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Nintendo 3DS: Beautiful Limited Edition Zelda Nintendo 3DS Revealed

Nintendo has revealed that it plans to release a special edition Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary Nintendo 3DS. The black Nintendo 3DS console is due to arrive in Europe sometime later this year. Hopefully Nintendo of America will also announce the bundle.

47 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Beautiful Limited Edition Zelda Nintendo 3DS Revealed”

    1. sad part is. no one will trade. :D why would they trade it with a normal black 3ds. unless you add extremely limited edition stuffs too. :P

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  2. I’ve been defending the 3DS at every turn. Only now do I truly feel screwed for my early adoption. On one hand I’m a Zelda fanatic and would love to have this. On the other hand I would have to trade in my current 3DS to help pay for the cost and will thus lose my Ambassador downloads.
    On a positive note, Nintendo is definitely doing more for Zelda’s anniversary than they did for the very disappointing Mario All-Stars repackage.

    1. i also got my 3ds at launch so am an abassador too, nintendo are releasing a tool that will let u gift ur games to one other console so in theory u can transfer them over to the zelda one. but if u are such a fanatic y not do what i will do, save up and just have both, use the older 3ds and keep zelda ed mint.

      and the all stars pack was v cool i got the wii dsixl and game plus club nintendo coin and its such a nice set. =)

  3. This picture is so fake xD I wonder how the real one would look like. It’s strange that they pick the black one considering that they always go for the golden look for Zelda stuff.

    1. Just saw the source. Im sorry to tell you guys that the news are based on this image and not an official comment from Nintendo. Ffffaaaaaake! Sadly

    2. It’s not fake. It’s the exact same picture that the company that delivers our games here in Sweden (Bergsala) showed us on Twitter. And I don’t think that a very important company like that trolls with us. Sorry to say this, but you’re just an attentionwhore.

    3. I know how photo shopping works, it doesn’t look fake to me. Besides, why would someone waste hours of their time to fake this?
      It mostly seems like you’re saying it’s fake because it’s black, which isn’t great reasoning. You really have no proof that it is fake.

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  6. HOLY SHIT THAT THING IS SEXY!!!!! Damnit Nintendo stop giving the europeans all the love! bring this fine piece of awesomness to North America!!!!!! This beats the white 3DS any day.

  7. It’s better to buy 2 or 3 of this and store it somewhere safe for a very long time. It’ll be worth thousands in 20 to 30 years.

  8. why are do you complain so much about only this console that america dont get i live in europe and there is a lot of stuff that i want but cant cuz its only in amerika and japan like mortal kombat9 tournamt edition(we had the collector edition but that was crap compared to the US release) kingdom hearts re: chain of memory and i heard today that also kh3d wouldn’t be released here, whe never had any of the earthbound games, no final fantasy 1-6 so you are missing one handheld with a game , did you even saw the pal boxart for tlozoc3d compared to the ntsc its crap.
    but al i want to say with this is that you have to be lucky with what you have and that you could even missed more than 1 limited handheld but otherwise you could just import the game like i do(want to do if i have more money).

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