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Nintendo 3DS: Check Out This Awesome Zelda Inspired Level In Super Mario 3D Land

We all knew that Nintendo had implemented a Zelda themed level in Super Mario 3D Land and now we’ve got exclusive footage of the homage to the Legend of Zelda Series. Unfortunately Mario doesn’t weld a sword, but you can jump into the Boomerang Suit.

29 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Check Out This Awesome Zelda Inspired Level In Super Mario 3D Land”

    1. Have you played the original legend of Zelda or Link to the Past or Link’s Awakening? It’s a top down approach, you advance the screen going in doorways. Some of the puzzles are there as well with enemies in each room, and in LA you can jump over the rolling spike things with the feather. There’s also multiple doorways to explore as seen part-way through this clip.

  1. It somewhat resembles the first dungeon in Link’s Awakening, I think. It doesn’t seem like they put much effort into making it a zelda tribute…

  2. It’s there, but it’s not blatantly obvious to anyone just playing the game to see that it’s a Zelda tribute. Very subtle.

    1. Srsly. /: There’s SOO many Mario references in Link’s Awakening that when I first played it I thought it was a glitch.

  3. theres a door that you have to open by using fire flower to light up two torches. apparently nintendo doesnt wanna spoil it by not putting a fire flower on the demo.

  4. World 1 is grass land. Duh :/
    World 2 is some yellow field place with rectangular hills….
    World 3 is some blue field (wtf) featuring water and some donut lifts
    World 4 is pale jungle like area with small and huge mushrooms.
    World 5 is Desert (pretty hard world!!!)
    World 6 is tropical island world (It’s not 3rd this time….)
    World 7 is actually Idk…. It has snowy mountains and gloomy mountains soo…. mountain world? Idk. This world puzzles me.
    World 8 is well, there’s a volcano level and that’s the only thing they’ve shown. My guess? Lava land…. it’s the last world for crying out loud!!! (or is it?)
    SW1 features a level with piano keys floating and tanooki ghosts.
    SW2 I’ve seen lakitus and clouds…. sky world :P
    SW3 has alot of pipe stuff. I’ve seen a tanooki bombomb and pun pun on a chain-chomp (wtf). This world looks awesome
    SW4 has a weird castle with some frog guy… wtf?
    SW5 A level has pixelated toads and peaches
    SW6 Has a level at night with mario going through wooden train cars.
    SW7- No levels have been shown although the world is confirmed.
    SW8- Hint of Dry Boom Boom. Nothing really shown though world is still confirmed.
    The secret worlds were put in because they thought experienced players would want to test their skills in true puzzling mario worlds. These levels are hard and are unlocked after you beat the game. They feature luigi in some and the worlds are unlocked with starcoins.
    SW? All we know is it can be unlocked with tanooki coins. Idk wtf those are…..

    1. Well, Luigi is in my opinion the better character. So what he Ninty managed to give him the gayest most retarted Final Smash in SSBB? I still think he’s funnier, more athletic (jump is the only form of athleticism in Mario games), and just has better characteristics. As for the games, well, I think Luigi’s Mansion will have more uses for the controls.

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