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Nintendo Wii: IGN Has Awarded The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword 10/10

Popular online gaming publication IGN has awarded The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword a perfect ten out of ten. The review states that the game is ‘the greatest Zelda game ever created and one of the finest video game accomplishments of the past 10 years.’ Don’t forget to check Metacritic as the reviews start to roll in.

84 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii: IGN Has Awarded The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword 10/10”

  1. i never played skyward sword before (the demo i meen) and i cant hold much longer! game informer and IGN has said that skyward sword will be great? gyes hold me pleasw because ill go to japan and steal skyward sword.also nintendo actually IS a creative company exept from some companys like S etc.u know:)


      SCORE AVERAGE = 91.4%

      25 Total Reviews:

      100 – IGN
      100 – Game Informer
      100 – Edge
      100 – Wired
      100 – Guardian
      100 – Metro GameCentral
      100 – CCC
      100 – Nintendo World Report

      98 – Nintendo Universe
      98 – Computer and Video Games
      98 – ONM UK
      93 – Videogameszone
      90 – Games Radar
      90 –
      90 – Games(TM)
      90 – Joystiq
      90 –

      85 – EGM
      83 – 1up
      80 –
      80 – Gameblog
      80 – GameKult
      80 – Gamepro
      80 – Giant Bomb
      80 – G4TV

      Sadly no : / ….. Skyrim have a 93.5%. All the 80% are based from scores of 4/5. But I bet you they did that to keep skyrim higher, dam bastards siding with graphics instead of innovation.

      1. 85 – EGM
        83 – 1up
        80 –
        80 – Gameblog
        80 – GameKult
        80 – Gamepro
        80 – Giant Bomb
        80 – G4TV

        Are they serious? LOL!

      2. skyrim looks amazing, graphic wise and gameplay wise, you see, different people like different games, its this little thing we call P.r.e.f.e.r.a.n.c.e. im actually eagerly awaiting both 11-11-11

        1. “P.r.e.f.e.r.a.n.c.e.” is irrelevant here. They’re supposed to review the ups and downs of a game based on what it offers, not what the reviewer’s preference is. Leave preference to the consumers, but reviewers cannot do that as their credibility would be hindered by being biased.

          As for Skyrim, the big world and the many hours of gameplay is the only thing going for it. Gameplay itself is very bad.

          1. no, preferance is not irelavent here, if the reviewer feels that the lack of buttons hurt the game, than his preferance of buttons over motion is going to affect the over all score, because its HIS/THEIR review… basically their opinion. not yours.

            and like i said, Preferance, thats why MW3 sold over 200million its first day, i personaly find it mindlesly boring..

            1. So, if a person who has only played FPS’s gets to review a JRPG that is complex, does that mean the JRPG should suffer because it’s not the reviewer’s preference? The job of reviewers is to tell consumers if a game is good or bad, state his/her reasons, and elaborate on what the game offers. They cannot say stuff like, “This game is not for you because it is not my preference.” That is unprofessional.

            2. feeling that the lack of buttons hurt the game and not liking motion are two different things.

              You can’t say “im scoring this down because I do not personally like motion controls”, in a critical review you must ignore your preference and look at the facts.
              On the other hand, if you think it needed more buttons to conicide with the motion controls then you could mark it down for that.
              Preference cannot factor in the score you give, you can leave opinion in the article/review but you cannot count them towards the score.

        2. preference has absolutely no place in a review. Non what so ever. Anybody that critically reviews based upon preference should have their review ignored.
          The idea behind a critical review is that these people are doing an unbiased review of the game weighing up all its pro’s and con’s ignoring judgement from opinion. Preference is a judgement. Therefore it is biased and should not be counted.

          elgato_8569 Is dead on! Good man! So is everyone else that understands it!

          1. their is no such thing as an unbias review, thats the reason most of these scores differ, thats the reason why games lose points in certain sections, ive seen games reviewers deduct points for having music that they thought was unfitting to the game while other loved it.. it would be unprffesional to say they didnt like it, so they say “unfitting” now look deep down and tell me it isnt preferance.. and these are reviews frm high regarded reviewers.

      3. 1up gave it a B+. That sounds like 9.5 to me
        EGM can kiss my ass
        4/5 don’t count imo. seeming as there is hardly 4.5 etc.
        P.S G4 can also kiss my ass

    2. Remember when Miyamoto had glitches with it on stage at E3? Remember when people said it probably was too ambitious and wouldn’t work well? I bet EVERYONE forgot about that after they played it for themselves.

