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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Zelda 3DS Release Date

Nintendo UK has confirmed via a press release that The Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary Nintendo 3DS console will be arriving in Europe on the 25th of November – just in time for Christmas. Nintendo of America has yet to reveal whether they’re selling the gorgeous bundle, hopefully they will announce something soon.

85 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Zelda 3DS Release Date”

        1. Hell naw divorce that ho and find someone as obsessed with the new colors and packages as you lol. But seriously divorce her, she don’t understand she never will.

    1. This^ but isnt there suppost to be another press confrence coming from NoA latter this month? they better anounce the new 3DS colours….

      1. Not sure. I was hoping they would release them BEFORE people start christmas shopping though. I don’t want to have to wrestle with christmas shoppers… although I am probably better off buying it online.

        1. I have to wait til after Christmas for mine. I dont go shopping til December 26th. I cant til I get xmas and bday money lol. If I have enough bday money a week before xmas ill get one then regardless of this being out in Canada or not.

    1. why not? I would like it to come out on Black Friday in the US! I would rush over there and push people out of the way to get it. :D In 2009 they released the metallic blue dsi and the white dsi. DO IT NofA!

        1. Ahh to go black friday shopping… Boxingday is Canadas big shopping day but not as chaotic as black friday shopping. Id just go for the lulz and see the people fight over stuff they really dont need xD

  1. I hate this! :/ Why didn’t they release a 3DS bundle when Zelda OoT 3D came out, when I was still hoping for a bundle.. Why now? :(

    On the one hand, I’m happy that I got my 3DS early so I became ambassador and also could play everything when I wanted it. But on the other hand, I really *waited* for such a bundle and decided against the wait when OoT 3D came out.

    The only good thing about this is that the bundle console is basically the black one with an imprint which doesn’t look *too* good. I mean it does look very good, and I would gladly exchange my black 3DS with this one, but compared to the limited Zelda GBA SP I got with Minish Cap, this isn’t too special. So I guess I can get around it without hating me too much xD

  2. What’ going on in NOA? First there’s no date for white+M3D bundle and I bet there won’t be a date for this either…

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  4. !!!! THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!! OMG SO ANNOYED! seriously, I own a DS, DS Lite, DSi and 3DS, (as well as all the gameboys too!) so you can guess that I’m a collector and must have the new edition, but omg I really can’t get this, it’s like having 2 Wiis, theres no point, i really do want it but I have my blue 3DS with the 20 free classic games (10 currently) and it will cost a lot to buy this since I plan to buy the Wii U on release and in a few years get the upgraded version of the 3DS, so all in all, this looks amazing, I’m annoying about it obviously, and I guess there’s nothing I can do! :(

  5. O_O I don’t know if I should regret my original 3DS since I’m already an ambassador and loving my free games. That Is BEAUTIFUL! I’m in the US anyway, but surely it’s coming here for everyone who was smart or maybe foolish not to buy one already.

  6. Suddenly very glad I haven’t got my 3DS yet.

    2 downsides to getting this. I assume the gold isn’t etched or raised but is basically painted or stick on so it can rub off
    And when they release the next version of the 3DS I will be more reluctant to trade this in if there’s a good offer going.

  7. Y’know, I could’ve had a 3DS in March when it first came out, but I heard about possible limited edition models so I waited. And now it looks like my patience is about to pay off :D

  8. if NoA really ment what they said about the Red 3DS being the last color being announced, then we (the States) wont be getting this, at least not any time soon, which im fine with i already have my cosmo black, and even though i really want the ice one, im not forking over any more of my money till i see more 3rd party support. this edition does look REALLY GOOD.

  9. I want this.

    But i have not enough money as i’m getting Wii U next year.

    Nintendo can take my PS3 in extange for a free 3DS Zelda edition. I know Nintendo hates copycat sony.

  10. As long as Four Swords is still free when this happens, the timing will work for this model’s NA release.

  11. oh wow I must have this…. but are they gonna release a newer version of the 3ds? like they did with the ds and the dsi? because if theres gonna be a newer version of the 3ds anytime soon i might wait

  12. Noooooooooooooo this looks so epic, but I already have a 3ds and zelda!!!! I would have bought it if it came with MARIO or something, I wish they make another 25th anniversary bundle next year fro zelda 3ds 2 (is the anniversary 2011 or 2012?) plz answer!!

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  14. Why doesn’t Nintendo ever come out with colors all at the same time like the release date? I understand this is for the 25th Anniversary but the 3DS was also released this year.


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