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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo ‘Working On Wii U Support For Two Tablets’ Doubtful That The Console Will Support Four

There still remains an air of confusion as to whether the Wii U will support more than one Wii U tablet controllers but according to Develop the company is hard at work trying to get the device working with two. The anonymous source has stated that Nintendo has nearly fixed the problem of supporting a second tablet, but it’s highly unlikely it will ever support four tablet controllers

“Nintendo now know they absolutely need to support two tablets.”

“At E3 they didn’t commit to this, but they know how important it is to make it technically feasible to support two screens. Even if that affects framerate, as a developer and player, I don’t care. It needs to work. Developers will design appropriate games for this. If you’re building a quiz game you’re not going to give a shit about the framerate.”

102 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo ‘Working On Wii U Support For Two Tablets’ Doubtful That The Console Will Support Four”

    1. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

      Freaking finally. Anyways, good move on Nintendo’s part. Though people WILL bitch if the framerate slows while playing an FPS, fighter, racing game, etc. soooooo…

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        1. You can always test it out. Plug in three monitors into your computer (yes, it’s possible). Have one monitor run a game like Batman: Arkam City, have another run League of Legends, and have the third running another big game.

          Now watch the framerate drop.

          1. the frame rate would drop, but it all depends on how powerfull your machine is, hell some wont even be able to handle 2. So we cant jump into conclusion untill we hear it from Nintendo themselfs.

        2. The frame rates depends on what the developers want and what the hardware is capable of (cpu,gpu,ram, wireless bandwidth, etc).

          Assuming the Wuu is atleat 2x as powerful as ps360, let’s take look at these example:
          A game w/Mii-style graphics should get 1080p@60pfs with the 2 Ucons@30 or even 60fps if the wireless capability will allow it.
          A game using 720p@60fps with uberawesome grfx and uses the controller for HUD and extra touch buttons. There’s no reason to display great HUD graphics at high framerates on the controller. They could get away with displaying simple 2d/3d@15fps of HUD on the Ucon.

          1. Or
            A game using 720p@60fps with good that displays good graphics on 2 Ucon @ 30fps. In this scenario, the developers might expect some framerate drops in certain situations (like outdoors with a lot of enemies). They could get good framerates by doing some tweaks, like lowering effects/lights, 30fps framerate, or lowering the resolution to sub-HD rather than 720p when in multiplayer/co-op mode.

    1. Especially Classic Contoller Pro. If it’s supported well enough on the Wii U, that should win over the “Why can’t I play with BUH-TOWNS?” crowd.

  1. I think if it can support 2 it can support 4 ones the software is installed and The hardware know too handel 2, 4 wil be easy but it can be that The software Will be installed with à update

      1. already got classic controller for that :) so i would get one before wii u launch in preparation. and the two tablet compatibility is not for u to buy an extra one. its for ur friend to bring one round. if u dont think ur drone friends will buy wii u, just wait. when ur playing gta 5 on wii u in better graphics than ps3 and with the map on ur screen while u drive ur friends will be jealous regardless of how much they might attack wii u now. they will buy it cos its the better console :D

        1. i dont think so… do you know exactly where he said it because I would really love confirmation… I am seriously not trying to be a dick, but if you a definite source then we can end this debacle

          1. hes kind of right, heres why: Regie was asked if the wiiU would suport more than 1 tablet, and regies answer was “why not, it might support up to 4” see he reslally didnt comfirm it, nor denied it. itt was one of those GTTV episodes with geoff on gametrailers, a bit after E3.

  2. The question is, how bad would the framework become? If a game runs in 60fps with one tablet, and then it goes down to something like 50-40 fps, then it shouldn’t be an issue. I really don’t have anyone to come over and play something like Smash Bros. They all live far from my place. Which reminds me, games like Smash Bros only need the TV screen for gameplay, so they could easily develop games like that without taking a hit in framerate.