    1. i would help but i dont take the spike awards seriously, like mentioned aboved, continuos votes from the same person gives an edge to a game, all you need is a bunch of kids with nothing to do but vote for the same game over and over all day everyday till the polls close. now is that fair?

      1. true… but the thing is many other people do take it seriously… and for that reason, it is important for Zelda to win so that it could have better publicity and thus more sales… and besides, every vote counts… you’ll never know… it could be a tie breaker. ;)

      2. If you read the print on their website on the voting page, though, the GotY is decided by a panel rather than the consumers. We can vote on our choice, but it won’t result in who gets the award.

          1. Is this about the VGAs? The real GotY award is decided by a panel, while consumers decide on the most anticipated. Consumers are allowed to pick a GotY nominee, though, so in that sense it’s ridiculous so many games that haven’t been released yet are on it.

  2. SS can still go up with following reviews, and I truely believe it will. I’m not a big fan of first person rpgs, played fallout 3 for an hour before leaving it forever… But elder scrolls might be better, I’ll check oblivion before getting all excited about skyrim

    1. I remember trying to play morrow wind on my original xbox, it was AWFUL. I was way to young to understand anything, I always ended up stealing something, then i’d get chased tp the water. The thing about the water was…… that it was infested with carnivorous worm fish things that would eat your ass really quick. I always died in the first portion of the game, no matter what I tried. -_____-

      1. So much nostalgia in that comment… Morrowind was just amazing.

        I should have saved my cash for SS though. Damn it all.

  3. Poor Zelda…..
    This game really is better then Ocarina of time & even Ps360 fanboys love that game but sadly due to the reputation of Nintendo it will never be legendary like it should be. Little kids who hate nintendo cause of their teachings to hate & Fanboys who would never touch Nintendo games will prevent Skyward sword from obtaining the title of the best game ever like ocarina of time got.

  4. Some of those reviews that are in the 80’s are kind of fishy:

    Designer Shigeru Miyamoto once said “the first 30 minutes of a game is the most important,” and Skyward Sword fails to pass that test. It takes several hours before you’re given any sense of real freedom, which is too bad, as the game manages to merge the sublime openness of the sea from Wind Waker (without the Triforce madness!) with the directed fun of most other games, as it’s easy to just keep moving forward without much fuss. And by the time you start seeing what the designers really have in store for you…, you actually don’t want it to stop, even if you’re able to constantly, cynically predict when the game will ask you to find just One More Thing before it’s all over. -Gianbomb

    I believe the first line Miyamoto refers to “importance” and not “freedom.” I read a few other reviews there and the things they say do not match other lines they use. I was already expecting this, specially since they may already have their “favorite” game among the others. Either way, I’m getting this game regardless of what they think.

  5. If IGN gave this game a higher score than Skyrim, which so many people want……Wow. PEOPLE MUST GET THIS GAME. Ha CoD. Nothing beats Zelda. And Mario and Sonic and Pokemon. And more Nintendo franchises. Its sad that many people want MW3 or Skyrim or Battlefield 3 compared to TLoZ: Skyward Sword. IT GOT 10/10 FROM IGN!

    1. Majority of CoD Fanbase is the biggest cluster of retarded pubescent 10 year olds I’ve ever seen. When they speak, i feel like I’ve fallen into a Pterodactyl nest.

  6. So now this game has recieved eight 10s, and six more reviewers have given it a 9 or higher. To say the content of these reviews is glowing would be an understatement.

    Unless you bought Skyrim and are strapped for cash, you have no real excuse to not preorder this instant classic.

    1. Update: Make that nine 9s or higher.

      Also, I’m as glad as ever to not be watching G4TV right now. Sure it wasn’t considered a bad game, but still!

      1. Oops, looks like I have to change that one more time.

        ELEVEN 10s
        Eleven 9s or higher

        Only 5 reviewers so far gave it an 8 or higher, but no one’s done lower.

  7. I reckon this game will end up with either 96 or 97 on Metacritic, once all of the reviews have come in.

    Take THAT Call of Duty! :D

  8. Apparently G4 gave Skyward a 4/5


    They gave other M 2.5/5

    G4 Is more Ignorant then IGN!

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