual games”! Why the hell are they making more? Who the heck makes these decisions at Nintendo? Is he some idiot?

    2. tbh, diversity of games, sells consoles. And nintendo could use some high sales of the 3ds right now to improve their income and 3rd party support! getting people interested in games is a decent strategy because you get a larger market and target audience! So long as the “casual” games are well made, and dont hinder the progress of projects aimed at people who are already gamers, then this is fine by me :D

      1. Casual games bring in people who don’t usually play video games, and this tactic proved hugely successful for the Wii. And since the 3DS still hasn’t quite taken off yet, why not? If it brings more customers, that means more 3rd party support in the future, which means more games altogether and a bigger gaming community! And it’s not like Nintendo’s going completely casual like they did with Wii. As long as Nintendo doesn’t forget to make games for us core players too, I’m fine with this decision, and you guys should be too.

      2. I disagree. Mario provides a hardcore experience depending on what you’re playing and how you play. Mario Kart is family oriented, where Mario RPG, Mario and Luigi, or Paper Mario are aimed at gamers clearly. Also, Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2 are not really casual.

        1. Mario Kart family oriented?!?!?! Since when?? I’ve never said more obscenities in my life than when I play that with friends or against the computer.

  1. I do not have problems with casual games, especially not with the Nintendo-ones as long as they keep making great core-games and hopefully creating new IPs

    1. term generally means games that anyone can play and dont take much game experience or skill. Normally aimed at non gamers.
      brain training, party game /mini games collections are examples…

  2. Here we go again, that’s why most of hardcore gamers treat nintendo like a gay comapany -.-!! Why the fuck they’re aiming for kids & familys instead of teens & mature people ?!

    1. The same kids that some of us we used to be in the 80’s & 90’s… c’mon people Nintendo wants to consolidate and raise the gamers of the future!

      1. If you remember the NES was formally known as “Family Game” in Japan … so … do you think everyone is gay for playing Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, etc…?

    2. Your comment has no intelligence it it whatsoever.
      Nintendo has always aimed for kids and families. That’s why they’re still in business.

  3. They are blowing it, and pretty soon, it’s gonna get real bad.

    I hate to say it but they need to fire some higher-ups at Nintendo. Also as an aside – “causal” isn’t the same thing as “casual”, which is what I assume you meant.

    What Nintendo truly needs is:

    1. A CONSISTENT flow of QUALITY first-party games – and while this includes the obvious Mario’s, Zelda’s, Metroids, etc, they also NEED to come out with some NEW IP’s. Think about it, when was the last time Nintendo came out with a brand new character or franchise? Typically this would happen at least once or twice in a console generation for them. It’s almost like they don’t have the creativity or effort in them anymore. All they do anymore in terms of first-party is rehash the same old characters. Another Mario Kart. Another Smash Brothers. (Not complaining). Not to taking away from our beloved characters in any way, but show me something new for godsake! It’s good to see an underused IP such as Pikmin perhaps getting attention on the Wii U. But why aren’t there more solid ideas coming out?

    2. Story-driven, unique, and mature third-party titles. Now I’m not saying I need a port of every gory and violent game that PS3 and XBox gets. But give us something other than 400 crappy party games for toddlers that end up in the KMart budget bin. It’s unbelievable that Nintendo even licenses all this low-grade crap. Give us major franchises. Give us more Star Wars games. Give us new survival horror games. Whatever it takes, just get more than one or two quality titles every 8 months in front of us!

    1. 1. A consistent flow of games would damage 3rd party sales. They want other companies to develop games for them, so they cannot flood the market with their first party stuff.

      1.2. They already revealed they have new IPs in the works, Sickr reported that a while back

      2. I agree, Wii missed the boat on Mortal Kombat. These games can be there, Nintendo needs to let them put their games on their systems.

      However, they need the toodler games to remain family friendly, and have to have some type of restrictions on the extreme blood and gore games, to uphold the family image. It’s a tough call. I wish they could have both.

    1. Do i REALLY have to say it? What the fuck do you consider BRAIN AGE!? Remember it was that casual game that sold ds’ like it was going out of style! You dont know what these titles are. So until then please, pretty please be quiet because you obvious dont know what the hell your talking about. Lol at that the apple(casual kingpin) part!

