Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land Has A Time Attack StreetPass Mode And More

During the latest Iwata Asks Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that Super Mario 3D Land will have a time attack mode once the main levels are completed. With StreetPass enabled you will be able to see the times of people you have passed and determine whose skill level is similar to yours.

“To be honest, it was so hard that at one point we gave up, but Koizumi-san said he definitely wanted to put it in. (laughs) After you clear the normal stages, you unlock the Time Attack mode and can see the times of people you have passed and determine whose skill level is like yours. You have a friendly race with people about your level and enjoy shaving away your times.”

“This time, you can even pass by people who don’t have the game! If you pass by someone’s Mii character someplace like the StreetPass Mii Plaza application, you can receive an item from that Mii character at Toad’s house. If you pass by the same Mii character again, you get something better.”


  1. Pretty nice I guess, although Yoshi’s Island DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns and at least one Super Mario Galaxy game had this before Super Mario 3D Land did.

    1. But you couldn’t compete with others wirelessly… it was all local. They didn’t say it was the first time to do a time attack, just the first time with StreetPass.

  2. Hey sickr. Did you hear about the 8 bonus worlds in 3d land. After saving peach you can play 8 bonus worlds. I do mean worlds, not levels, worlds. You unlock these worlds with star coins. The game might also feature the original hammer bro outfit hinted in an interview. I never saw a post about any of this. Just thought you should tell fans about it.

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