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Nintendo Wii U: Ninja Gaiden 3 Will Be A Launch Title For Wii U

Tecmo Koei the publisher behind Team Ninja’s ultra violent Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge has announced that the game will be a launch title for the Wii U. Ninja Gaiden 3 is due for release February 4th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

54 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Ninja Gaiden 3 Will Be A Launch Title For Wii U”

  1. As long as it means it’s the complete edition with any DLC. Same as with other games out before Wii U launch, such as Arkham City

    1. well at E3 they said that arkham city would be a launch title and im pretty sure they said the same about ghost recon online and darksiders 2 which means that this versions of the games will have additional stuff and extra content after all many developers have said that buying a Wii U game is like buying a blu ray over a normal DVD

    1. Well… Goldeneye 007 just got released for XBOX360 and PS3, but no one is saying anything about this… what if a game is released later on an another console THAT’S NOT OUT YET? It’s not so bad after all; they’ll get more time to make sure the game works properly on Wii U, unlike all those games that are halfway finished with plenty of bugs ***cough*** fallout new vegas ***cough***.

      1. exactly. I dont own a 360 or ps3, so i’m not interested in a game that isn’t coming to my system. But when WiiU comes around this will be picked up with the system. Brand new game to me!

  2. Excellent. I hope it has something unique to separate it from the PS/360 version, and also show off the systems capabilities.

    1. Rush what? I bet you the wiiU build is as far along as the other versions. Its not like the weren’t making the game for the wiiU 5-6months ago. Even if they werent(they were) they have 7months til e3 and like 9until launch. Don’t worry so much. :)

  3. really I think the Wii U is coming out sooner than you all think… It could be anywhere from April to november… and my bet is June-september… but if it came out in April that would only be 2 months wait!

          1. Again … that says shown… not Revealed… meaning it is very possible they reveal it’s final form earlier like in march or GDC… like the 3DS was announced… and then shown at E3… and also again… I agree I believe it possible to launch after E3

    1. its not comming out on april both iwata and reggie said so and after all the final model will be shown during E3 next year so it will probably come out during summer maybe for holydays but must likely summer

        1. I reckon it will be in the same launch period as the WII was in 06 Christmas. At E3 they will show all the games ready for launch and reveal the new design. Although in my opinion Nintendo was rushed into showing it early by all the rumours going around before E3 this year and they never meant to show it.

        2. Not highly probable. It will be. Nintendo is a smart company, they have learned their lesson about releasing a platform too early. No, they will show off the the final version at E3, and then give us a release date.

      1. Iwata said it was going to be released after E3-2012 6-8 June.

        We should expect late June or during July, I would hate it to be released during August because i go on vacation.

  4. Are you kidding me Nin?? Not GTA V a release game….. Oh oh i have a very bad feeling for the WiiU now…. with GTA can you with the controller (look around you gyroscoop – shooting – map – weapons choose – car starting same as on the DSi with a tool or connect the cables – team online and see with the camera you face and talk to you friends in the big game.) So, i hope that Nintendo change it……

      1. You never know;) And on the WiiU use a multicorre CPU. So, i think that on the HD console to come. As the another 2 well GTA and on Nin not??/ Strange than. Why is Nintendo to a come back for hardcore games bring it out later. Look on N64 and the Gamecube. Just the Wii is a good shooter console but, is now far away > WiiU come to the land shipping. But, i go for the WiiU now (1080p not > 1080i as the PS3 & Xbox360 > look at N64 (360 degrees with the controller). So i hope that next year i can in HD gaming just wait a year > 2012….far far away for the WiiU.

    1. Sorry, trouble understanding, but I’m guessing you’re saying it’s a mistake to have Ninja Gaiden instead of GTA? By launch title they mean available at launch, so this will be one of a group of launch titles. If GTA is out in time for the launch then it may be there as well.

    2. well since team ninja is making ninja gaiden and rock star is making GTA V I’m sure we’d have to wait until Rockstar says when it will come out on the Wii U… and not team Ninja… this is a different game

  5. Now this is awesome news. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; my PS3 broke right before the holiday action. Luckily for me, Skyward Sword is right around the corner and the 3DS is getting plenty of love in November and December, so I’ll survive. I don’t feel like getting a new PS3, so this is excellent news for me. That makes Darksiders 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3 two of my first Wii U games on day 1. They announced Batman for the system, but they never said it was going to be a launch title; if it is, then that’ll be my third. I hope for at least 2 high profile games from Nintendo such as F-Zero and Metroid on day one or the following week. That would make it 4 games, and I’ll see what happens to Killer Freaks.

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  7. Wait, I just thought of something. If they say this will be a launch title, then does that mean they already know at least the month in which the system will launch?

    1. It’s actually the eighth 10 this game has gotten, and 6 more reviewers gave it a 9 or higher.

      Rich’s review is actually my favorite so far. Maybe it’s the fact I followed his Twitter feed when he was playing through it, or maybe it’s the fact I treated the reading of it like an event in itself by blocking the score until the last word was read, or maybe it’s just how well written this review is.

      Unless you’ve purchased Skyrim and are strapped for cash, you have no real excuse to not preorder this instant classic.

    1. You know… The Wii U version will have Improved and more powerful graphics and many tablet features in it.

      Still! Many would say buy it on PS3 then sell it and buy the Wii U version when it comes out.

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