  4. As long as this doesn’t interfere with all of the hardcore games, I don’t give a crap. I would prefer if the casual games were just made by third party developers, but at least this will give the 3DS more hardware sales (which is always a good thing). Think about it, the casuals got Nintendogs, Pilotwings, Animal Crossing and Steeldiver. We got OoT, StarFox 64, Luigis Mansion 2, Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and Uprising coming out in this quarter, last quarter and next. We still get more hardcores than casuals. All this means is more casual IPs. No biggy.

  5. Super Nintendo delivered a perfect balance of serious games with fun, family-friendly games. Super Nintendo was basically the greatest console ever. the Gamecube was also good at this. When the Wii struck gold, it’s almost as if they just handed the reigns over to anyone and everyone who wanted to market stuff to moms and babies. As long as they released a great Mario game here and there to keep Nintendo purists happy, all was cool, right? Well, that path is unsustainable, and their financial numbers are finally showing it.

    The 3DS launch was deplorable, and I bought at launch. I was excited for it, since I loved the DS. Anyway, do you know what I did with it? I played Pilotwings Resort, and then it sat on my desk idle during what felt like a complete drought until Zelda came out. At least it seems like they will finally get the ball rolling with games on that, and the e-Shop is doing alright.

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  7. finely! i want them to sell consoles and if casual games are whats needed then so be it. who said we can’t have both casual and hardcore games on one console? just like Wii and DS before it. give us a new brain age game!

  8. Theres a way out of this mess Nintendo. Just rerelease every single SNES/N64 game onto the 3DS that appealed greatly to hardcore gamers. Stop using the stylus as if it is the only tool you can use to play games (Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks would have been better if it was Windwaker style, and if you used the buttons). Make shitloads of platformers and RPGs. And most importantly…release Mother, Earthbound, and Mother 3 onto the virtual console for fucks sake. You would be so rich it would be fucking crazy. Listen to your fans, not the people who use you for boredom and don’t care about your company. You have the power Nintendo, don’t let your legacy down.

      1. honestly, i like the remakes. i think they should make more of those (like mario sunshine, and windwaker) but they do also need to come out with a lot more original games. i could care less about the casual games though…

  9. Why are people getting upset by this? It says they are ALSO working on games that appeal to everyone. Take a look at the DS, it has a good balance of casual games and hardcore games. Nintendo can’t lose the casual gamers, given the tough time it has.

  10. im perfectly fine with this as long as the dont leave the “gamers” out. i dont think they will, they have a very solid line up so far and with an obvious pokemon game hopefully around the corner, and if that yoshi rumor made by feel good is real, ill be a very happy camper.

        1. question, are you getting any of that money? no? than who gives a fuck if Nintendo was making a lot. most of it was coming from familys who want cheap stuff. plus kids.

          1. Idk what the fuck ur talking about! Let me simplify this for you, you overly aggressive jack ass. If nintendo is finacially sucessful they can continue to make the games I like to play. You stupid fuck don’t come at me like that, casual games are necessary, hell most of them fund those major titles. And when the wii came out people were paying $500 for them on ebay! Good day asshole t(•.•t)

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    1. Relax it says they’re “also” working on those. We still got Mario 3d land, Mario kart 7, kid icarus, paper mario, and luigi’s mansion 2 coming.

      1. Yeah, but that’s literally all that’s on the radar. Shouldn’t there be more to get excited about?? I mean, come on! All of that stuff aside from luigi’s mansion 2 and kid icarus is straight up predictable Nintendo fodder.

  12. This is great news! Nintendo gained a TON of new gamers in the Wii/DS era. They need to have a steady flow of software that appeases all of their fans, not just the gaggle of high-schoolers that like to identify themselves with words such as “hardcore.” To neglect their largest division of fans would be mismanagement. All of you scoffing at this news have no idea how a business operates. Nintendo cannot alienate its new customers or the gains they made in the Wii era will all be lost.

    That would kill the company. The more the merrier, folks.

  13. Casual games (Which are fun too sometimes) = Casual people (young kids, adults, etc) getting the 3DS

    Casual gamers + time = Hardcore gamer

    More hardcore gamers with 3DS = More 3rd party support

    More 3rd party support = Better games for us

    So if you think making casual games is bad for us since its taking away development teams from hardcore games, it’s actually indirectly giving us better hardcore games from third party developers.

      1. That’s where Wii U comes in. Built for the next-gen “hardcore” gamer.
        Casual games are just training for the next level of gaming.

    1. Casual games like Just Dance are why Ubisoft (and other big name devs) get to make games like Assassin’s Creed. Say what you want about casual games (or Ubisoft if you don’t like my friends, but the revenue they produce make for better developed niche titles

  14. Greedy gamers everywhere, and not a drop for anyone else…

    Damn you people. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all have casual exclusives on their systems. Why, because there is a big market there. You guys aren’t the only videogame consumers out there.

