Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario 3D Land Wasn’t Shigeru Miyamoto’s Idea

Whilst previous Mario titles have been created by Shigeru Miyamoto or Takashi Tezuka, Super Mario 3D Land was in fact pitched by Koichi Hayashida, one of the directors on Super Mario Galaxy 2.  Basically Hayashida felt that the first Super Mario Galaxy was too tough for 2D Mario gamers so he suggested developing something that would serve as an “introduction” to 3D Mario games.

“Don’t let anyone fool you who says 3D Super Mario is difficult. If you play it for yourself, a more fun future awaits—and for us as well!”

– Shigeru Miyamoto


    1. it’s 5 til Nov 13 for us and 9 for eu cant wait but wont have a 3ds til xmas imma get Sonic Generation or Mario Kart 7 depend on if my brother has Mario Kart 7

    1. 64 came out in the us 96. The Virtual boy came out a year earlier But was scraped due to massive headaches. featuring mario playing tennis in 3d.

  1. The only truly difficult and extremely challenging 3D Mario game besides 64 was Sunshine. Those retro levels were crazy tough but I liked it that way!

        1. Yeah, to get 121 stars in SM64 was hell difficult but the retro levels of Sunshine created a new type of frustration for finding all Sun Sprites.

  2. But they say that you can find the competition of you are looking for it. :x I like easy games with a possibility to turn it harder.

  3. Ah, that explains how this game looks so terrible compared to Galaxy…

    Miyamoto, take control again please!


    2. You do realize it’s on a handheld, right? Did you expect SM3DL to be on the same scale as the Galaxies or 64 or Sunshine? Besides, it still looks great and very fun. It looks like it could take the 3D Mario games in a new direction…

      1. well, it could be better. I’m just saying that since 3ds’s sale wasen’t that good they should work harder on their games… (sorry for my bad english, it’s not my first language)

    3. You do realize Miyamoto did have a part in making this game. He basically supervises direction of every Mario platformer.

  4. Ah! So it IS a true Land game, in that Shigeru Miyamoto didn’t produce it. I was starting to wonder.

  5. So 3D Land is a Mario game for noobz and babies?

    *cancels pre-order*

    Galaxy was far from difficult, any easier then that and I might as well just play with Lego.

    1. That’s not what he said. He simply said it’s an introductory for newer gamers. That more or less means the beginning or so will be to introduce it and then get progressively more difficult. Besides, a game doesn’t have to be near impossibly difficult in order to be fun.

  6. Guys stop hating on it. Wow so he did’nt make super mario 3d land but this is just a portible and for a diffrent producer he did a great job! Think about it, shigeru will not be around forever so we need to show new people how to create mario games.

    1. -agrees :D to all people who are compaining(exept for mariofan123)you know shigeru wont be here forever so yeah diffrent people make mario games even if its hard or easy so just stick with it

    1. They could have been talking about Galaxy 2, and there’s something to be said for difficulty there.

      Still, that grass field in Sunshine still haunts my dreams on occasion.

  7. The original mario land games were also not miyamoto’s idea yet they were/are great games that when they first came out. It may have not been his idea but Miyamoto seems to have been heavily involved with this game. Also like some have said its good that other people are taken what miyamoto has taught them and coming up with good game ideas. Make me see that we will have a great future of games even after miyamoto goes into retirement.

  8. Wait, when the hell were the 3D Mario games ever considered difficult? Especially Super Mario Galaxy, that game’s intro was fairly simple.

    Yes the 2D games sell more, but they’re not ‘easier’, it’s just a preference some people presumably have for 2D Mario.

    And I honestly doubt Super Mario 3D Land will be a particularly easy game either, so how all this is relevant I don’t know.

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