  3. One tablet controller = multiplayer games requiring the tablet will be online only = unacceptable.
    Good developers aren’t going to develop
    for the wii u unless they have an exciting use for the controller. They might as well make a wii game if not, since so many people have one already.

    I can’t imagine having a multiplayer game on the wii u and having to tell my friend, hey sorry, I’ve got this amazing controller in my hands, you gotta use that wiimote…sucks to be you.
    Not happening.

    I think they’d increase the specs of the wii u before they release it with only one tablet support.

    1. but how common is that to have the friends over and have 4 player death matches? I can see having 1 friend over to play, but I think the gathering of friends (3-4) to play on a single TV has gone out of style. It’s more common to play from each person’s home and not being in the same room.

      I see both sides, yes 4 would be awesome, but if it’s going to have huge impact having 4 connected, I’d rather just have 2. Plus those things will be expensive. Are you really going to want to shell out 200+ dollars for 3 additional controllers that might all be used at the same time like once to 4 times a month?

        1. I was playing “closest without going over”, I’ve been guessing $100 for the controller, but it might surprise me and be less. Just wanted to be still considered “correct”.

        2. No. It is just a bunch of input sensors, a battery, and a dumb-screen. It has no real processing power on its own and the touch screen isn’t multi-touch. A DSi goes for $150 retail and single-touch color screens aren’t that expensive. Seeing as it has no need for cartridge slot, two screens, memory (except a small video frame buffer), or any type of video or central processor (it only needs to stream controls to the console and display the video feed from the console so a dirt cheap microcontroller will due), It will probably be in the $70-$120 range.

      1. The thing is, while this may be more correct with an XBox or PS3, the Wii (and Nintendo systems in general) was always “the social console” It was marketed for the family and friends to play games together. Games like Smash Bros, Mario Party, Mario Kart, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii as well as the crappy online multiplayer features are indicative of this mind set.

        This is why I occasionally get use out of my Wii during holiday get-togethers where my cousins and I play Smash bros or VC games. I don’t think we have ever touched the 360 (except once for Rock Band)

        Even if the Wii U becomes on Par with the 360 and PS3 in terms of online features, it is a mind set that has been around for a long time that will take more than one console to kill.

      1. I prefer that anyday. 4-player Mario Kart 64 (which I played 2 days ago) beats the living crap out of Halo/CoD 16 player online.

        If you don’t agree I’m afraid you might be socially handicapped (or lonely?).

  4. Wouldn’t want to have to buy 4 of those things. But I think support for 4 should be done though. It makes those board game video games more fun. To play games like scrabble where you don’t need to show all the players your letters would be good. Even a 4 player death match on COD is better on 4 individual screens and not a split screen. I don’t know how common that would be since you could just connect wirelessly from each person’s home and play an online game. This means online will need to be mandatory this time around if they are using less controllers.

    By not supporting 4, it looks to be less casual since you’d be playing more by yourself with a single tablet, then if you chose to have a crowd, that’s why they get Wii remotes; meaning less emphasis on casual games.

  5. I don’t really care how many it supports as I am going to be the only one playing mine anyway :)

    But if I had to guess as to what would happen, I would say that the launch titles will be able to support 1 or 2 (2 depending on the actual release date if the console is rushed out or not) then games after the first 18 months or so will start supporting up to 4. I doubt it willl support 4 straight out the box.

  6. Honestly, I am really on board with the fact that it can support two, but I think that in the world we live in, being highly technologically advanced, that the Wii U should support 4 tablet controllers just because. I can see reasons why it shouldn’t have to such as many people play shooters alone locally and the power needed to support that would be insane but I still like having the option of having 4 person local. I am still gonna buy a wii u and we still have the option of the classic controller pro but I really want the option of being able to play 4.