    Also, lol at the people complaining about the 3DS turning casual. You guys… Unbelievable.

  15. Doesn’t any retard on this site know that Nintendo is doing Hardcore and Casual with 3DS. Jeez it’s like Navi constantly screaming “Hey Listen”. Just becuz they’re saying they’re trying to get casuals to play does’nt mean that’s the ONLY audience they’re aiming for. Not to mention it clearly says “making good quality casual games, something (New)”. If that’s the case there would’nt be a tekken 3D, kid icarus, RE revelations blah blah blah all next yr. Did’nt they teach you guyz how to analyze literature. Casual games is what sold the Wii so If they can get even half of that market on 3DS that would really boost sales. Uhhh Derf

      1. 1 Kid Icarus Uprising
        2 Metal Gear Solid 3D
        3 Resident Evil Revelations
        4 Super Mario 3D Land
        5 Shinobi 3DS
        6 Monster Hunter Tri G
        7 Monster Hunter 4
        8 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
        9 Dead or Alive: Dimensions
        10 Heroes of Ruin
        11 Super Street Fighter 4
        12 Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D
        13 Tales of the Abyss
        14 Kingdom Hearts 3D
        15 Star Fox 64 3D
        16 Luigi’s Mansion 2
        17 Cave Story 3D
        18 Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy
        19 Super Street Fighter 4 3D
        21 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D
        22 Fire Emblem 3DS
        23 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

        I listed three… then I added twenty more. These games fit the definition of “hardcore” games.

  16. as long as i get my fix of first party games i could care less for the sholvel ware (even if its a first party “casual” game) and seeing all these 3ds games that already have a release date and just around the corner.. i got my fix covered.. plus all these ps3 games coming out aswell :) im good with nintendo.

  17. Dear nintendo news,
    Please find new info for animal crossing 3ds. If I dont get an update soon I will literally DIE. Thanks!

  18. Well, I don’t mind this. I won’t buy said games, but hopefully the ‘casual’ audience will and then move on to deeper games like Mario Kart, Mario 3D Land and Smash Bros (yes, it does happen). They may not be the games people wanted to hear were in development, but in honesty they’re the games Nintendo needs right now.

  19. Sad that the only real reason why they are making them is due to the 3DS not selling as well as they hope instead of just making them just to have them.

  20. Yeah, as if the Wii didn’t have enough of those party games, now the 3DS is getting the same treatment!? Oh well, the main reason I buy Nintendo consoles is for the Mario games… Mario, DK, Zelda, and other first party titles to be exact.

  21. Eh, I don’t care for casual games, but I then again a lot of money is made from casual gamers, so I suppose it’s necessary for Nintendo to appeal to them to with the 3DS.

  22. great, casual games…. *Sells 3Ds for Vita* You guys don’t get it, you all repeat the same arguments. they can be financially succesful but half the game market laugh at them now and going down this path again won’t garuantee them the same success as the Wii. I just became wary if Nintendo now cause i spent this entire generation playing crap on the wii i didn’t like and im not about to risk buying there hardware after this article

  23. Well….This is my game wish list for new games re-made or suggestions.
    *Pac-Man World 3D
    *Mother 4(Earthbound 4)(3DS)
    *Yoshis safari(for wii)
    *Pokemon Snap(3DS)using the gryoscope as a camera
    *a mario RPG(3DS or WII)
    *Wario Bros (wii)
    *South Park(3DS)
    *Billy Hatcher(wii)
    These are my suggestions please see this nintendo!

  24. CASUAL GAMES??? REALLY??? Who cares about non-gamers. Let ’em be. Focus on making gamer games!!! It’s the Wii all over again…

  25. I’m so tired of Reggie Fils-Aime or Satoru Iwata giving us these bullshit statements about how “Oh, we promise more games are coming to the 3DS! Seriously, we’re gonna start taking it seriously! We’re gonna turn it around!”

    1. I mean, ’cause there’s no games coming anytime this year, right? Yeah, I’ll just wait and get the games they said they would deliver

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  27. Casual gamers have phones there happy playing little games on , and will not pay more than 4 Quids for !
    Software sells hardware we need quality new games ! We used to be the kings of innovation
    But Runbish Nintendo staff rested on there laurels whilst other company’s raised the bar !!
    Iwata and reggie should go and NOW!!!!!!

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