According to one of the member’s of Neogaf the Super Mario 3D Land cartridge contains elements of the November firmware update. Once you’ve installed it your firmware will be updated to version 2.2.0-4J and you’ll be given the opportunity join a friend’s game in progress, presuming they’re playing online and you have the same game.



  1. keep in mind..this is a rumour..and a extremely unlikely one to happen,keep in mind this game released today in jap..nintendo would have mentioned this if it was true,especially with the game already released today in order to boost sales…but amazingly..ppl will belive anything they read,dont hold your breath,i think homeboys source at neogaf was confused,and prolly meant the nes smb ambassador game..honestly..its the most ridiculous rumour i have heard yet


  2. i feel like im on a forum for morons smh. ill quote it just incase you all missed it.. “contains ELEMENTS of the november firmware update”

    it means its not the full update. smh


  3. OK just making sure. Does this mean we get part of the update if we get the game without having to do a system update. People who sound like smartasses confuzzle me.


  4. well… u guys forgot to mention that any online friends will now be moved to the top of the Friends List so you can see who’s online more easily. The biggest and coolest new addition however, is a button that allows you to automatically join a friend’s online game directly through the Friends List. ( for got to mention that u access thriugh friend’s list)
    Source :


  5. If the update is on the cartridge, they had to have started manufacturing the games at least a couple weeks ago to built up stock, if not maybe even a month or more. This means that they have been sitting on the damn update for weeks and have been refusing to release it. WTF?


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