  7. I don’t know why people complaints about how many controllers will support. You’re not going to use the 4 controllers everyday, most of the time you’re going to play by yourself, also Why do you need 4 Wii U Controllers if you can play online? Now everyone plays online even with their closest firends

    1. That was my argument. You’d buy 4 controllers so that they can be used once in a while? I rarely have all 4 Wii controllers used at the same time as it is. I had 4 within a year after Wii launch (from having the Wii at launch as well)

        1. I just see it being difficult. Smash is a game played on one screen and not individual screens. If Smash Wii U uses the new controller, are you really only going to have a mini-screen of yourself on the controller? That’d be like playing the 3DS version locally with your friends (assuming 4 controller support). This would require each controller to display an individual game. What would the big screen show then? It will likely be like the Brawl, and having the Wii remotes and classic (&or with pro) as backups.

    2. You don’t need to own four controllers just to play with four people locally. I like playing DS games with my friends but I only own 1 DS (ok, a DS and a 3DS but that is not my point). My friends each have their own DS as well. They bring it over when we play. I don’t think I have ever had a need for 3+ controllers, ever. I have always owned 2. If I had other friends come over to play a game, I just asked them to bring their own. It is usually cool because it is not really a burden and they usually have their own favorite controllers anyway.

      As for Gamer Greg, Have you ever played Smash bros with 4 players (AI or human) on a TV that is less than 30″? When the players spread out (especially on the larger maps) it can be hard to see where you are and the nearby platforms (which can be dangerous when you use speedy characters like Fox or Falco). Plus the constant pulling in and pulling back of the map can be distracting. It would be great to have my character on my screen and then have the big map on the TV for reference and for anyone watching the match.

  8. I don’t know why people complaints about how many controllers the Wii U will support. Because honestly, Why do you need 4 controllers? Most of the time you´re going to play by yourself, also, the console will have a great online capacity, now erveryone plays onlie, even with their closest friends

      1. Yes, but online play has replaced this though. It’s easier on the console to show 1 version of the game then 4. it’d be like playing with 4 systems hooked up to each other each having a separate display (which sounds more like wireless play against 4 friends, which requires less work on the individual console).

        i can see small party games needing 4 (for games like scrabble) but for FPS games? that would tax the hardware to have the constant tracking of 4 players movements on a single console and having 4 displays wireless transmitted to 4 different controllers.

  9. I don’t care about 4 tablets; 2 is enough considering you could also use WiiMote controllers and their peripherals.

    Oh, and I just love the language that Develop decided to use in their quote.

  10. tbh, you can use all ur old wii controllers… so i think multiplayer doesnt NEED 2 or more screens… would be a very cool (but expensive) feature :D

  11. FPS might need 2x tablets not more 4x going to make you 50″ tv 15″ each screen rofl ,However,
    Mini games and quiz games no need 4x tablets since you going to have to much controll and the mini games just need little bottons and aswell Your TV going to be useless with 4x screens on hands ! Peace !

  12. I think 2 is fine. They may solve this problem by going the online route, but if they really try to make it support 4 that may require an upgrade in hardware and that would delay the launch and make the console more expensive too. Nintendo will figure it out.

    It would really suck if Nintendo releases their console with support for 2 tablet controllers and the Sony/Microsoft release their next gen Wii U imitation console and it is a an expensive beast that supports 4 tablet controllers.

  13. Sooner or later they’d have to make the Wii U compatible with two tablets: they made something very similar with the Game Cube and Game Boy Advance, it would be a shame not doing it. Still, I see something else from this news: if only now they’re reafirming that it’s possible to run two tablets (or 4, whatever) on the Wii U, perhaps they’re already doing a game that support two tablets. If my guess is correct, I wished it would a Super Mario game where you could go two player co-op with the plumber brothers =D

  14. 2 is good enough for me, to be honest. I usually only game with my bf. I don’t see an issue with being able to use 2 Wii U controllers and 2 or 3 Wiimotes/Nunchuks and/or Classic Controller Pros for guests. I’d love it if they made a completely wireless version of the CCP though.

