Nintendo: Nintendo Announces Next Zelda Symphony Date For America

Nintendo has announced via a press release that the next Legend of Zelda symphony concert will take place in Dallas on January 10th. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will perform orchestral arrangements of music from the game’s 25-year history accompanied by video content from the games themselves. This new concert series will go on tour across the United States in 2012 as The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses.

“The love that fans feel for The Legend of Zelda series cannot be overstated. In 2012, we want to give people across the country a chance to come together and enjoy the music from the games that mean so much to so many.”

– Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing


    1. Not saying it’s impossible, but given that their first show was in LA, I think they’re likely to spread it out for a while first.

  1. Yes yes YES! Gotta say, I’m surprised they picked Texas over California. Time to go buy my tickets.

  2. Club Nintendo members can get a 15% off promo code, But I can’t find it on the club site, the code used in the UK didn’t work!

  3. The legend of Zelda symphony is a 4 part orchestra. Does this mean that parts 3 and 4 are playing?? Or is it part 1 and 2 still?

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