Nintendo Wii: Watch Link Take A Trip To The Toilet In New Skyward Sword Video

Have you ever wondered whether Link actually visits the toilet during his epic journeys? Well it turns out he does, as this new Skyward Sword video from IGN shows. I wonder how many other easter eggs will be littered throughout the game?

Tip: Stephen Walton


    1. jajajajaja ¡Te lo juro! Link es tan poderoso que puede ir al baño sin bajarse los pantalones ni lavarse las manos. ¡Hasta tiene un inodoro automático! XD

    1. I put this on his Facebook page and forwarded to him on YouTube. We’ll be hearing about it, I’m sure.

  1. Okay, I’m glad I momentarily broke my Skyward Sword info blackout just to watch that. *dies giggling*

    1. Well, there might be hole in the bottom and it just falls toward Hyrule. This could be the reason the whale eats zelda. She must have taken a massive poop, flushed, it torpedoed down on the giant whales head. Thus, it retaliates and grabs her. That is how the story begins. The Legend of Zelda: Downward Crap.

  2. Hello im new here, is this a Nintendo Fan Boy site like the rest ive been to, or is this a Nintendo News site?

    1. This is primarily a news site, many of the people are nintendo fans or if not… others who wish to see whats happening with nintendo.

      The websites name says its a news site anyways.

  3. Lol, I’ve managed to avoid all of the footage released of this game over the last 2-3 months but I could resist watching Link take a shit! What’s wrong with me?!? :O

    1. LOL, agree, it would be disturbing to go around solving puzzles and killing bosses after an accident like that.

  4. Nintendo is so great! It is going to have a potty training Legend of Zelda. How awesome!!! However it looks like Link will have to progress further in the game in order to do it properly. He needs to find the Golden Toilet Paper and then learn the skill of pulling down his pants.

  5. I have to say if they added something this small to the game, I expect a ton of little things like this to explore.

  6. oooh no!!! why, nintendo? why??? couldn’t he just wlak into the restroom and then just come back? did you really have to show him pooing with his panths on?? agin: why????

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