  15. Wait a minute… Does this mean you’ll be able to play six player on one console now? (2 Wii U controllers, 4 Wii remotes)

    *Imagines Mario Kart/F-zero multiplayer*


  16. why would you want two tables to play a shooter when you can play online if you want multiplayer but still is a good idea and it obviously will happen

    1. 1) It’s TABLETS’ not TABLES.

      2) I want my Bud to sit next to me when playing a shooter on proper controllers

      3) I play co-op often with my Buddy

      4) I don’t always play online with everyone.

      5) Stop complaining.

        1. true.

          Last E3 showed 4 Wii Motes and 1 tablet being used and also 1 tablet and one classic controller was used.

          I want at least 2 tablet controller support with the console.

  17. While I’m glad they’re trying to get multiple Wii U controller support, it’s a bit disheartening that 3 controllers is looking unlikely. For a split screen game, that’s the perfect number since one player could take the TV and play with a Wiimote+Nunchuck, CCP or the like.

    I hope the patent filed for a small touch screen the other day remedies this. I hope this is also being done w/ the CCP.

  18. i hope this is just some company talking out of their ass. This system needs to have 4 tablet compatibility.

    as for lag. I doubt lag should be an issue. systems can already render 4 images at once…thats how we get split screen. what needs to happen is nintendo needs each box to be sent to the screen.

    based on reports…the screen currently outputs or looks as thought it outputs above 480p…so its currently somewhere under 720p but higher than 480p…but apparently looks like its close enough to hd. It does this with no lag what so ever.

    so i would think that getting each screen to be streamed standard definition content it would cut down on the amount of data being sent wirelessly by a lot….making it possible to do 4 screens at once….and because the screen is small,it would not look bad either.

    i think if it turns out that there is no chance for nintendo to get each screen streamed at 30fps for 4 players games..i may not buy it…its a no brainer and nintendo really needs to not drop the ball on this one.

  19. A quiz game would work great on the Wii U. No more of those costly buzzers and answer pads. Weird how no ones thought of that.

  20. If I didn’t care about framerate, I wouldn’t be buying Nintendo hardware. Keep it at one tablet and just make the multplayer games online like THE ORIGINAL PLAN WAS. This is the Wii U, y’know, for the ONE gamer in the house, not the Wii Casual for famillies anymore.

    1. The plan is to better cater to both markets, though. I’ll assume that’s what the Wiimote touch screen patent was primarily for, since they seem to be having trouble with multiple Wii U controllers.

    2. I want to play with my friend using proper tablets to keep it fair.

      I don’t care if the console supports 4. I want atleast 2 support.

      The controllers are expensive so im also keeping my Wii motes.

  21. people who keep talking about 1 controllers enough, online blah blah blah have forgotten that this is a nintendo console and not only that it has wii in its name.

  22. Hm, a Nintendo system supporting only 2 controllers is… not really good ?
    First party games like Mario Kart, Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. will totally fail then. I mean, besided than playing online, the most fun thing about those games was to play it with as many friends as possible. Only being able to play those games 1 on 1 with friends… kinda sucks. And I know that “normal” controllers can be used too, but it’s just not the same. And the special thing about the Wii U are the controllers, isn’t it ? So yea, I don’t know.

  23. Does anyone know which codec/architecture they’re using to stream video and audio to the controller (e.g., Bluetooth)? That could explain why they’re having issues…

  24. I once had 16 wii-motes connected to my Wii.

    I only stopped there because I couldn’t get my hands on any more.
    They were P1 P2 P3 P4 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2 P2.
    16 Cursors moving around on the home screen.

  25. I really don’t care. most of the time i game by myself, if friends do come they can just use the wiimote and nunchuck. but i doubt that, they mostly play online. i don’t see why people are whining for extra tablet controllers, they probably wont use all of them in a single day, and more controllers mean more power use. like one guy said, the FPS can go LOW… and hey at least, Nintendo is trying to add a second controller.

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